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The art & science of "The Pivot"

Newbies who never make any progress get stuck trying to figure it all out before they jump into action.

But the successful entrepreneurs?

They jump into the deep end and flail relentlessly attempting to tread water...


Eventually, a couple of things click and results begin to appear.

For bloggers, these are impressions and clicks from Google.

For YouTubers, these are views and subscribers.

Funnel folks look for leads and customers coming in...

No one really knows what will start generating results in the beginning...  It's a byproduct of massive action after jumping into the deep end.

But then, for those who are taking action, something happens...

A new idea, a new test, or some new piece of feedback inspires a new idea.

A pivot, if you will...

To go back to the swimming analogy, this would be the equivalent of attempting to swim forward instead of just treading water in place.

Maybe a dog swims by and you get the idea to doggy-paddle...

Bingo... You're making MORE progress now because this new strategy builds on what you learned from 'jumping in'

Of course...

Sometimes these new ideas lead to progress.

Other times they don't.

The little pivots that entrepreneurs think up and execute on, day-in and day-out

These are the little pivots that entrepreneurs think up and execute on, day-in and day-out

These are the "impossible to know" steps on the path that newbies who never start end up wasting years trying to understand.

And today I'm giving you permission to pivot.


In my business I've have had some major pivots along the way and they were REQUIRED for me to achieve success...

For example:

Back in 2009 one of our most profitable marketing channels was Twitter.

In 2010 our most profitable marketing channel was our blog.

In 2010 our most profitable product was selling services...

In 2012 our most profitable product was a downloadable MP3.

Does this make sense?

Let me state it another way quickly with this quick story about my time in college...

I got accepted to the University of New Mexico and planned on attending their business school for the entrepreneurship program.

I wanted to be taught how to be an entrepreneur.

"Just show me the whole path and then I'll start taking steps" was my philosophy.

But those professors had never built real successful businesses… Or else they wouldn't have been professors.

Same is true with the fake gurus.

If they had a real business they wouldn't have to peddle scammy products to pay for their $4,000 Lambo oil changes. (Probably $5,000 oil changes these days with the price of oil, lol)a

So instead of "doing the work" in college they just wanted us to write up business plans.

Shadow work, not real work.

As if one could plan all of these little pivots that would eventually lead to success.

Within my first semester, I realized that business school and entrepreneurship classes were a joke.

I change my degree to "University Studies" and I spent thousands of dollars from my student loans to have T-shirts printed (this was before print on demand)

Then I carried around multiple designs with multiple sizes in a backpack to all of the parties and attempted to sell T-shirts for 10 bucks each.

It was at this moment that I was actually "in business" and I was able to start adapting, adjusting and pivoting towards success.

Selling $10 T-shirts with three dollar margins felt like a long way to pay off my student loans and earn enough to live on...


I pivoted to real estate investing and flipping houses... Thinking "high ticket" was the solution.

That was...

Until I lost like $60k on a house in the global financial crisis.

Which led me to make another pivot...

The pivot to digital products that cost next to nothing to create, deliver, move, or sell.

The pivot to digital products

The exact opposite of flipping houses, lol.

This was in 2009 right around when I met Melanie at real estate school.

And the rest is history.


Imagine me attempting to write a "business plan" that contained those crazy pivots.

It's not possible.


My willingness to jump into the deep end and get my hands on some inventory to start selling was the actual step I had to take.

I had no clue if it would work...

But I knew that I could not rely on a 9 to 5 for 40 years...

I'm psychologically unemployable and I had dreams of making millions.

Never met a 9-to-5 person who made millions.

So I did what I had to do which was jump in...

And then I started to pivot.


I'm still pivoting.

For example, right now YouTube is dead to me.

Just a couple years ago I was blissfully riding the YouTube traffic wave.

My podcast was an afterthought a couple of years ago...


It's getting daily updates as I'm having fun creating in that media again.

Consistently taking steps forward and then pivoting when needed.

Final note...

Just in case it isn't abundantly clear from this email, you are going to have to jump in the deep end and pivot your way to success.

I cover this concept in greater detail in the 'Permission To Pivot' podcast episode here

And you'll learn the 1 scenario when you should NEVER pivot.

NEVER pivot

Get that wrong and you could kill your momentum.

Go check that episode out, now.

Miles "Permission To Pivot" Beckler

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