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Funnel Scripts Price

This post is going to cover the 3 key concepts you need to know before spending your hard-earned money on the Funnel Scripts software.Image of the Funnel Scripts Box

Because it may not be the best option for you...

Here's exactly what were going to cover:

  1. The Funnel Scripts price & recent pricing changes
  2. Why owning the right copywriting software is REQUIRED
  3. The #1 alternative to funnel scripts & why it's superior

Ready? Great!

Let's jump right in...

#1: The Funnel Scripts Price-change of 2020

First off, you can always check the price in real-time here through this link that bypasses the awkwardly long webinar.

Screenshot From The Pricing PageAs of this writing, the price is currently $797 for lifetime access...

But it hasn't always been...

And there's some insights here you need to understand.

Originally this software that's designed to help you get all your sales letters, scripts and emails written for you, had an annual payment requirement.

It used to be priced at $497 per year, every year...

Clearly they found that most people did not renew for a second year.

There's an IMPORTANT reason for this that you learn about in a moment...

Regarding the price change, tho...

Clearly they realized they would make more money charging more up front for lifetime access.

This is the first RED FLAG.

Now, I get it...

Switching the billing options and pricepoints to maximize profits is a good business decision...

But that doesn't mean it is good for you

And, this new price point puts funnel scripts so close in cost to a far superior copywriting software that you really need to weigh your options before jumping in.

But here's one thing that's for sure....

You need A copywriting software tool

Copy that converts is the lifeblood of your business.

With today's advancements in cloud software and AI, there is no reason you should go through the multi-year process of learning how to write great copy from scratch.

Check out my buddy's post to the right...

This is from a private FB group I'm in and he just crushed it on his launch.

EVERYTHING was done through the software.

Are you leveraging technology to make your life easier (and to make more)?

No more scratching your head staring at a blank screen trying to come up with headlines... Or emails... Or sales letters, etc!

This is a revolution in your internet business.

But, it's not a new idea.

The idea of headline templates, copy blocks and copywriting frameworks have been around since the days of David Ogilvy, the godfather of direct response advertising and the guy the show 'Mad Men' is based on.

All of the original direct response advertisers who really forged our industry did so many decades before the Internet.

These legends worked in the world of magazine advertising, newspaper advertising and direct mail...

The copy blocks we use today and the copywriting frameworks are straight out of their great copywriting books from yesteryear.

Now, every great copywriter has their own way of interpreting these copy blocks and they all add their own flair...

But the key is to get insights from dozens of copywriters through the right tool, not one.

This leads us to the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.

The elephant in the room

The problem with Funnel Scripts?

There are two things really...

First, you are limited by inferior technology as its simply built on WordPress...

For a blog, WordPress is great… That's what this blog you're reading on is built upon.

Fun Fact: Both the ClickFunnel's blog and Russell Brunson's personal blog also run WordPress

But WordPress is NOT the right foundation for a professional level copywriting software that can leverage AI and dynamically create high converting sales copy.

The second problem… The real problem:

You are putting 100% of your faith in one copywriter who never played at the world-class level of copywriters like John Carlton, Gary Bencevenga, etc...

Now I'm not saying that Jim Edwards, the writer behind FunnelScripts isn't a good copywriter.

He is absolutely a good copywriter.  And that's the problem!

The point here is that he's not one of the best in the world.

When it comes to the copy I use on my sales pages, opt in pages, video sales letters and emails… I want the best in the world.

You should to...

Because it is available in the Copy Pro system

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to know that you get a BIG discount on that system if you watch their free Hyper Funnels workshop they put on here:

Hyper Funnel

Now the Hyper Funnel system is built on an AI backbone with copy blocks and templates from 48 of the world best copywriters that have ever walked the earth.

It's also worth noting that it was built by the guy who invented the video sales letter...

These video sales letters that you've seen everyone from Frank Kern to Russel Brunson use have sold TENS of BILLIONS of dollars worth of products.

Plus, he has sold Billions of dollars in products with his sales copy he's written for clients...

He's one of three people in the world who have sold over $1 billion in product with his copy.

World class.

Between Jon Benson and Jim Edwards, it's the difference between a AAA baseball player and a Major league baseball player.

Technically, they are both professional ballplayers...

But in a competitive environment where I'm building a team to go out and win… I'm going to bring on the major leaguers, every time.

Remember, your niche is hypercompetitive.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs attempting to capture your audience's attention and sell them their stuff.

You need world-class help and talent on your side if you want to win.

Baseball game image for the baseball analogy

If you don't treat your online business like the true competitive and professional sport it is, you may never actually make it.

Which is why I personally have purchased Benson's copywriting software instead of funnel scripts.

And you are able to get at the discounted price of $997 either through the webinar link above or direct through this checkout page here... Which is exactly where the webinar leads you when you watch the whole thing.

Conclusion: Funnel Scripts vs. Copy Pro

I know that I've thrown a little bit of a curveball your way...

You came here looking for the update to the Funnel Scripts price and now you've learned about a superior system that accomplishes the same goal with world-class copy.

You've also learned that a custom software that can leverage AI where funnel scripts is just a glorified WordPress plug-in.

To what's the price difference between the two?

Today you can get Funnel Scripts for $797 here.

This will get you good copy from a good copywriter.

For just $200 more you can get world-class copy from a world-class copywriter on a more robust software, here for just $997...

Remember, that using the links here you can get a $500 discount from the $1497 price on their homepage if you decide it is for you...

The real question here is:

Is it worth $200 more to get the best in the world working for you?

Sure is for me...

Next steps.

The truth is you need to learn more and understand why this new option is so much more powerful.

To do this, watch their 'Hyper Funnels' webinar that shows the tool in action and explains everything you need to know in order to make the right decision for your business.

Because it would SUCK to buy the wrong tool the first time and then spend an extra $997 to get the right one later.

Ask me how I know...