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Authority Hacker Pro Review - Can You Make Money Online With It?

Updated October 16th, 2022

Is the Authority Hacker course just another scam in a sea of fake gurus with rubbish information products, memberships and programs that all "guarantee" your success making money online?

Maybe a better question is:

"Are there any 'how to make money online' courses that actually work?"

For years I had to piece together the confusing puzzle of Internet marketing, the hard way…

Countless hours of reading through forum threads and watching YouTube videos filled with misinformation or pitch-fests disguise as 'content' to try and find helpful people who knew what they were talking about.

Today? You don't have to go through all that wasted time and frustrating effort!

There's no need to worry if you're going in the "wrong direction" when you are building your online business because there is a team who has put together a series of blueprints, trainings and templates that show you exactly how to lay the foundation for a truly successful online business.

Indeed, I'm talking about the Authority Hacker Pro program!

Authority Hacker Review

In this Authority hacker review, I will be showing you inside of the Authority Hacker Pro system as well as sharing the results that I've had and other students of theirs have had, to help you understand if the Authority Hacker Pro program is for you.

The first question that most people have is:

"Is this program for advanced Internet marketers only?"

With "Pro" in the name, it sure seems as if it is.

And, as someone with over 15 years of Internet marketing experience, I still receive great value from their training. But it is definitely not a professional only program as they have specifically created and included a starter course called "The Authority Site System"

If you sign up for Authority Hacker Pro, you also receive their Authority Site System Free which is a $997 value when sold on it's own.

I will explain to you how I use the full AuthorityHacker Pro program as a seasoned Internet marketing veteran here soon…

But first, let's dig into The Authority Site System program (which is included when you buy the PRO course) because you need a stable foundation to build upon.

AuthorityHacker's Authority Site System:

The Authority Site System (TASS) is one of the core modules inside the AH Pro course and it contains three main components designed to help you get started if you are new and lay a stable foundation for your authority site and for your online business.

Keep in mind... The Authority Site System sells for $997 on it's own... And it is included at no additional cost inside the Authority Hacker Pro course!

Ok, here's what makes up the beginner friendly TASS training...

TASS Component #1 - The main training modules.

This part of the Authority Hacker program is designed to help absolute beginners get up to speed with Internet marketing fast.

They start with an overview of the business model, they cover the basics of online marketing and move into finding a niche and keyword research second.

The third training is all about building your site and optimizing it, followed by the commercial content creation and optimization training. Finally, they wrap up with marketing content and link building training.

Each module contains several video lessons that break down each step you need to take in order to accomplish the goal of that module. They include more than just video

They include more than just audio and video training! Also included are:

  • Pre Made Word .doc Templates
  • Spreadsheets for organizing keywords
  • To-do lists to keep you on track
  • Pre-made powerpoint templates to make lead magnets fast
  • Pre-configured Trello boards for project management
  • And more!

Every single component is designed to help you quickly get the result you need from each of the lessons or modules so you can move forward building your affiliate marketing business, fast.

They balance giving you detailed and comprehensive information without wasting your time or drowning you in information…

This helps you to make progress fast, because speed of implementation is key for growing a successful business online.

TASS Component #2 - The Facebook mastermind group

Being an Internet entrepreneur and starting an online business can feel like a lonely endeavor. Spending late nights, weekends, early mornings sitting on your laptop working away creating content can be a lonely experience… And sometimes it takes an outside opinion or perspective to help us quickly get through roadblocks on to the next step.

This is exactly why they have a private, members-only Facebook group available to you to help you connect with others who are also going through this process of building a business online.

You can connect with new friends, accountability partners, and get your questions answered fast in this Facebook group.

TASS Component #3 - Authority site examples and case studies

Sometimes it helps to see a quality example of what you're creating, to help you focus your efforts and energy towards a specific goal. Most Internet marketers are scared to share their niche and to share their money sites… Not these authority hacker guys!

They are more focused on helping you have high quality, professional examples for you to model.

This is why they share several high-quality niche authority sites that they have built, their students have built, and others have built… As examples and guiding lights for you to follow as you're creating your niche authority site.

Here is one of their authority sites that they are making good money with, every month...

And, just to make sure you know their students are having great success with the affiliate marketing training program, check out these two case studies, too...

Case study #1 - Gardening site that is making 6 figures per year

Case study #2 - Photography site that is earning over one million dollars per year!

After joining, you get access to look into even more of their best-performing authority websites so you can model your approach on what is proving to work for them!

You can opt-in for their lead magnets, reverse-engineer their funnels, analyze their content marketing, even find out where they are getting their best backlinks from with the authority site system training you will learn in the Pro course!

