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Passive Income Experiment

There's an odd obsession around the idea of "passive" when it comes to building businesses online. Where I grew up we always celebrated "doing the work"

Especially when it was focused on helping others.

Yet, somehow...

Greedy gurus have convinced the masses that there is a "passive cash
business model.


Nothing could be farther from the truth...

There's always active effort required.

If you aren't going to put in the effort, someone must.

And you will need to find them, interview them, quality assurance check them, etc.

This is exactly what I've been doing for the last several years with both of my "passive" affiliate sites

That aren't actually passive...

But it's as close to passive as you can get and I wanted to update you on how they are going.

The first one, which started by buying a pre-made site here has received zero effort and input from me and my team for over six months...

I built an entire team of writers and managers to grow this one.

Let everyone go mid last year to put it in "passive" mode

It's now generating just under $1000 per month which is down from the 2k/mo mark it was at in the year 2 update you can view here


I'm not doing anything with the site and treating it as if it was "passive"

At its peak when I was "active" with the site it was earning more than 10k per month.

Since I've let it be a passive website the cashflow has tanked.


Put zero energy in and get less results out.

Who would've thought that's how the world works?


This is my contribution to share some truth on the idea of passiveincome so you can break the spell that the fake gurus have over you.

Okay, what about site #2?

I haven't shared too much about this one because it's still quite new.

The exciting part is that it's taking even less energy of mine to build.

I have this team here doing everything.

Here are my results so far:

affiliate traffic results

That's a one-year graph and the site is just about one year old...

Finally getting about 30 visits a day which equates to just under a thousand per month.

At this point I can turn on pop-ups and lead magnets to grow a list!

And then I could make little products to start selling as OTOs's to really crank up the cash flow…

Because, at the moment it's generating about $200/mo in affiliate revenue.


Building a list in creating products and then selling them that wouldn't be passive, now would it?

That would be actively engaging with this asset and business that I'm building.

Which brings me to the main point...

Everyone promising "passive" business models is lying to you.


There is no passive solution out there.

It's a lie designed to sell you their 'system' so they can afford their four thousand dollar oil changes on their Lambos

If there was a passive solution... Let's be real.

I would have cracked the code.

I'm extremely well-funded.

I've built elite levels of marketing skills.

Plus, I've got 19 years of experience generating cash flow online as an affiliate marketer.

And the truth is...

It takes work.

The faster you realize this and commit to doing what's necessary, the faster you will get to the destination.

The system works as long as you work the system.

Create useful content that people are searching for...

Optimize this useful content so Google likes it...

Repeat the process for years not months.

And, if you want help publishing more content faster, get the AI copywriting assistant here.

Because the truth is...

The more you publish the faster you'll rank.

And that's exactly how this affiliate site builder generated a 750% increase in her traffic in the last year.

She wasn't wasting time searching around for passive shortcuts.

She armed herself with the right tool for the job...

And she has executed relentlessly as explained in that post above.

Just trying to give you some honest perspective on a Saturday morning...

While I actively work on my business before going out to work on my property.

You can thrive in these next few years that which be challenging for many.

As long as you tune out the greedy gurus, unsubscribe from their lists and do what it takes.

Miles "Bringer Of Truth" Beckler