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How To Stay Focused As The "Make Money Online" Game Changes

How fast is the online business game changing?

Is 'what worked' last year DEAD now?

Do you have to constantly chase the new method to achieve success?

This email may blow your mind.

You see...

A couple days ago I sent out a survey to find out what's keeping subscribers like you stuck.

I've received some great insights but one really stood out...

And were going to dissect this today because I bet you have a similar question.

And the answer is not what you would think.

Here's the main part of the question:

"Making mo ney online is ever changing. What worked exactly for you even in your most recent proof of concept is not necessarily what will work today...

Example...drop shipping was big for awhile and now falling off the cliff. PURE amazon businesses were gold for years and now much more difficult and perhaps not a great idea even.

Those are just examples. For a long time you were the build niche site guy and build it up over X years through relentless content and though it doesn't seem like you left that space you are much more YouTube centric now. "

Can you relate to their confusion and frustration?

I mean, if you try to watch every video I publish, you'll be left with more questions than answer, for sure.


There is so much noise on YouTube, blogs and social media in this space.

Especially if you follow any of the greedy gurus!

Mainly because they have to continue to distract you, confuse you and make you doubt, in order to earn the income they need...

Never forget this point.

Because the truth is, most gurus don't have a real business other than selling you their made-up schemes courses.

Which is why the #1 take away is to stop following these people on social and unsubscribe from their emails.

Instantly you will have more clarity and mental bandwidth to focus.

But I really want to clear up the false belief that "what used to work doesn't work anymore" which seems to be at the core of this question above.

Because nothing could be farther from the truth

Have I really changed my strategy since I started my YouTube channel?

Have I changed my strategy since I started my first blog with my wife 11 years ago?

When you understand the strategy correctly, you will see that I'm doing the exact same thing now that I've been doing for over 10 years.

In fact, I'm extremely hesitant to change and I refuse to follow fads like SnapChat, Instagram marketing, TikTok, dropshipping, reels, stories, etc.

Here's the simplest way I can explain it...

With the goal of helping you see my entire strategy, holistically...

Commit 100% of your focus on helping your audience answer their questions, solve their problems and achieve their goals.

That's it.

And below, you'll see how I have not 'changed' my strategy or approach once since day 1...

You're about to see that doing EXACTLY what I did on day 1 is still exactly what I'm doing today...

And it's working better than ever before!

So, let's analyze a little bit of what I've done in the last few years.

First, I committed to publishing hundreds of the most useful pieces of content in my niche in 1 year.

YouTube is easier for me, so I started there...  And did I ever learn a LOT about YouTube.

So I help my audience segment who is leveraging YouTube with complete YouTube courses that teach more about YT than most paid courses do... Like this.

Because after 650 vids and 175,000+ subscribers, I've learned a thing or two about growing a YouTube channel.

Does this mean I think you should stop blogging and start YouTube'n?


But there is a segment of my audience who is all in on YouTube already and this video is for them.

You see... Discernment is key.

And honestly, you should spend all your time/energy publishing more blog posts vs. watching videos on topics that aren't relevant to your strategy!

Second example...

So many of my subscribers kept complaining about 'I can't choose a niche'and 'where do I start if I have ZERO experience?'

So I chose a random niche and built a site with hundreds of posts that's brought in nearly $75,000 to date... and continues to bring in thousands.

(It earns it's income by helping it's audience choose the right solution to their problem, by the way)

I took my time, my energy to create content that proves that someone who was motivated enough to do the work could build a business...

Even if they didn't have a niche or any expertise.

And, of course, I explained it all in the recap video here.

But I didn't leave it there...

I them put together the most comprehensive training on YouTube teaching everything I learned in that year long experience in 1 video.

This affiliate marketing training was the result...

This is what 'gurus' would package as a course and charge $497 for...

I gave it away free because that's what a big segment of my audience wanted!

Does this mean I recommend you stop working your plan to build an affiliate site?

Goodness no!

Not if you've got your strategy dialed and you're working your strategy!

Again, back to discernment.

And note... This has been something that really connected with my audience.

Just look at the view numbers on that vid (423,000+ views) if you doubt this is exactly what my audience wanted.


I've also found that many people are fed up with glitch-funnels and the greedy gurus in the funnel hacking space...

So I taught how to build your sales funnels on WordPress...

Does this mean that every business needs to build a funnel?

Of course not...

But for a segment of my audience, this is exactly what they need right now.

Discernment is yet again key.

And on and on it goes...

Finding topics/questions/problems my audience has and then creating helpful videos to answer those questions


All while showing through my ACTIONS exactly what you need to be doing.

Is this making sense?

It would be easy to mistake what I'm saying/doing here as "Miles says I need to do all of these things"

Not even close.

I'm just answering every question my audience has.

And with nearly 20 years experience making money online I have a level of expertise and experience in a WIDE range of topics.


I'm creating as many detailed trainings to help my audience as I possibly can.

And your goal should never be to watch all my videos!

Your goal is to learn enough to start... Then to start.

That's when the real learning begins.

From doing... NOT from watching!

And, to make sure this is 100% clear... I want to share a final video with you today, that reveals my "ATM Strategy"

Because it shows/explains the strategy even more clearly than I can in an email...

And to reiterate the super-simple gameplan:

Commit 100% of your focus on helping your audience answer their questions, solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Remember that it takes THOUSANDS of iterations...

Not hundreds, not dozens.

I've published nearly 700 videos now.

I've sent over 1000 emails now.

I've published over 300 blog posts now...

And I'm still barely scratching the surface.

What is your big takeaway here?

Commit to an audience...

Get off of social media and YouTube...

STOP consuming their content...

UNSUBSCRIBE from their emails.

And put 100% of your energy into creating helpful content for your audience in either a YouTube channel, Podcast or blog.

Be the most helpful person for your audience in your niche.

Then, plan to spend every waking hour that you can free up producing content for your audience for the next 3-5 years

You'll be amazed at what you create...

If you kick into action and stick with it for the long term.

If you don't kick into action?

Or if you 'dabble' in it for a few months...

You won't create anything but confusion for yourself and you'll potentially waste years consuming other peoples' content.

Miles "The Most Helpful Marketer In The World" Beckler

P.S. If you have your strategy sorted and your niche chosen...

NOW is the time to get out of your inbox, turn off YouTube, get off of social and go ALL IN on creating content for them.

If you don't have your niche and strategy selected...

Consider committing to Ken's SBI program through his wildly inexpensive training here.