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30,680,426 visits by mastering the basics of Search Engine Optimization

We just crossed a major milestone in the life of our first successful website...

Literally over 30 million visits in the lifetime of that site and over 56 million page views.


It is crazy to think that the one change we made nearly 10 years ago was to start publishing...

The goal with publishing was twofold...

  1. The best quality content we can publish in that moment.
  2. Publish as frequently as we possibly could with multiple ninety-day challenges.

Mixed in with this aggressive publishing over the course of 10 years we added on some very basic SEO skills.

Neither of us were hot shot SEO's...

At this point I do pretty good, but in the beginning I was a total noob.

But we knew enough to get the 80/20 rule on our side in the world of SEO.

You see, like everything in life... 80% of SEO results come from 20% of the efforts...

We figured out what that most important 20% was early, by learning the basics of SEO…

And then we implemented these basic SEO skills on each and every post, every time we published.

Today, you can learn how to master the basics of SEO, too...

Because I just finished putting the final touches on a brilliant new post that breaks down all of the basics of SEO for you, for free!

Check it out here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/seo-basics/

Next up for me this week, I'm putting the finishing touches on a "minimum viable software" with my good friend Dave Wooding...

The goal is to create a simple tool that forces you to get the basics of on-page SEO dialed for every post.

I've run a few posts through this process and already have been leapfrogging over my competition in the search engines.

One post went from number six to the number two spot with just a few tweaks based on recommendations from this tool.

Several other posts have started jumping up one to three spots in just a couple days!

Just like the YouTube publishing software I created that helping members crush it with their YouTube video rankings...

This software will help all of our blogging members crush it with their WordPress blog content.

And again, it will only be available for members of my inner circle as the software lives inside of the forums.

But right now, be sure to read the SEO basics post so you can start to build the skill that has resulted in over 30,000,000 visits for us, today!

Miles "S-E-cOach" Beckler

P.S. I'm going to open up the membership for new members after this software is done... Probably within a couple weeks.

If you aren't familiar with my inner circle, check it out by clicking here, now.

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