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Best Copywriting Software - Let AI Work For You!

Is there a copywriting software that can create usable sales letters, advertisements, emails and video sales letters for you actually exist?

Yes... Yes, it does!

With innovations in cloud software, artificial intelligence and years of iteration, John Benson has created a remarkable platform that can merge the proven copy formulas from the greatest copywriters on Earth with your niche, your audience's needs and your voice.

And you can see it in action, here.

But, before you run off... You need to know that there is a way to save a significant amount of money on the software if you are interested, which you are going to learn about here in this post.

Real quick though... with talk about the tool itself and why it's important.

Why would you need copywriting software?

In addition to the nonstop demands on your attention and distractions that come with running an online business, you also need to be publishing more content than ever before.

That is... If you want to keep up with your competition and gain market-share.

You see:

We are each performing our own spinning plate act... Every. Single. Day.

best copywriting software

From social media posts and blog posts to landing pages and marketing emails… There is a daily need for compelling content and curiosity driven titles, bullet points, social updates and emails.

Less frequently but often more difficult to create, you also need:

  • Sales letters
  • Video sales letters
  • Autoresponder sequences
  • Webinar scripts
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Broadcast emails
  • Opt-in page copy
  • And more...

The real challenge lies in the fact that great copywriting skills can take many years to develop...

Can you hire copywriters on-demand?

Sure, but the best copywriters are prohibitively expensive. I've personally spent over $12,000 for a single sales letter... Not to mention all of the supporting copy that was required to launch the project.

Because it takes a different skill set to write a video sales letter than it does to write a Facebook ad and the email autoresponder series.

Based on the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) from their copywriter price guide we can get a very clear picture of how much this copy will cost by hiring professionals...

  1. Video sales letter - $5,000+
  2. Facebook ad - $500
  3. Opt in page - $500 - $1500
  4. 5 email autoresponder - $500 - $5,000
  5. Total = $6500 - $12,000

This is copy for one funnel and it's important to remember that you often need to create several funnels that you'll test against eachother to find what truly works for your audience...

In short...

Hiring out all of your copy to a pro is just way too expensive for most business owners!

This is where the right software that blends the power of AI with the skills from 48 of the worlds best copywriters becomes the must have tool for marketers and entrepreneurs like you and I.

Because we all need help cranking out more high quality and persuasive copy, every day!

And here's the truth bomb that the #FunnelHackers hate to admit...

Your sales funnel is only as good as the copy on each page!

For several years now the world has been a little too excited about sales funnels.

In their simplest form it's nothing but a series of pages each designed to get a specific outcome from the visitor.

The pages themselves are irrelevant if you handcuff them in HTML or if you use some fancy funnel software.

It's the words on the page the matter!

The difference between products that sell millions and products that flop rarely have much to do with the product and it's usually more about marketing.

In the speed of which you're able to create the content to fill out your funnel determines how quick you are able to test and deploy new offers.

meaning, if you spend $10,000 higher copywriter who is going to write a sales letter for you and an opt in page and an autoresponder sequence…

It might work...

But it might not...

The last copywriting project of this magnitude that I hired out took more than three months to get completed...

Speed of implementation combined with the quality of copy is the one to punch that will nearly assure your success.

Introducing The Hyper Funnels Workshop:

Hyper Funnel

You see, the best copywriting software is not only going to save you money compared to outsourcing the work to a copywriter...

It will save you time, too. Now, you can get all of the content you need for your sales funnel created in under 60 minutes.

We are talking hours instead of months.

This becomes your competitive advantage against all of your competitors who take months to deploy tests and offers.

If you can create and test one new funnel every week...

Including a completely unique offer, a fully published video sales letter, a compelling and enticing opt in page, a persuasive autoresponder sequence…

and it takes your competitors three months...

You will be able to test more offers in a month then they will in a year!

Because the software can create ALL of the sales and marketing material you need.

No more wasting WEEKS or MONTHS struggling to create a VSL or webinar script....

And these things work.  Check out my buddy's results in his FB comment to the right 😉

In one year you will have tested more offers than they will get through in a decade.

Your odds of finding the perfect offer for your audience and the right sales mechanism that creates the conversions you need to scale goes up drastically when you are able to test more quickly.

