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These are the only 3 ways to grow your business

You are on the path to creating a successful business... Good on you!

But the constant nagging question is:

"How do I grow my business and earn more income?"

These are the only 3 ways to grow your businessThe truth is that there are just 3 ways to grow your business.

There may be a ton of nuanced sub-strategies and techniques to accomplish these 3 goals, but everything falls under these 3 main ways to grow your business.

#1 - Increase the number of customers.

#2 - Increase the frequency of purchases.

#3 - Increase the average order value.

Most people only think about #1... They ask themselves the same question, over and over:

"How do I get more customers"

This is obviously a consideration and question worth your time, but it should not consume all of your time.

Because you'd be missing out on the bulk of your opportunity to grow your business!

Before we dive into the other strategies, let's break down how do you accomplish goal #1 - Get more customers?

Well, content marketing will connect you with new people who want what you offer and a simple funnel with an opt in page plus follow up about a solid product offering that solves their biggest problem is sufficient.This can also work with paid advertising, but generally I only recommend people who have a proven funnel and have already proven they can convert cold traffic into sales go this direction.

If you are doing the local marketing services business, a free MeetUp group and then free one-on-one's at a coffee shop followed by an offer for a keyword research package could be sufficient!

#2 is the approach most people forget about... Selling more to your past customers!

The key here is making more offers for things your audience is already going to buy.

Think about this: You are probably going to spend money on something today.

And within the next week, or month, you will probably spend money on something business or marketing related...

Maybe it will be a book... Maybe a software... Maybe a tool... Maybe a course... Maybe a teammate...

But the odds are that you will spend money on something to help you grow your business and get closer to your income goals, for sure!

How do I know this?

Well, I've been there! (and am still here!!!)

You have challenges in front of you with growing your business and you seek to overcome them.

As a business owner, I can attest for sure that we all do!

Therefore, if I can create or recommend the book/software/tool that solves the exact problem you already seek to resolve...  There is income potential for me there!

Now this only works if you trust me and if I have your attention... And if you believe that this item I recommend will help you solve your problem!

But when those stars are in alignment...  It looks like this:

You know you have a problem, I share a resource I personally use to solve that exact same problem and a video that shows you exactly how to use the tool to solve that problem for yourself...

When this aligns, you'd probably buy through my link, right?

Of course!

Many people would... This is how the whole world of affiliate marketing works, when it works right.

We content creators help content consumers obtain the results/solutions that they are actively searching for.

We content creators help content consumers obtain the results/solutions that they are actively searching for.

Local business owners are even easier to understand!

They want more foot traffic, phone calls, leads and customers...

My default approach is to offer search engine optimization to help them get there... Because ranking on top of Google for their most valuable keyword phrases is key to their success in accomplishing their goals.

I could ALSO offer Pay Per Click marketing services to that business owner as an additional channel to help them get more of what they want! More leads and more customers!

And all of these sales are after they already purchased a keyword research package!

This is me selling more to the same customer in the real world...

And this "selling more to your past customers" is where most of Melanie and my revenue comes from, to be honest!

Then #3 - Increasing your average order value.

Then #3 - Increasing your average order value.

This is the world of up-sells! Whether you are adding one click up-sells into your digital marketing funnel...

Or, whether you are up-selling 'social media marketing' or 'reputation management' services for an extra $500/mo to the local business owner who just said 'yes' to your content marketing package offer...

This approach works because when a person gets into a buying state, it is much easier to get them to say yes to more than it is to get them in the buying state again!

So when you sell a content marketing package as a SEO service, a well timed question like:

"Would you like me to also expand the reach of the content we are publishing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr?"


"Would you like me to make sure your business listing is setup properly on the top 30 local business directories, too?"

A simple offer for more when they have just said 'yes' is the third way to generate more money for your business.

It needs to be a 'logical next step' in the eyes of your client and it must solve a burning problem they have...

But you already know what their biggest problem is, so having multiple services that solve the same problem from different approaches is key!

None of these approaches need to be forced, or feel awkward in any way.

Remember... Your potential clients (whether you are doing affiliate marketing, selling services or have a membership program) are going to buy things in the coming weeks and months regardless if you make more offers or not!

If you are their trusted advisor, however... They will surely take your considerations into mind and very well may click through your links to buy from you!

So stay focused on the three key steps to growing your business...

1- Get more customers
2- Get more sales
3- Get more revenue with each sale

And you will enjoy watching your revenue continue to grow and grow!

To your ever-growing success!
Miles "Your Biggest Fan" Beckler

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