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The magic of momentum

One of the biggest challenges you will face in growing your business is keeping momentum on your side.

Because momentum is a two-sided coin!

If you fall off the proverbial horse and stop creating marketing (aka working on your business), every passing day where you don't create something...

Makes it that much more difficult to restart your marketing machine!

Makes it that much more difficult to restart your marketing machine

"But Miles..." I hear you thinking... "I thought you said momentum was magic?"

And it is...

This is the positive side of momentum and you're about to learn the trick to get momentum on your side.

Because the truth is…

When you get into motion every day creating your marketing... EVERY DAY.

The next day gets easier... As does the day after that.

So here's the magic formula.

Commit to working on your business for a specific amount of time each and every day.

Yes, I'm saying seven days per week here.


If you take weekends off, Mondays get a lot more difficult...

This means you'll be risking missing Monday because negative momentum is on your side...

And that means you'll risk missing Tuesday and potentially risk missing Wednesday.

The cure?

Consistent action, every day!

You need to empower your schedule to empower your business.

You need to empower your schedule to empower your business.

Here's what I mean.

When you commit to waking up at 5:15 AM every morning and working until 6:30am..

This will give you 15 minutes to take care of your personal stufff and get the coffee going plus it will give you one full hour to work on your business every day.

I chose these hours specifically, to give you quiet time before the family or the rest of the world wakes up.

Because you need focused time to work on your business every day.

Because you need focused time to work on your business every day.

At first it might feel challenging but eventually the momentum works its way into your schedule and getting up becomes easier...

Plus, you'll get work done on your business every day.

This one trick alone will help you get an extra 365 hours of work done on your business this year.

That's the equivalent of NINE 40-hour work weeks on your business, each year!

That's over 2 months of full-time work each year from just one hour per day.

Plus, You will build skills more quickly which means you can accomplish more with less time, too…

So the growth of your business can actually accelerate with momentum!

This is the magic of momentum!

Now, when I was working on my first website I was so broke that I was willing to do anything…

Therefore I started waking up at 4:30 AM and I worked till 7:30 AM every morning...

I then worked from 7 PM at night until about 11 PM.

I also worked 8 to 10 hours every single Saturday and Sunday.

I had so much momentum I was able to fire my boss within one year.

Because I put in 2500+ hours per year on my side gig while working a full-time job to pay for my life.


#BeastMode baby!

Now, I admit... This is a bit of an extreme example.

And I'm a bit of an extreme person when it comes to chasing down things that are important to me...

Like reclaiming my freedom from "the man" and becoming a millionaire.

Truthfully, it shows you how bad I wanted to succeed.


You may also acknowledge that my results with an online business are also a bit of an extreme example.

Not everyone goes on to make millions.

Lots of people can make 10k per month, which is awesome.

It's an elite few who make it to the 100K per month echelon that I've been at for years.

My point here is this:

My intense effort over long periods of time created the momentum that resulted in a really big business.

It's all connected!

So I want you to ask yourself...

Are you showing up for your business every single day?

Are you in momentum in your business every single day?


Do you find that negative momentum is working against you making it easier to "not work" on your business?

It's irrelevant to me...

You need to be honest with yourself!

You need to be honest with yourself!


If you are serious about firing your boss and living off of your business you need to start working your business like it's your job.

Every single entrepreneur I know who has created lifestyle-changing income from their business work in their business as if it is their job.

Every single one of them has momentum on their side because they keep showing up day-in and day-out.


When they get knocked off the horse, they get right back on... The very next day!

They don't get distracted by guru webinars.

They don't change their niche or their strategy.

They just show up and put in the work every single day.

So right now...

Commit to putting in the time every day.

Commit to showing up and getting yourself into momentum.

As the days turn into weeks and the weeks in the months...

Your progress in your business will stack up faster than you can believe.

This is the way.

Miles "Marketing Maven" Beckler

P.S. If you're not sure what steps to take next in your business... Here's what I did to turn that momentum into traffic, leads and customers.

#1 - Start your blog - Your blog is your home online that YOU own and no one can turn off... You can build funnels on your blog or even publish your videos and podcast episodes on your blog... But most powerful is content marketing to drive massive traffic from Google.

#2 - Keyword Research - Figure out what your audience is looking for and then CREATE content that answers their questions. This video tutorial shows how to do keyword research fast.

#3 - Use my proven strategy for writing SEO friendly content, fast! You can get my exact framework and template for writing posts that Google loves in this video here... And it's the FASTEST path to great content, no doubt!

BONUS - Leverage the new AI copywriting tool in order to 'fill in' all of the content blocks needed from the framework/template above in #3

This specific AI technology wasn't around when I got my start... I had to go about of the long and arduous way of writing every word and every letter myself.

You don't have to take the long and difficult path like I did, thanks to that bonus tool...

If I was just starting out today, this is EXACTLY the path I'd take to get massive momentum on my side.

It's the exact strategy I used to go from customer support rep to full time online entrepreneur!

And remember...

One hour per day, every day, will get you into momentum, fast.

Commit to it and execute like your future depends on it.

Because it very well may.

Your future self will thank you when you look back at your path once you have hundreds or thousands of visitors finding your site every day.

But you can't get results unless you put in the work.