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5 Attraction Marketing Steps to Have More Fun and Make More Money

Attraction marketing is a method of structuring your content and marketing in a way that will help you build an audience and grow your business.

The attraction marketing method is inspired by the Law of Attraction. To utilize this method, you have to structure your marketing strategy in a way that aligns with the philosophy of this law of attraction.

Whether you are doing a 90-day challenge, starting a content strategy in video marketing, podcasting or blogging, The Law of Attraction is a crucial fundamental for success in everything you do.

But what is the Law of Attraction?

But what is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction simply means that we are all magnets and “like attracts like.” Your dominant thoughts and emotions are what will create your reality. The more negativity, the more negative things will happen to you. The more positivity, the more positive things will happen to you, etc.


  • For every negative thing you put out into the universe
  • There is a negative that will return to you.

And on the inverse:

  • For every positive thing you put out,
  • There will be a positive return

Many people describe the Law of Attraction as thinking affirmations, positive thinking, positive emotions, etc. And while all of these things are definitely part of it, there is so much more to it. Thinking positively, while important, is simply not enough. There is a lot of work involved.

You must have your positive intentions, hold on to the visions of what you desire to create, and then you have to put in the work. You have to do everything in your power, and you have to do it all the time.

I used to work with a guy who would always say, “If you tickle it here, it laughs over there.” We used to sell cars together. Often, we would have a car that wouldn’t sell. So, we’d take it out for a lunch ride and take a few pictures of it. It needed some energy.

And guess what?

That car wouldn’t sell, but two other vehicles would sell, and he swore that “If you tickle it here, it laughs over there.” That was his way of philosophizing The Law of Attraction because when we take action and trust with the right intentions, then everything will work itself out.

Ultimately, we create our own luck. While positivity is absolutely necessary when discussing attraction marketing, you also have to take action.

This video explains more...

You have to be producing content constantly. Whether you are creating ads, blog posts, videos, or podcasts, you have to put in the work. Law of Attraction Resources that have Influenced Me:

Some resources that have influenced me in terms of the Law of Attraction:

  • The book titled The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks and by Abraham Hicks published in 1985
  • The video called The Secret. (There are two versions of this film, so make sure to watch version 1. This is the one with Esther and Abraham Hicks.) No one carries it, 🙁 sometimes they pop up on Ebay when you search "The secret dvd, Esther Hicks"
  • A book titled The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. You can find a free version of this book online because it was written in the late 1800’s. This book is very much about metaphysics. The premise is that there is something out there in the world that you can impress your intentions upon and this thing assists and aligns things to aid you in obtaining the experience that you desire.
  • Ebook versions available here -
  • Audiobook version on YouTube -
  • If you're more scientifically minded, you can look down the path of kind of quantum physics to scientifically understand how this works. I recommend the film What the Bleep Do We Know. It's free to stream on Amazon for Prime members.

Marketing Strategy

What Is Attraction Marketing

So what is attraction marketing exactly? Well, it really all comes down to one word...


All of the work you put into your attraction marketing needs to be focused around providing value that can help solve their problems...

Who's problems you ask? Well, your target market of course.

I know you didn't start a business to lose money. The fact is, even if you have fantastic inbound marketing and search engine optimization all figured out, then you'll STILL need to provide value first.

What makes you a leader in your industry is having content that can set your brand apart. For most people their attraction marketing formula will begin with how they use social media.

Your inbound marketing starts often with what people see on Facebook and Instagram. You want people to love the content you produce. You can't have all of your marketing campaigns designed to JUST capture leads or JUST make sales.

What It Should Be

Attraction marketing done right looks like tons and tons of videos and posts providing VALUE to the target person or business you want to help. This way they want to watch MORE of your content.

The overall strategy attraction marketing provides is one of help.

Think to yourself, what would certainly help the people I want to have as customers. You want your audience to comment things like, "thanks for sharing" or, "I learned so much!"

This way you'll have a business that is more than just ones and zeros... There's a community feel to it as well.

Don't Get Lost In The Details

Here's what it's NOT about...

