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How To Make Time As An Entrepreneur to Get More Done Daily!

How To Make Time As An Entrepreneur to Get More Done Daily!You want to get a lifestyle business going, spend quality time with the family, have some alone time with yourself, etc, etc…

But how do you find time to do everything?!!!

If you’ve been asking the question how to make time for these things (and more) over and over, I’ve got a solution for you.

I’m going to share 3 ways to create time and 2 bonus hacks to up your productivity level.

I’m so excited to share these with you after personally experiencing the amazing benefits of having more time by doing all of these myself.

And it’s what it takes to build and thrive in life.

Get your hustle on and start adding these surefire ways on how to do more in a day and stop complaining that 24 hours is not enough!

Keep reading or learn how to make time as an entrepreneur from this video or podcast.


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How to Make Time for Everything and Crush Your Goals

“How can I make the most of my day, Miles??”

I asked myself that question a little over a decade ago when I felt so overwhelmed, needing to do so many things, yet having so little time to get them all done.

I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with my time!

My time management sucked, and I wasn’t putting the time that I should’ve towards growing my business.

Over time, mostly through mindset hacks, I’ve learned how to make time for everything that I need to get done.

You CAN make more time when you are strategic and embody the right mental shifts with your time and priorities.

If you want to know how to find time to do everything - business, family stuff, personal growth keep reading and make more time for yourself and your business.

1. Wake up early.

wake up early

I’m not going to tell you that you need to wake up at a particular time because I know people have different schedules.

But I will say that if you want to make more time each day for the rest of your life, you need to wake up 3 hours earlier than you do right now.

If you regularly wake up at 7, get up at 4 am.

Don’t sleep those 3 hours away!!

Easier said than done to wake at 4? Or at least 3 hours earlier each day?

I know!

But if you wake up 3 hours earlier each day, you can turn those 3 hours into something more productive than just spending the time on sleeping.

Become a morning routine kind of a person

Set your alarm clock, get up once it goes off and plan on using that time to get some work done.

Then allot 30 - 40 minutes after you wake up for your morning routine. Shower, meditate for a few minutes, do some yoga and make some tea or coffee.

The first 3 hours of your day has the best potential for you to be the most productive. It’s when you have the most energy, so your productivity level is at its best.

If you’re managing or starting an online business, or you have a side hustle that you’re juggling with your day job, this is the time to do the work. It makes more sense to work on tasks for your business first thing, instead of doing it before you go to bed when you have little or no energy left.

It takes discipline, willpower, and just pure determination to create and stick to this kind of a habit.

But keep doing it for 90 days straight without fail and see the magic unfold.

You’ll get into the rhythm of things and accomplish more. You just have to do it!

So go set your alarm clock right now and wake bright and early tomorrow and decide this is your new routine.

Big things are waiting for you with a simple shift from sleeping those 3 hours away to making something awesome out of those hours instead. What’s the one thing all successful people have in common? They wake up early!

2. Outsource repetitive tasks.

Another tip on how to make time for everything you need to do is to buy more hours by outsourcing tasks.

Super cool that you can actually buy time, right??!!

This is what Melanie and I did when we started to hire virtual assistants to build our team.

We got help with the hundreds of different tasks we needed to do each day by hiring the right people to join our team. Instead of doing repetitive tasks that could easily eat up our time, we outsourced these tasks to get more stuff done without overextending ourselves.

Sigh of relief and productivity to the 2nd power!

Track all the activities you do on a for your business and map out all the things needed to be done.

Take a Notepad and write all of these tasks to be done.

For example, if you’re doing content marketing, you’re going to be writing the post, which includes keyword research, outlining, and then actually writing the post.

Then you have to do the work within your WordPress dashboard, where you have to create the post, the layout, adding the images in, etc..

The process of actually laying out your post on WordPress can easily take 1 - 2 hours…. And that’s not even including the 2+ hours of writing the content yourself before you post it!

If you have 3 hours a day, 1.5 hours spent on WordPress, 1.5 hours spent on design work, you won’t have time left.

But if you outsource, exploiting your strengths, and working with your unfair advantage, you can free up more time to do more important things.

Spend your money to purchase your time and work your way up the cashflow quadrant ladder.

Find a cheap virtual assistant, a graphic designer, a WordPress development pro, or whatever you need in your business to make more time to get things done.

Then, you continue waking 3 hours earlier to keep growing your business while having plenty of help from your teammates who are working alongside you to handle important tasks you have outsourced.

Work hard AND work smart. That’s the goal!

