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The Shockingly Simple Affiliate Math: How to Earn $10,000/mo

Today you are about to see exactly what it takes to earn $10,000 per month as an affiliate marketer...

Because the math and the whole strategy is extremely simple!

We are going to work backwards from the goal of 10K per month to break this all down using my actual numbers...

But if you want to replace 10k with a bigger target, or smaller one go for it!

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Ok, let's dig into the data

Affiliate marketing runs on one key datapoint: "EPC" which stands for "Earnings Per Click"

To calculate it simply divide the total commissions you've earned by the number of clicks you generated... Like this:

Amazon Affiliate program EPC

Simple stuff... and in case you dont have any data, use mine above!

I'm getting a 10 cent EPC.

Now divide your desired commissions by your EPC to learn how many clicks you need to send...

  • 10,000 / .1 = 100,000

So I have to send Amazon 100,000 clicks as an affiliate per month to hit my goal.

These are real-world numbers based on this past month's data!

Now, I have 60,226 visits to my site in that same time period according to Google analytics.


Google Analytics Screenshot

If you notice a discrepancy in the numbers And you are wondering why I have more clicks to Amazon as an affiliate than I have users on my site...

That's because many visitors click through to Amazon multiple times which is totally normal.

In fact...  Here's the math:

If I take the 71,509 clicks to Amazon and divide by the 60,226 visits, I end up with the average number of clicks to Amazon per visitor on my site:

  • 71509 / 60226 = 1.187

Stated another way (for simplicity and clarity): On average every visitor my website goes to Amazon 1.187 times...

Now, I have everything I need for the final calculation to figure out how to send Amazon those 100,000 clicks per month...

Simply divide the numbers:

  • 100,000 / 1.187 = 84,245.99

We have arrived.

I can reasonably expect to make 10k per month when I'm driving 84,246 visitors to my website every month...

Which leads to one final question.

How do you drive that much traffic?

In this scenario it's through Google and SEO...

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Now, if you'll excuse me...

I'm going to get back to work creating great content for my audience that will attract them to my site so I can scale my traffic to 85K visits per month...

I suggest you get on with publishing your next post, too.

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