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How Long Does It Take To Earn $10,000 Per Month?

Honestly, one of the most common questions I get is...

"How long will it take for me to make $10,000 per month"

You can actually substitute 10k/mo with all kinds of numbers from 500 per month to 10,000 per month... Even to make a million.

The question is still the same.

They are always hoping to hear some time, like "Oh yea, you can do that in 3 months..."

But the truth is more complex than that.

Yet, at the same time it is super simple, too.

All in all it really isn't about how much 'time' but how much targeted traffic and how many subscribers you can generate each month.

I had an ah-ha moment on a walk yesterday that you are about to learn...

This may very well blow your mind at how mathematical success can be.

Ok, so from the financial goal, you can back out to a good idea about how much traffic and subscribers you need based on some simple math.

Now, everything varies from niche to niche, every audience, even the prices of your products.

So stay flexible here... This is just to give you a bit of perspective.

But let's say you are completely focused on the 10k/mo mark.

Now, let's say you promote a few affiliate products that, on average generate a $50 commission per sale.

This means you need 200 sales per month to hit your 10k mark...

Now, let's say that the product converts 1% of your subscribers who you promote the offer to into sales.

This means you'd need to be bringing in 20,000 subscribers per month.

And there it is.

With super simple math and some conservative averages you now know how many new subscribers each month it will take.

So the question from here is...

How many posts do you need to rank in order to generate 200,000 visits/mo?

And this is where the niches are super important. Some niches, like fishing with low competition and high search volume are easier to step into traffic quick.

Other niches, like 'digital marketing' or 'make $' have HUGE competition and much lower search volume.

And from these basic numbers, you can play with things a bit...

If you earn $100 per sale and the affiliate program converts 2% you only need 5000 subscribers per month.

If you are selling a $1,000/mo marketing package as a consultant... And those numbers hold, only 500 subscribers per mo. needed.

And this is precisely why everything I do and teach is focused on list growth...

Because your list is the real asset here

And keep in mind one other thing... Your best customers will buy more of your products and recommendations...

So as your list grows month over month... And the number of offers you presents grows...

Your income will grow exponentially from here as you keep bringing in the same number of leads.

The final question really is this then...

How long will it take for you to build the systems (traffic and opt-in) to bring in hundreds or thousands of high quality leads per month?

No one can know for sure... But the 'trick' is doing everything you can today to accomplish that goal.

Then tomorrow... And the next day.

For YEARS on end...

Quite simple, really... But it does take a mountain of work, for sure.

Miles "Your List Is Your Goldmine" Beckler

P.S. If you want to see how these numbers work with high ticket products...

Or what the numbers look like to generate millions in profit...

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