You need real-world examples and guiding lights for you to follow as you're creating your niche authority site... And they offer you just that!

Authority Hacker Pro Review - Your Path To Becoming A Professional Internet Marketer.

Now let's get to the Authority Hacker Pro Review. Whether you already had the foundation of an authority site, or you follow the steps in The Authority Site System, the bulk of their training is inside of the Authority Hacker Pro program.

Authority Hacker Pro is broken up into four main components which you will learn more about, next.

  1.  blueprints
  2.  Tools
  3.  Templates
  4. Discounts
  5.  Community

#1 Authority Hacker Pro Blueprints:

The pro blueprints inside of Authority Hacker are truly some of the most valuable Internet marketing trainings I've ever seen. They are organized, detailed, and most important: Instantly Actionable!

Broken up into five main categories, they have blueprints teaching:

  • Content
  • Convert
  • Engage
  • Link Building
  • Start

Within each category, there are often subtopics to help you understand all of the bits and pieces involved in a certain marketing discipline.

Within each sub-topic, there are even more lessons to make sure you get all the info you need in simple, bite-sized chunks!

For the sake of brevity, I won't detail every single one, but let's unpack the content category a little deeper so you can understand more of what is included and how the member's area is laid out.

In this category, they have five separate blueprints available as you can see from the screenshot to the right.

Within each of these blueprints, there are many lessons that build upon each other to give you a professional level education on each specific topic.

The main blueprints inside of the Content category include:

  • Review Writing
  • On-Page SEO Blueprint
  • Editorial System
  • Hiring Editorial Teams
  • Keyword Research

Going deeper into the Hiring Editorial Teams Blueprint, there are a number of specific lessons that will help you understand every aspect of content creation and outsourcing that job to writers.

This is great because it helps you get started now if all you have is energy to put in, so you can focus your energy like a laser to achieve quick results in your business.

If you are busy and have a budget to work with, or if you are looking to scale your content marketing… The training expands into how you are able to outsource the content creation process to get more leverage on your side for your content marketing efforts.

The below screenshot is from inside Authority Hacker Pro, looking at the lessons found under the Create & Outsource Content Blueprint.

Authority hacker lessons

As you can see above, this is a clean and efficient layout designed to help you get the specific information you need FAST so you can be in and out and get back to publishing content!

You are not required to watch every lesson in order, you are free to go straight to the item that is most useful for you at this exact moment so you can get in, get trained and get back to growing your profitable website!

These screenshots of inside the member's area really show the depth and detail each of their blueprints contains.  To follow along with our Content Blueprint example, the specific lessons available in this blueprint are:

  • Internal Scorecard
  • Hiring Plan
  • Job Ads and Application Form
  • Initial Screening
  • Screening Call Interview
  • Assessment
  • Selecting Who to Hire
  • Detailed Interview
  • Onboarding
  • Management
  • Editor Recruitment
  • Content Uploader Recruitment
  • Hiring on Upwork

That is a lot of useful and actionable training plus some powerful templates to get you up to speed and taking action, immediately...  Plus with these different post template types, you will never run out of content ideas that you can publish fast with great results.

Here is an example of how I used this exact blueprint to scale my content marketing efforts for business, just this past month...

You see, at this phase in my business, my goal is to hire and train quality teammates to help me accomplish many of my marketing goals and activities, with minimal input from myself.

I am super busy, focused on delivering as much great content as I can through YouTube and my email list and I don't have time to manage my blog effectively.

Last month I decided to hire a new writer and instead of spending a week or two training them myself, I simply gave them access to the specific blueprints inside of Authority Hacker Pro and allowed them to train themselves, so they can get up to speed on what SEO optimized content looks like.

Additionally, they have learned how to do keyword research, how to research for topics on competitor websites, and much much more! This not only saved me time which is incredibly valuable to me, but it is helping me get a better result from my new teammate then had I simply tried to train them on my own.

Every one of their blueprints is laid out in this same manner… And to be perfectly honest, this is by far the most comprehensive Internet marketing training available when it comes to building authority sites fast.

In total there are over 220 training videos that are full of value and literally hold you by the hand and teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced tactics in easy to follow video trainings!

Authority Hacker Pro Webinars

As of this writing, they have nearly 30 prerecorded webinars available, answering specific questions about the different blueprints and lessons. Each Authority Hacker webinar is an opportunity for them to go deeper and answer your specific questions on important topics regarding your success in Internet marketing.

Examples of past webinars are:

  • Thrive Themes Architect Tips & Tricks
  • How to organize and manage teams
  • Promoting your site and content with Facebook ads
  • Ranking money pages
  • Hiring freelancers the right way
  • ..And much more!