  • How many wp-content uploads you did last week
  • Researching the best new tracking tools for your WordPress site.
  • Watching another YouTube Ads training video

Attraction marketing may be seen as "I'm doing all this work in good faith - so something is sure to come"

It seems what is attraction marketing may in fact be different to different people.

But just because you installed your new tracking plugin on your site or did 3 ground-up wp-content uploads to spruce up your site, none of that means anything unless you are providing value to your end user.

The details and tech side of things is important because you couldn't have a business if you didn't pay attention to at least some of those things. However, unless you base your inbound marketing on the rules of attraction marketing you'll be a serious disadvantage to those who ARE implementing attraction marketing strategies.

Attraction Marketing Strategies

As you may already know, people don’t like being sold anything; however, they do still love to buy. When you can use attraction marketing successfully, your target market will develop a certain level of trust for you and your business and brand.

They will also label you as the provider to the solutions for their problems, rather than label you as a pushy and annoying salesman.

When you utilize attraction marketing techniques, you are leading with value and are attracting an audience to yourself and your marketing channel. You are offering them the solutions they are looking for including, but not limited to, how-to’s, interesting and relevant information, and entertaining and valuable content.

When a potential customer finds that they have a problem, the last things they are interested in are the products or services you are offering. Rather, they are simply looking for information and solutions to help them.

One of the first steps to remember when utilizing an attraction marketing strategy for your business is to be completely clear and focused on what your niche is and who you are targeting. By doing so, you can ensure that you do indeed have the solutions they are looking for, so they won’t have to look toward your competitors for the answers.

Define Your Target Audience

1: Picking Your Target Audience

When determining your target audience, you need to think of who would be the best fit for the products and services you are offering. Which potential customers will benefit the most? You can then begin to consider your demographic regarding their interests, age group, gender, nationality, and so forth.

Once you have narrowed down your target audience, you can then begin to narrow down the best information and create content that is the most relevant to this group of people.

Your attraction marketing efforts ALWAYS start here. The more research you put in here the easier your marketing efforts will be down the road.

Most people will choose to big of an audience...

For your attraction marketing to really work don't just target:

  • Women
  • Ages 30 to 45

Think about the details of what makes that person tick.

You can really connect with your message when you dial in your marketing to:

  • Women
  • Without kids
  • Ages 20 to 45
  • Who live in California
  • Who drive a jeep
  • ...and who love going to the beach

Know Your Audience

2: Getting to Know Your Target Audience

After pinning down your target audience, you then want to get to know them a bit better. Consider their struggles as well as their desires. These emotional trigger points are valuable when it comes to grabbing their attention and keeping it.

If you can, interview people in your target audience. This research phase will be super helpful in the latter stages. This way you'll know exactly how to craft your message in your attraction marketing.

Consider this List of Questions

Here's a list of question I always default to:

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What do you worry about the most?
  • Who is the most important person in your life?
  • Who's opinion of you matters the most?
  • What TV shows do you enjoy the most?
  • What type of job are you in?
  • How do you spend your days off?
  • What's a brand or business you look up to?
  • What's the most frustrating part of your day?
  • And so you - you get the idea.

Your attraction marketing questionnaire needs to pull emotion out of your audience. We are motivated by emotion, not just logic alone.

Content Creator

3: Creating Content that Attracts and Appeals to Your Audience

When creating content, you need to think carefully about your message because it needs to appeal to your target audience. You then want to create headlines that will catch their attention and address their questions and concerns. Creating a “how to” blog post is one of the easiest ways you can appeal to your audience because it is a straightforward way to grab their attention.

This is why we spent so much time doing the attraction marketing questionnaire in the last step.

From this it should be easy to create content that will resonate with your audience.

If you are targeting women surfers then here's a short list of topics you may want to discuss.

  • How to revitalize your ocean battered hair in 2 easy steps
  • How to find the best discounts on used surf boards
  • 3 tricks to make getting to the beach easier
  • How to find a beach that isn't crowded
  • And much more.

Now that we have the topics dialed in for your attraction marketing, let's look at what channels you can use to distribute your content.

