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Best. Keynote. Ever.

So much of my content revolves around the tactics…

The optimization, the analyzing of data, the nuts and bolts...

But the tactics are often insignificant compared to the strategy or the big goal!

The more I help students along the journey of creating successful businesses online… The more I realize that your mindset contains your real key to success.

Not that we ever get to avoid the tactics or the strategies…

There's always "things to do" in the physical world to move our businesses forward...

But "how" you do things and "why" you do things is often times as important as the things you are doing.

In fact, I'm willing to go on record and say that the intent behind your actions is actually more important then the actions themselves.

Which is why I'm sharing this keynote speech by Seth Godin with you today…

I've never seen the big ideas around the "how" and the "why" condensed in such a short and entertaining talk.

Then, in the Q and A he brought down the house with a few of his answers...

This is paradigm changing stuff!

The event organizers who recorded the session and uploaded it broke it into two parts...

And then when you're done, here's part two that contains the QandA which is POWERFUL!

If you are serious about growing a successful business online, you owe it to yourself to watch these videos.

Miles "Next Level" Beckler


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