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The Evergreen Cashflow Trick

I'm going to let you in on a little secret here…

Launches suck.

Way too often the greedy gurus distract and manipulate you by flexing their big fancy launch numbers.

What they rarely share is how much time and energy goes into those launches…

Nor do they share their actual cashflow after all is said and done.

Because they don't get to keep all that money they're constantly bragging about.

Torn money
Not even close.

When you account for the advertising costs, taxes, affiliate commissions, bonuses, etc.…

The actual cash flow they personally received from launches is often a small fraction of the revenue they hype up on social and in their webinars.

But that's not even the worst part!

Once that big fancy launch is done?

Cash flow stops and you immediately have to start working on another launch.

Cash flow


It's just another annoying treadmill that sucks up your free time..

Plus, launches are stressful and they take a ton of time, energy and constant oversight.

Said another way: launches are way too much like work.

So what's the better approach?

Simple… Evergreen your offers.

Building out simple systems that can work for you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Regardless of what you are personally doing with your time!

For example:

I've been on the road for a couple of weeks, road tripping, camping, hiking and exploring a bunch of national parks in the Southwest.

I spent less than three hours on the entire trip "working"

But my systems continued to work for my wife and I, 24x7 even though we were traveling, hiking, playing, etc.

In that time...

Hundreds of thousands of people discovered and consumed our content we previously published on YouTube and on our blogs...

Because organic SEO traffic is evergreen!

Out of these new visits we received over 10,000 new leads because our pop-ups and calls to actions for our lead magnets are embedded in that great content.

Because our email list growth is evergreen!

Hundreds of people purchased our offers presented by our OTO's and the ones embedded in our autoresponders.

That's evergreen cashflow, right there!

To the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in realized cashflow straight to our bank accounts while we roamed around deep into the national parks...

Far from cell service and wifi.

It's the best business model on the planet.

Here's the important part to understand:

important part

Building a business takes time, energy and effort.

There's no avoiding "doing the work"

But, you do have the ability to build an evergreen business instead of a business that requires you to continually hit the feeder bar day in and day out.

Building a business that needs your constant attention and energy to the tune of 60 hours per week is an option...

But you can focus on the evergreen path and build it once, then enjoy the cashflow for years to come.

This is why am such a big fan of evergreen cash flow.


If you want help building out evergreen cash flow systems within your business...

evergreen cash flow systems

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Miles "Loves Evergreen Cashflow" Beckler