Marketing Channels

4: Choosing the Right Marketing Channels

When choosing a medium for your marketing campaign, you want to choose one that makes it easy to communicate with your audience and prospects. Perhaps you have a blog post, a podcast, or you regularly use other social media platforms; what the easiest way to communicate with them is?

Marketing Campaign

5: Implement Your Marketing Campaign

Finally, you can begin to take action and implement your attraction marketing techniques and campaign. Remember, never focus on selling. Instead, you want to focus on your potential customers and providing them with exactly what they are looking for. Provide solutions, not products.

Law of Attraction Marketing

How can you utilize the Law of Attraction mentally?

It starts with shifting your mindset.

If you are currently going through life thinking, “I’m so broke. I owe so much money,” that means your vibrational point of attraction is that of negativity and scarcity. The universe is going to deliver you more scarcity and more negativity.

Conversely, if you go through life thinking, “I have enough. I am supported. The universe delivers me what I need.” The universe is going to provide you with more abundance. A path will appear.

Sure, learning to shift your mindset like this can be challenging; especially when your bank account is close to empty or when you only have a few subscribers. However, if you recognize the small moments of abundance throughout your day, this will shift everything. Recognize that moment when you get a paycheck, the moment when you get a new email list subscriber and be grateful for these moments.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions, and for attraction marketing to truly work, you must harness gratitude’s power.

Grow Your Business with Attraction Marketing

How can you utilize the Law of Attraction to physically grow your business?

You have to give to give. It is about simply putting out the absolute best content that you can with the sole purpose being to help your audience.

My goal is to provide you, my audience, with quality content. I don’t make videos or write blogs to get you to buy something from me. I put out this content simply to give my audience a positive experience.

Utilizing the attraction marketing in this way has been so fruitful for both my business and my wife’s business. My YouTube channel has exploded in a very competitive niche, and this is only because of utilizing attraction marketing.

Provide Experience!

It doesn’t matter if you are selling supplements, promoting Click bank products, or running a network marketing business, structuring and creating content that provides your audience with a positive experience is absolutely imperative.

Jay Abraham, a brilliant marketer, and consultant has a philosophy that you need to give results in advance. So how do you accomplish this? Through blogging, videos, podcasts, and even social media updates; although, I personally prefer blogging or videos because these have a longer shelf life than your average social media posts.

mb-pin-law-of-attraction Each one of these pieces of content becomes an asset to me. A compact offering of my philosophies. People find them and think, “Wow, I’ve finally found someone who is simply trying to help me.” And then they click subscribe, engage with me in the comments, and my audience grows. Focus on giving and not trying to get them to buy something from.

If you have been putting out content and you haven't figured out why it's not working, get really serious with yourself and ask if you are putting out content for the sake of giving to your audience or whether you are giving content to get something from your audience. Because trying to get something from your audience is just not going to work.

Give More and Attract More

Many folks are so engrossed in their own financial situations that they approach this marketing niche thinking, “I could make a lot of money from people here.”But this does not work because folks like this are not willing to give and therefore, they are never going to get anything in return. Just like magnets are attracted to magnets, people are attracted to people who are willing to give of themselves.

Once you've grown an audience and a subscriber list, you can begin to offer them solutions to their big problems. It makes sense to have an email in your autoresponder series at some point that directly links them to something that's going to help them beyond your free content.

When you produce a piece of content that truly helps someone in their life, you are giving that person a positive experience. On a karmic level, you are able to receive some of the positive benefits from all of the people that you help. That has been my whole goal; put out as much content as I can and help as many people as I possibly can.

Provide Value!

Now trust that when you give of yourself with the right intentions, everything will work itself out.

That is the basic overview of how attraction marketing works: content Marketing, creating a 90-day challenge, building a simple funnel, giving away something of value in exchange for the e-mail address, building a relationship via email. Then when the time is right offering them something to buy that's going to solve their biggest problems.

If you have a positive mindset, create excellent content, and give for the sake of giving, you will be capable of leveraging your life and your business to create the life, the business, and the reality of your dreams.