2022's Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Marketers

Here you'll find 2022's Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Affiliate Marketers and Niche Site builders.


You need to remember that there are a lot of shiny objects being sold this week by making you feel like you can't live without their ________.

The truth is?  You need to have a plan and stick to your plan as explained here.

That said, there are some expenses in this game that you simply can't get around paying for... But right now you can save a TON of money...

For example:

If you haven't purchased your domain name or started your blog yet... get basic web hosting for as low as $1.99/mo, here.

Yes... You can build your self-hosted WordPress site on the cheapest hosting they offer!  You can also get step-by-step instructions for how to set up your blog in my free how to start your blog post, here.


If you don't have a course that teaches you how to grow a niche audience and drive traffic... And you need one, Jon's Fat Stacks course is on special here.

Plus, as a bonus, you can get up to $600 in free content from his publishing partners... Click here to see the specifics.

Jon has a clever approach to driving massive amounts of traffic from Google in niches that most affiliate marketers ignore or overlook. He teaches his process and focuses you on monetizing your traffic with ad revenue. It's a great foundation for a business because you can grow an email list or create and sell courses to this audience after growing your traffic.

His traffic-getting methods help solve the #1 problem most new marketers have... A lack of traffic.


You may already have your blog up and running... And, maybe you're already publishing post after post, 20-something posts in on the journey of building your library of useful content.

Good on you...

But you need to make sure each post is targeted at a specific keyword you know your audience is searching for.

You need to be researching keywords for your posts, your titles, your heading tags, etc so you can quickly write seo optimized content google will love.


If you don't have a pro-level keyword research tool... The tool I use and recommend is offering 25% off for life, here. This offer unlocks on the 23rd.

This kw tool helps you find low-difficulty, high-search volume keyword phrases, fast. This YouTube video shows my keyword research tutorial with that tool so you can see how much time it saves.

If you would prefer to do your keyword research manually, using free keyword tools only... These videos are for you!

The final black Friday/cyber Monday deal that may spice up your blog: Some professional imagery for your blog.

If you don't have access to high-quality royalty-free images you're either risking trouble (if you've been downloading random pics from the internet and using them on your blog) or you're using the same free ones everyone else is. Google is paying attention.

You can get credits for 100 stock photos for $39 here. The credits never expire and compared to the retail prices, you're getting images for $0.39 each whereas you normally pay $2.00+ each and many require a 1-year subscription.

Not this deal...

This is the best deal on stock photos.

Keep in mind... They offer this deal every year, so 100 images will let you do 2 per post for 50 posts.

50 posts in 1 year is only publishing 1 per week.  If you step up and publish 4 per week, you'd end next year with 200 posts and you'd want 400 or so credits for 2 images per post.

Note here with this last vendor.

Unsubscribe from their emails you start receiving after your purchase, immediately.

This place is a shiny object factory!

Plus, they sell, sell, sell with high-pressure copy...

You don't need that in your inbox...   But they do have the best deal on stock images for black friday.

Remember the plan

Create a library of useful content that's SEO optimized on your self-hosted WordPress blog... Each post targeting specific keywords that you know have search volume and low difficulty scores in your kw tool.

In every niche and sub-niche, whoever is most efficient and consistent with this plan above earns the largest share of the traffic.

If you'd like help writing and publishing content, you can save up to 20% on content packages with the Niche Website Builders team for their Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

I hope you have a great holiday season and encourage you to publish at least 2 posts per week for the next year.

That's the real 'magic'

Miles "Happy To Help" Beckler