All of their webinars are performed live for members only and in case you are unable to attend live, they record and upload them to the member's area for easy consumption when the timing is good for you!

They announced their webinars early and always have an area for you to submit your questions regarding the monthly webinar topic… So they can answer your specific questions!

Having this ongoing access to these experts who run Authority Hacker Pro and being able to ask specific questions is an absolute blessing for you in building successful authority sites, driving organic traffic and growing your business.

Authority Hacker Templates

To be honest, Internet marketing training is often not enough for building profitable authority sites. Often when completing training courses (even expensive ones) at the end, I feel this nagging question:

"That's all great theory, but how do I actually implement what you just taught me to build successful sites?"

This is where the Authority Hacker Pro templates come in and absolutely destroy every other "how to make money online" Internet Marketing training course out there.


Authority Hacker Templates


This is the Internet-equivalent of getting your competitors playbook before the big game!

With nearly 30 separate templates, each is linked to from the lesson in which it's covered… But they have a special template library that gives you access to all of the templates in one place, too.

The templates are broken up into these main categories:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Emails
  • Link building
  • Management
  • Misc
  • On-Page
  • Tech

Remember, these are more than just training on a topic… These are actual templates that you can download modify and publish! These will save you an incredible amount of time while also assuring you that you get a high quality finished product in the shortest amount of time possible.

For example, their lead magnets templates include two separate templates. #1 - List lead magnet and #2 - Video course lead magnet. These lead you to specific training and downloads that are "fill in the blank" easy.

In this particular example, the template is a pre-made PowerPoint slide deck with all of the information and instructions for you to create a powerful lead magnet.

They don't just "tell you" what to do… They literally give you PowerPoint slide deck and video training that will help you get your lead magnet up and running, fast.

Authority Hacker Pro Community

It's important to remember that you become like those who you surround yourself with… For us Internet entrepreneurs, sometimes that can be challenging!

Most of us live in a "9-to-5 day job" kind of world where we are the "weirdos" building financial freedom online.

AuthorityHacker offers you access to a private Facebook group for their Pro members only (In addition to the TASS group from above) where you are able to surround yourself with some of the highest caliber content marketers and Internet marketers in the internet marketing world.

This is a small and close-knit community of people who are actively growing their Internet businesses by creating and publishing content and being of value to an audience.

You can get help with questions you might have about your own site, or you can get inspiration from others who are crushing it!

You are able to make new friends with people who can become joint venture partners or even accountability partners.

If you are ever feeling stuck, or down about things… This is a great resource for you to tap into the collective community that all want to see you succeed with your Internet business!

Whether you are new to a game or a season Pro, this is one of the most valuable groups on Facebook! It is a safe place, free of pitches and promotions… Where action takers and implementers connect to share stories of what's working for them.

The Authority Hacker Pro Creators - Can You Trust Them?

Have you just begun your affiliate marketing journey? Knowing who to trust in the world of Internet marketing education is paramount to your success. There are more "fake gurus" using sleazy persuasion tactics mixed with overstated claims and rented Lamborghinis in an attempt to get your money.

On the other side of the coin, you have true experts who are quietly grinding away building their businesses while teaching on the side. These true industry experts who you can actually trust, are less noticeable and often harder to find.

One big thing to watch out for our "teachers" who have no other business than teaching how to make money online… Knowing that your teachers are active in the business models they are teaching proves they trust in their own content and approach and increases the likelihood that they can help you make money with that method as well.

To help you learn more about the authority had her Pro creators I interviewed Mark Webster, one of the authority hacker cofounders to learn more about his story and how he met his co-founder and to learn about their path to creating Authority Hacker website.

2022 Full Update

I wanted to just chime in and give a quick update on Authority Hacker for 2020.

First off, there are going to be 5 big updates going into Authority Hacker pretty quickly. As you know, the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint was added last year… and it is awesome.

For anyone who has used it, you probably don’t even need to be told how awesome it is… you already know!

But as far as the other updates go, let’s break them down and talk about what is to come for Authority Hacker in 2020.

  • Guest Posting Blueprint

There is going to be a new Guest-Posting Blueprint to replace the old one.

This one is going to be a lot more detailed. It’s going to contain new tactics, and all kinds of scalable stuff.

  • New Update For HARO

There is also going to be a brand-new blueprint based around HARO. As you likely know, this stands for Help a Reporter Out, and is it the foremost sourcing service in the English-speaking world.

  • Content Creation Blueprints

Authority Hacker is actually getting ready to get rid of their content creation blueprint, and plan to replace it with two separate blueprints… one on editorial systems, and one on templates. There will be 10 new templates going into the latter one as well, which is awesome.

That update is going to be truly massive. So look forward to a ton of value there.