So the key is to deploy your funnels, Hyper-Fast!

And help you understand more about how to do this leveraging the best copywriting software available on the market...

Check out the hyper funnels workshop here.

This is also where you are able to find the discounted offer for the software if you are indeed interested.

But it's important to watch that workshop because you need to see how this copywriting software can allow you to deploy your funnels hyper fast… And he walks through the process, step-by-step.

Does artificial intelligence write the copy?

AI writing tools

This is an important question and distinction because we now live in the era of GPT-3 language modeling and AI.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, we've reached the point in history where there is artificial intelligence that can create 100% unique content with extreme minimal number of inputs like a topic or keyword.

The MIT Technology review talks about it in this article.

But this technology cannot write persuasive sales copy that connects with readers on an emotional level to trigger them to action.

While the advancements in GPT-3 technology and AI written copy are exciting...

That's not what we are talking about today.

AI in this instance stands for: Augmented Intelligence.

The software augments your copywriting insights, skills and knowledge by combining your niche/audience/products with the proven sales letters, emails and webinar scripts from the best copywriters in the world.

Inputs from the best copywriters in the world are still required

Because there are proven structures often referred to as "copy blocks" the persuasive copy are built upon.

Additionally your niche, your audience, your voice, your offers and your products are 100% unique.

The transformation you offer your people and how you help them achieve said transformation is what makes you, you!

These are the two inputs required that the AI blend to create a unique piece of copywriting for you through the cloud-based software.

Think of it this way...

An AI can answer a phone call and get you to the right person, but it can't come close to selling you something over the phone...

Same is true in text.

An AI can write a coherent article about a specific historic event, a recipe, directions, etc...

But it can't sell with words.

And, from my testing, it isn't remotely close to that which means that inputs from pro copywriters are REQUIRED for a copywriting software to do it's #1 job which is SELL for you!

Make sense?

Ready to hear about this from the founder?  Learn how this all works in the Hyper Funnels workshop by clicking here, now.

The Big Secret Pro-Marketers Aren't Telling You...

I'm curious if the names, "Digital Marketer"and "Agora Financial" mean anything to you?

Between the two companies they are doing nearly $60 million per year in revenue.

  • Agora Publishing is generating an estimated $41 million per year in revenue. (source)
  • Digital Marketer is generating an estimated $17.8 million in revenue per year. (source)

They have in-house copywriting teams and they can easily afford the copy prices from AWAI we covered above...

But guess what...

They are using this EXACT copywriting AI Software!  Click here to the homepage and check out their testimonials.

Copy Pro Testimonials

Now you need to ask yourself this question...

Why would these highly successful businesses utilize this copy software?

Again… In my personal opinion it's all about the nearly perfect blend between quality of copy and speed of implementation.

These business owners understand that the keys to their long-term success come from iterating on their offers and testing new offers.

This also proves that the software is not only designed to help beginners create conversion focused copy fast...

It works wonders for advanced marketers who already have some basic or even pro-level copywriting skills.

Here's what to do next:

It's important that you watch the free workshop (here) because you will see how this tool works in action and you will learn about the founder and creator of the software, Jon Benson.

if Jon's name is not familiar to you, then you might be new to this game or you simple he don't realize he is the godfather of the video sales letter.

You know, those slideshow presentations with all-white slides and black text...

The narrated ones that you can't stop watching... And eventually get you to pull out your credit card and buy.

Those video sales letters that have sold billions of dollars worth of products.

Yeah, he invented that.

Several years ago I purchased his "VSL Creation Software" and shared it back in 2017 on my YouTube channel. (I is no longer offered because it has evolved into this exact software you've been reading about)

That tool may meet hundreds of thousands of dollars... Which is why I'm so excited to get my hands on this new and improved AI version.

This just goes to show that the creator is truly one of the best copywriters in the world and he has been building software tools like this for many years.

This isn't some flash in the pan software built by greedy marketers with average copywriting skills.

This is the creation of a brilliant copywriter who has spent many years building software.

It's easy to use...

It's extremely powerful...

It will get you the sales-copy that you need for your sales funnel fast so you can stay focused on what's most important...

Grow your audience, building more trust and making more offers!