3. Turn off your TV, gaming, Netflix, i.e. Electronic Income Reducers.

It’s too EASY to be a couch potato, lounging around all day or staying in bed for hours with Netflix, your TV, or your video games on.

You get sucked in to the virtual world with these electronic income reducers when really what you need is more time.

You tell yourself you’ll just watch a video or two on YouTube, next thing you know, you’re not just doing YouTube but you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and who knows what else!

These things are addicting.

But you have the power to unplug from social media, from TV, from your games, and get on with your life and your business.

“Miles, TV time is my family time!!!”

I disagree 100%. You’re staring at the TV, not connecting with each other.

If you want quality family time, go out in nature. Play sports. Hike, bike, have a picnic, cook something awesome together in the kitchen, paint, draw, or play music!

The bottom line is no excuses, you don’t need TV to “connect” with your family. If you want more time, you have to unplug your TV and limit the time you spend on social media.

During your spare time, refocus your energy and build a business that will give your family the life you want to give them.

The worst you can do is to waste your extra time going on Facebook when you can just use these hours to start, grow and thrive in your business.

Get those income reducers out of your life and accomplish your goals day after day after day.

My Bonus Productivity Hacks on How to Do More In A Day

how to do more in a day

If those 3 things are not enough, I’ve got 2 bonus productivity hacks to do more in a day!.

1. Set deadlines for yourself.

You’ve probably heard me say over and over how I’m all about doing a 90-day content marketing challenge.

This is very powerful stuff because when you create deadlines for yourself, you get them done because it forces you to take advantage of Parkinson’s Law.

Deadlines, whether you like them or not, give you direction and focus and help you do more in a day. You are aware that you can’t slack off because the deadline is staring you right on the face and you just got to meet it.

So do a 90-day challenge.

Publish 1 post a day for 90 days, every single day.

This is how you can push yourself to produce more content and give your day and your growing business more direction.

2. Get Rid of the Distractions.

The kiddos and the wife constantly distracting you when you have a project, a slideshow, an info product to finish?

If you feel you don’t have enough space, quiet time, or freedom to do what you have to do. Consider renting a hotel room for 2 nights. Get your project done where no one will interrupt you.

Lock yourself up in the room, create a high converting lead magnet and finish up important parts of your projects. Before you leave the next day, it all must be done.

Focus 100% to get things completed before you have to check out.

It’s hard to leave home and tell the family you have to be away for a couple of days to focus on work but sometimes it’s required.

Pack as many meals as you can or order in. No going out. Spend every single minute that you have in that hotel room.

When you go back home, you’ll have more time for the family.

Most importantly, you’ll have your work done because you’re able to focus on it completely without any distractions.

How Do You Find Time To Do Everything and Rock Your Life Out?

You have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else.

So how come other people are thriving at life and rocking their lifestyle business and you’re not?

Because of how they spend their 24 hours!

Don’t give me that excuse that you have a day job, or that you have 6 kids. Anyone can be productive and get ahead in life if they want to. If they make an effort to!

Prioritize your day and the tasks you need to complete to have a successful online business.

Create habits that will enable you to accomplish your tasks leading to the fulfillment of your goals.

Waking up 3 hours earlier, turning the TV off, outsourcing tasks… These are powerful things that will give you the results you want to see in your life.

But at the same time, these take willpower. It takes a lot of energy to create a business. So make sacrifices and do the hard things over and over again.

This is how you find time to do everything and make the most of your day every single day.

Hope this encourages you take a fresh new look at time and energy and what you make out of what you’ve got each day.

Leave me a comment below if there’s anything here that you agree with or don’t agree with, or just let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll be happy to connect with ya!

2 thoughts on “How To Make Time As An Entrepreneur to Get More Done Daily!”

  1. Thank-you... this was a very helpful reminder, Miles. I feel I'm a highly disciplined content creator; with more energy than a lot of people I know - and yes, I get up early (around 4 am). Yet, I still have a challenge around finding enough time to create an online Affiliate Marketing website while working a full-time job and taking care of things on the home-front. Time to get ride of the house and all the maintenance & repair that comes with it? The thought of becoming a digital nomad is very appealing right now.

    1. the digital nomad approach helped me a ton. The challenge was that I spent 20 hours per week looking at flights, visas, air B&Bs and try to answer the question "where do we go next?"

      So it is not a time-saving shift, By any means... It was however, a lot cheaper and allowed me to pay off a lot of debt while living a very comfortable lifestyle.

      The big key is to make sure you are 100% focused on creating content when you have that time to work on your site. Fiddling around on social media does not count as work. Keyword research, writing content… Keyword research, writing content…

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