  • Building Your Content Team

Authority Hacker is going to be adding another update called Building Your Content Team, which is going to deal with the entire process of hiring help and using their stage-system approach.

This will help you hire good writers at an affordable price. There is some great stuff coming in that update, for sure!

  • Keyword Research

There is also going to be a brand new blueprint based on keyword research. All of their tips and tricks for keyword research are going to be in that update.

  • Display Ads Video

I have heard that, though Authority Hacker may not have time in the initial update for this one, they do plan to release it. It is going to be about running display ads effectively on your site.

That is going to be a pretty small release, but it is still there.

What Else Is New With Authority Hacker?

Latest Blueprints


Next year, the next big update scheduled from Authority Hacker is going to be on Promoting Your Content.

This is going to cover what you do after you publish it. How to share it, how to integrate it into stories, how to gain some ‘virality’ to your posts, etc.

This will probably update some existing stuff that they are currently running on the site in that same space. So look for that! Great stuff is sure to be coming from that.

Authority Hacker also plans to go hard into all of their email stuff next year as well.

Lead magnets will get some new, updated attention. Opt-in popups will get an update. Email marketing will all get refreshed… and that is all really awesome stuff.

Authority Hacker also plans on updating twice per year now, which is really cool. That means that twice per year, they will release a round of blueprint updates meant to keep things up-to-date and relevant.

As you know, these things just go out of date pretty quickly. So it is really awesome to see Authority Hacker stepping up into that challenge, to keep their content relevant and current.

The Overall Quality Has Improved

Another thing that I’ve noticed about Authority Hacker since I first wrote this review is that the quality of their work has simply improved… to a pretty drastic degree.

For example...If you look at the new Shotguns Cash Ripper Blueprint, which was released this year, and compare it to some of the older blueprints, you will notice a definite increase in the quality of their work.

The blueprints are also getting more in-depth. They are releasing more copy and paste systems than they used to, they make more templates than they used to, etc.

So, that is leveling up and getting better with time as well.

Pricing Update

Authority Hacker is also going to cost a bit more going forward. Pricing is going to increase to somewhere around $3,000, led with a front-end payment plan of $299 per month, or something close to that.

Overall, The Update Looks Great

I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I love Authority Hacker. This system has absolutely leveled up my business, and I would always recommend them to anyone looking to level-up their authority-site game, in any way, shape, or form.

Yes, the pricing is going to increase a bit… but let’s be honest here, you are getting what you pay for. These guys do an incredible job on their blueprints, and the amount of time and hassle they save you, combined with how much knowledge they open up to you, is more than worth it.

Overall, I am excited about Authority Hacker’s changes that are coming up. I’m really excited about twice-a-year updates. I am just really optimistic that this service is growing better and better with age.

And that is a huge boost! I love it!

Authority Hacker Pro Review Conclusion

Honestly, if you've read this far… You can probably tell that I'm a raving fan of the Authority Hacker program!

When I first got started making money online, had I found a course like this… It would have shaved years off of my learning curve and gotten me to a million dollar business much faster.

100% No Doubt!

To this day, I personally find myself logging into this program for new blueprints, webinars, and their templates when I want to expand my content marketing efforts.

And as I stated earlier, anytime I hire a new marketing teammate… I plug them into the Authority Hacker training so they can get caught up to speed on the marketing best practices for content marketing online, fast.

Honestly, there is only one thing missing from the Authority Hacker Pro course that stands between you and the financial freedom you deserve from an online business… That one thing is implementation!

There is no way around the fact that you must put the time and energy in that is required to follow the training, create the content, build your site, and market your business.

You must be willing to adapt and persevere at all costs after you join the program if you ultimately want to achieve true financial freedom.

They have had more success stories from Authority Hacker Pro students than any other course I've ever participated in.

Authority website marketing works!

Honestly, they are teaching the exact process (and more) that my wife and I have used to make over $1million online, ourselves.

People often ask me "Miles, when are you going to create a course?"

The truth? I don't have to because the Authority Hacker team has built the best internet marketing course to learn how to make money online that I've ever seen!

If you are ready to commit to your long-term success online…

And, you're willing to put in the time, effort, and energy required to grow an authority site…

The Authority Hacker Pro system is a must-have!

They only enroll new students a couple of times per year, so if you visit their site and it's simply a waiting list… Sign up to get early notice when they open the program next.

If enrollment is available, consider yourself lucky and get started before they close the doors for another 6 months...

Getting going now saves you from having to try and piece it all together on your own... Taking two steps back for every step forward you take.

You don't have to go through all that headache like I did.  Click Here And Get Authority Hacker Pro, now!

I look forward to connecting with you inside the AuthorityHacker Pro community!

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