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Miles Beckler's Membership - Content & Conversion

After 2.5 years of publishing nothing but free videos on YouTube...  It finally happened!

Miles Beckler launched his Membership and advanced courses!

In this post you will get the inside scoop about what's inside the membership plus insights to help you decide if it's for you or not...

And I'll try my damned'st to not refer to myself in the 3rd person, lol.

Why review your own membership and courses?

Asking the good questions right from the beginning... nice.

Have you ever heard the saying that "the cobbler has holes in his shoes"?

Well, the idea is that they spend 100% of their time working on their customers' shoes and never take time to repair their own.

As an entrepreneur and marketer who has 6 separate websites generating over a million dollars per year... I suffer from this a bit myself.

Sure, I have a sales letter up on my membership program here.

But I'm working on a new version and since the membership is on a different site and has a totally different brand name, I realize many readers here (and from Google) are searching for "Miles Beckler Membership"

(I'm not counting that towards my 3rd party references of self, BTW)


So obviously...  I needed a pillar post here... A cornerstone content piece... A flagship post...  (enter other trendy SEO term here)

Hence the self-review.

What's inside Miles' Membership?

There are 3 main deliverables available to inner circle members...

  • First... The Advanced Trainings.

With over 575 videos on YouTube, is there really a need for advanced trainings?


You see, on YouTube, I've covered a ton of 'the basics' and have even done some deep-dive trainings showing EXACTLY how I create my Facebook ads, funnels, etc.

And what happens when I put my best stuff up for free?

People copy my content word-for-word... They plagiarize me and they rip off EVERYTHING that isn't bolted down.

Like looters after a storm before the locals get back...


So my best trainings that go DEEP teaching exactly how I'm scaling my business are now under lock & key.

The shady copy-cat marketers have ruined it for everyone and now my best content is a 'pay to play' solution.

What courses are available inside the membership?

  • Your Customer Avatar Training (3 lessons)
  • Level Up! The GST Goal Achievement System (3 lessons)
  • Choosing a LUCRATIVE Niche (3 lessons)
  • Email List Growth Mastery (6 lessons)
  • The Million Dollar Copywriting Course (6 lessons)
  • Organic Traffic Domination (5 lessons)
  • Advanced SEO Training (3 lessons)
  • YouTube Channel Accelerator & YouTube Ads courses (3 lessons)
  • And MANY more!

If I were to sell these individually and 'total up' the value of these courses, it would easily be $2,000+ worth of value here...

And how good are the trainings?

What is the quality like?

Well, here's a free sneak peek for you.... Watch my ATM Accelearator Funnel trianing here, so you can see an example of the trainings:

There are hours upon hours of advanced trainings available...

And I'm putting out more trainings as often ass needed to keep you on the leading edge of the digital marketing game.

  • Second... The Software Tools.

One of my biggest challenges with 'more training' is this:  How do I get you to create more OPTIMIZED content, more quickly without wasting time watching more videos?

Enter my advanced software tools available to members that will help you optimize your content just like I do.

  1. SEO Publish Pro - Let this custom software script tell you exactly what your blog posts need to rank for your main keyword, fast.  Exact data based on what works for your competitors is yours in seconds.
  2. Headline Generator - If your headline sucks, you won't get clicks and you won't get conversions.  This tool is your short-cut to writing headlines that WORK every time without wasting years studying copywriting.
  3. YouTube Publish pro - Your secret weapon for ranking YouTube videos FAST... This tool takes my process I used to grow my YouTube channel to over 120,000 subscribers in 3 years and puts it into your hands.
  4. YouTube Research Pro - Works with our advanced YouTube Channel Accelerator training to save you HOURS of laborious research so you can find out EXACTLY what works on YouTube to scale your channel fast.
  5. 5-Minute VSL Script - Writing video sales letter scripts is EXTREMELY difficult, even for seasoned pro's.  Now you can simply answer a series of questions and you'll end up with a great script for your own 5 minute VSL!
  6. 1-Click Upsell Script - The #1 way to make more money online is to sell more to your current customers.  There is no better way to do this than with a 1-click upsell.  You not only get my upsell script, but it is built into a software so you simply answer a few questions and the tool generates your upsell script for you in minutes.
  • Third... The Community.

Building a business online can be a lonely adventure.

Your family won't "get" you... Neither will your friends or co-workers...

You'll find yourself up late at night or early in the mornings grinding it out when it feels like everyone else is out having fun.

Until you realize that you are EXACTLY like the HUNDREDS of other members from all around the world building their dream businesses from home, like you.

The entire membership is built on a forum structure...

So you are able to connect with other members, start mastermind groups, get accountability from members AND you get direct access to me.

I'm in the forms just about every day, ready to answer your questions when you post up a new thread.

Plus I host monthly Q&A webinars where you can hop on live and ask me your questions or bring me your challenges and I'll pull from my 17 years as a digital entrepreneur to help you get the right solution in place, fast.

You get access to all the past call archives...  All the future calls...  Plus daily access to me and the other members, too!

What are members saying?

With hundreds of members, most of whom have stayed around for more than a year, we are truly building a powerful COMMUNITY here...

A community of creators...

Of digital marketers...

Of Entrepreneurs...

Who are focused on creating EXCELLENT content and products for their audiences.

And if you want to join us...

You can gain access to the membership at