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Are You An Alpha or a Beta?

In nature, whether you're watching a flock of chickens or a pack of wolves, it's easy to see the natural balance at play.

There are Alphas who lead the pack.

Then there are Betas who follow.

The same is true online, too.

There are Alpha Affiliates & niche site owners who gobble up the vast majority of the market share and attention in their niche...

Because they're magnetic!  And they attract attention, traffic, links, interviews, and email subscribers almost effortlessly.

Then there are the Betas...

The timid ones who are scared to publish... They doubt everything... And they want more than anything for someone to tell them what to do.

"Just tell me what to do and I'll do it" is their motto.

Said another way...

In every niche, there are leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas).

The leaders make all the money...  And they achieve their financial goals faster, too.

Alphas know this!

Which is why they step up from day 1 and publish authoritative content that positions them at the top from the start.

For a tiny % of Alphas, this all comes naturally...

But most Alphas (me included!) used to be Betas until they got a proven process they could have confidence in.

Alpha confidence

You see...

Betas spend more time in doubt... "thinking about it"

They doubt their niche choices... They doubt their strategy...

This leads them to chase shiny objects and get distracted from the simple goal: 

Publish more useful & authoritative content than the current leaders in a niche... Then, once you've got traffic flowing, build your list!

Alphas, on the other hand, are busy doing the work.

Betas are busy giving up on ideas, abandoning blogs, if they even started...  They're doubting their strategies, or they're constantly looking for 'the right strategy tool timing moment'

Alphas jump into action fast and follow through. This gives them the massive-action advantage.

Betas waste more time on social media...

They're constantly looking for external validation from an Alpha that their idea would work...

Or, constantly chasing that cheap and easy dopamine fed up by the algorithms.

Alphas are confident.

Betas feel like posers when they start. 

Beta Banners Meaning Software Testing Improvement And Development

They suffer from mental constructs of the ego like "analysis paralysis" and "imposter syndrome"

And worse...

They fall into the trap of listening to their ego-mind that constantly regurgitates old subconscious B.S. that keeps you stuck repeating the same broke patterns.

Beta's are stuck in the realm of ideas.

Alphas stay grounded in the realm of strategic execution like a pro.

This is where their confidence (which is the magic attractor factor behind their success) comes from.

Because Alphas know it's not about "the idea"

It's not about what niche you choose.

It doesn't matter what (insert random software type here) you choose.

It's about being the Alpha in any and every niche.

It's about being the Alpha in any and every niche.

Having the confidence to boldly move forward, proudly creating, publishing and distributing content that attracts traffic, leads, and customers to you.

And here's the best part.

Even if you're a total Beta Affiliate who feels confused & lost...

Or... If you feel riddled with doubt, fear, and negative self-talk whether it's yours or 'borrowed' from the nay-sayers around you.

You can make the shift today and become an Alpha Affiliate who rises to the top of any niche to gobble up the big commissions.

But it requires 3 things...

#1 - The right strategy!  This is the whole "work smarter" idea and it builds the CONFIDENCE that you need to be an Alpha...

Simply stated:

If you aren't growth-hacking your way to the top based on proven templates, standard operating procedures and step-by-step tutorials...

You shouldn't expect to outrank and win over an Alpha affiliate who is.

#2 - The willingness to STOP consuming and START publishing like it's your job.

#3 - Time! (AKA: Execute a winning plan relentlessly with patience)

You see...

Alpha's know where they're going...

They know they're going to achieve levels of financial success that betas can only dream about.

They know they're going to achieve levels of financial success that betas can only dream about.

The only question is "how long will this take?"

Ultimately, Alphas don't care because they know they'll get there as long as they take consistent strategic action following a proven plan.

And the truth is, every niche... Every site is different.

If it's your first rodeo... It'll take a little longer.

But if you've already built out a site that drives traffic, your second build will be MUCH faster because you have experience, now.


Having a strategy... A plan of action you KNOW works is the missing link for most Betas.

Because the right strategy and guidance sends your confidence through the roof.

Because the right strategy and guidance sends your confidence through the roof.

This confidence oozes out through your content (especially when it's built on proven templates) as it attracts impressions and clicks, leads and commissions.

This is exactly how a Beta Affiliate turns into an Alpha Affiliate.

Having a clear and proven plan of action to follow...

Mixed with relentless execution.

It's even better when the plan includes copy & paste templates, step-by-step video tutorials, and a community to get personalized help from, too.

I've seen it over and over.

Folks making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars scaling up to more than $10,000 dollars per month.

Like Kevin who was floundering for years until he made the shift.

He's now doing six-figures per MONTH!?


I struggled with limiting beliefs, keeping myself trapped behind the scenes because I was acting like a Beta for years.

I was scared to start publishing.

My internal dialogue was toxic...

"What would people think? Would they like me? But there are already thousands of people teaching marketing online?"

But... I can tell you this.

Breaking through and letting go of that old Beta paradigm is the fastest way to make the shift.

To step into your full Alpha Affiliate power.

So you can start growth hacking your way to the niche site, the audience, the list and the business you deserve.

The plan of action, processes, templates and step-by-step trainings are here... And it's only available for a few days each year.

So click the link above and join the other Alphas who are committed to winning at the game of online business.

You CAN do it.

The smartest thing I ever did was getting my hands on their trainings, templates and blueprints 5 years ago...

And executing relentlessly day in and day out.

It's built an empire.

Today could be your day to start empire-building, too.

Miles "The Alpha Marketer" Beckler