Tale Of 2 Paths - The Entrepreneur vs. The Employee - Miles Beckler
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Tale Of 2 Paths - The Entrepreneur vs. The Employee

Several years ago I was doubting whether the entrepreneur thing would work out for me...

After failing with dozens of websites... (I share 13 of my failed attempts in this video here)

It really started to sink in how DIFFICULT building a successful business online was.

All the fake gurus sold me ebooks and video training courses promising 'easy'...

I was hooked on the idea that there was an 'easy' way... Hence me jumping from business to business, niche to niche...

Shiny object to shiny object...

This perpetual search for 'easy' left me deeper in debt and further from my goal than when I started.

It was this point when I considering giving up to just 'get a real job and climb the corporate ladder'...

But then, it hit me.

And this moment became a VERY decisive turning point in my life.

You can have this exact same turning point in your life right now, in this post, too.

But you have to read this whole post to truly 'get it'!

Most won't... Because it's too much work to read the entire thing.

Just like how most people won't do the work it takes to build a real business...

But that's neither here nor there...

Back to the story:

So, what was the realization?

Well... That my entire future (lifestyle, finances, everything!) all came down to 2 options... Two potential paths.

You see, there are two paths you can follow from where you are today.

Choice #1 - Have less freedom and WAY more work now in exchange for more freedom in a few years.

Choice #2 - Have more of the same for decade after decade after decade.

I was about 30 when I had this realization.

Broke, at my parents' and over $50,000 in debt.

No silver spoon here.

The thought of working a 'cubicle job' and commuting every day for 35 years for average wages in an expensive metro...

Feels like a life sentence without parole!

Sure I might be able to make 100k per year, but never 100k per month in a "real job."

If it takes decades of work either way, might as well work in a system that can get me six-figure monthly income levels, right?

But it's not all about the money.

It's about the ability to skip to the beaches of Mexico for a couple weeks when it is annoyingly cold outside to get some beach time.

It's about having the ability to fly to my parent's house for 4 days when they are moving to help them pack up their house...

Without having to 'ask anyone' permission or look at my bank account to see if I can 'afford it.'

Its about living life without the ball and chain of a CLOCK every day deciding when I have to wake up, when I have to commute, when I get to clock out, etc.

But the kicker is...

The path to true freedom takes WAY MORE WORK condensed down for a few years...

More work than most people are ever willing to do...

Sacrifices that most people aren't willing to consider... No happy hours... No weekend barbecues... No Netflix & Chill...

There's simply no time for that for SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs.

40 hours per week on the side hustle, 40 hours per week on the day job to pay the bills and 20 hours/ week dealing with 'life' (groceries, commuting, laundry etc)

This leaves 68 hours/week left over... That's over 9 hours per day!

So take an hour and a half for 'family time' if needed, or apply that to the side hustle...

And you're still getting 8 hours of sleep per night.

The math works!

But here's the TOUGH part.

Keep this pace up for 5 years straight while seeing minimal results for the first 3 years.

To keep that persistence going day in and day out while your list is at 21 subscribers and hasn't grown in a week.

When your ads aren't converting any customers and you've been trying different funnels for 5 months.

To keep publishing to your blog, post number 143... Then post #144 the next day, when you are only getting just 164 visits per month.

To persevere through tech challenges dealing with WordPress, shopping carts, themes, plugins, etc. when you aren't a tech geek.

All while your friends are texting "Why don't you hang out anymore" or "Meet us for dollar drinks at happy hour Thursday at 6"

Or the family is wondering why you spend so much time in the home office and not with them watching Netflix every night...

The truth?

Because you have a vision for a better future with greater FREEDOM...

And you know that takes YEARS of sacrifice, trial, error, perseverance and intense energy to get there.

The other path?

A slow grind through your late 60s where 40+ hours of your life every week goes to create freedom for someone else.

All those hours go to support the CEO who earns on average 361x more than the average worker.

And the owner's who's stocks get more and more valuable based on your life energy and work product...

But you just get more work for the same pay...

And, the average wages (adjusting for inflation) are just about the same as they were in 1978!?! Click here for the source on that stat

This is some WTF stuff right here...

I did not come here to this planet to enrich someone else at the expense of 40 years of my life.

But maybe the biggest WTF moment is when people think spending 3-5 years to grow a business...

Spending 3-5 years to create TRUE freedom...  Is 'too long to spend to get rich'

I see it in the YouTube comments all the time... I just SMH

So many people want to apply an employee "just do the work" mindset to a results driven world of Entrepreneurship.

This distinction is the trap most entrepreneurs who fail get stuck in...

Watch this video to avoid that trap:

The employee mindset folks think that posting to Instagram is enough.

They buy into the lie that they are just 1 funnel away, so they make the funnel and then... Nothing happens because they didn't skill up first!

They expect success in 90 days because some guru said so in their overhyped B.S. webinar pitch...

So they click on another Facebook ad promising the next magic solution....

Before you know it they are on another webinar promising riches fast... And out comes the credit card, AGAIN...

And another fake guru gets to make their Lamborghini payment...

Yet they are farther from the true path of success than ever before with their newest shiny object to the collection.

It Comes Down To Work Ethic

Maybe it is because I have farm-boy roots from North Dakota.

My dad grew up without running water... No indoor plumbing... No electricity.

In NORTH FRIGGEN DAKOTA! (how cold tho?)

Hard work has never turned me off...

Sure it is natural to want things faster... To find more efficient ways of doing things.

But once I realized that the path of double or triple the work for the next 5 years was for me.

That 5 BRUTAL years of challenges, trial and error and looooooong nights dealing with tech B.S. was indeed the short path.

Melanie and I had a heart to heart...

Then we decided to do whatever it takes...

That was 2009...

In 2014 we had paid off all our debt and we were making more each month that we used to in a year, combined!

We went on a perpetual 4 year trip around the world to visit the most beautiful beaches on Earth...

All while growing our business to levels that no one in our family or 'network' has ever experienced.

And the freedom has been worth it.

Sorry for the long rant today, but this is so important.

If the mindset and expectations are off, then you won't follow through.

And all the power is in the follow through.

You can do this.

Embrace the ridiculous amount of work and get GREAT at helping your audience transform their lives.

You'll be amazed at what you create!

Miles "Hard Work" Beckler


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  1. Love your content. How I wish I found your content a year ago I should save thousand of dollar I spent from high price coaching of the gurus.

    1. Ya, I've poured a lot of money down the drain on fake gurus, too. I'm glad we've connected at this point tho.

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