I appreciate you taking the time to share your question about Facebook advertising...

My talk is happening on the 29th of October. I'll be filming it live and plan to publish it after the fact... And worst case scenario, if I have to re-record it for you, I'll do that.

Thanks again for your time.

P.S. Have you looked at Max's Facebook Ad IQ course? https://www.milesbeckler.com/fb

He told me privately that he is raising the price by $500 Monday night because he wants to keep the Facebook group small so he can help everyone in there with their ads and funnels...

If it grows too fast he won't be able to answer every question personally so he is going to raise the price to slow the flow of new students into the course.

So if you were interested in that course but haven't pulled the trigger yet, grab it right away before the price goes up!