2019's Best Cyber Monday Deals!

2019's Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Internet Marketers and Digital Entrepreneurs.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon continue to grow in strength year after year...

This is your chance to save hundreds of dollars on some of the best internet marketing courses & SEO tools around to help you explode your online business in 2020 and beyond!

Now, I've curated a very short list that contains products I use personally that are on special right now...

This is NOT designed to be an overwhelming and comprehensive list of every SEO Black Friday deal ever... Just the products I've purchased used and personally recommend!

Full disclosure! These are affiliate links so I do receive a commission if you purchase, but know that the only reason I recommend these is because I use them, love them and because there is a special if you take action today!

Here are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I recommend:

#1 - Save 50% On The BEST SEO Course Ever!

In the world of SEO there is 100x more BAD information out there than there is good information.  The amount of "noise" in the forms of dis-information and headline regurgitation is detrimental to your success... But who can you trust?

Well, there is 1 person I personally trust in the world of SEO... his name is Kyle and he has FINALLY launched a full course.  I've personally hired Kyle for thousands of dollars to audit just 10 posts on my wife's site... And his insights paid that back 10x.  I've also flown half-way around the world to meet up with Kyle to pick his brain at a conference...

Here's what makes Kyle different.  He actually TESTS every assumption, every 'method' and every 'truth' in the world of SEO.  He is constantly running tests on the Google algorithm so his teaching is 100% based on science, data and real-world experience

Today, you can get access to his full course that teaches everything you need to become one of the top SEOs in the world for 50% off for Black Friday, here.

There are 3 options on that page... I recommend going with the course itself... That's all you need to level up your SEO knowledge so you can explode your traffic on Google in 2020 and beyond!

#2 - 25% LIFETIME Discount On My Favorite Keyword Research Tool

keyword research

This is a BIG deal because the discount is forever-ever.  I've been using this tool for over 2 years now and still find it to be a huge time saver... Plus it helps me identify those low competition, high search volume phrases FAST.

This is one of my favorite tools in my toolbox and honestly if you are SERIOUS about succeeding online as an affiliate marketer or content marketer, you need the best keyword tool to find the right keywords your competirors are missing out on.  Click here and get the deal, before it goes away.

#3 - 20% off of Pre-Made & Aged Affiliate Websites!

When I decided to build a new affiliate marketing website for my case study, I knew I didn't want to spend much time choosing a niche and dealing with the hassles of the initial site built. I outsourced 100% of those first steps by purchasing a premade affiliate website from these guys.

And I paid full price 😉

Even at "full price" they are an extreme value because they will save you countless hours of research, tech headaches, and time writing to get the site up and running...

Plus, they know EXACTLY how to build sites that will get picked up by Google, indexed and ultimately drive traffic and sales fast... they've been building premade affiliate websites for years.  Which is why I've personally bought my pre-made affiliate site from them.

This year for Black Friday you can save 20% on any one of their premade affiliate websites or their aged sites by clicking here

#4 - 50% off AMALinks - The #1 Amazon Affiliate Plugin!

As you grow your affiliate site you need a way to manage your Amazon affiliate links, images, etc...  The #1 best plugin I've found for this is the AMALinks plugin.

If you are making sales on Amazon already, AMALinks plugs into their API to make the process of adding pictures, product tables, product info, etc.  a SNAP!  But API access requires 3 sales in Amazon's program.

If you are brand new, the plugin still has many features that will work for you, without the API!  This will help you get the momentum you need in your affiliate business so you can upgrade your access in Amazon's program to get the API needed to truly scale your affiliate marketing empire.

I use and recommend AMALinks with my affiliate sites... And at 30% off, it is a no-brainer for you, too!

#5 - $100 Off Of The Best Pinterest Course - Code BLACKFRIDAY19

They say a picture is worth 1000 words... So here is a screenshot of our Pinterest traffic from the last year...

On Pinterest, our pins reach 1,800,000 people each and every month...

Pinterest is our #1 social media traffic source and is the #3 overall traffic source behind Google and Melanie's emails.

Can you tell that I'm a fan of Pinterest organic marketing?  😉

Well, the course that we've been following to create these results is on sale for 20% off for Black Friday, so if you've wanted to double down on your Pinterest efforts... Or if you've wanted to get in on the GOLD RUSH before it's too late... Grab this course, now!

#6 - 25% off Authority Hacker's "Backlinks Building Course"

Getting links from high-quality websites with strong domain authority is still one of the fastest ways to improve your site's rankings online.

In fact, my website's traffic has gone from a few hundred visits per month up to more than 55,000 visits per month since I've added on high quality back links from authoritative websites.

So, how you get these types back links? Well it's a process… And not the exact process that the team from authority had her teaches inside of their "Shotgun Skyscraper Backlinks Blueprint" training!

this is the one and only backlinks building course that I am using personally and to train my team so we can scale the process of building back links to all of my main websites including my affiliate case study site, my personal website and my wife's site alike.

If there was ever an honest shortcut to gaining better rankings and building your site's authority faster, this is it!

but no, they are ending their deal Sunday night

#7 Over 50% Off on Link Whisper - The #1 Internal Link Building Plugin


This tool has saved my team and I dozens of hours in our publishing process... and we use it on every single post!

Whether your content marketing strategy includes building SEO silos, content clusters or you simply want to boost your relevance in Google by linking relevant posts together…

The process of finding relevant posts, opening them in the editor, finding linkable text, building the back links, etc. adds up when your site has hundreds or thousands of posts.

This plug-in automates the entire process so you can build high-quality relevant internal links within just a few clicks.

Highly recommend this super effective tool and when you order between Nov. 29th to Dec. 2nd you will save over 50%


That is all for this year!

Happy Holidays!