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​Free Email Marketing Course: Autoresponder Madness 2.0

What is it?: ​This is ​a free courses​ that teaches you how to ​write the kinds of emails that get opened, get clicked and make you money.​

Why do I recommend it?: When my list was 3,500 strong, I did a $30,000 affiliate launch because I used this approach… This is why I was able to turn my ​tiny email list into ​a highly profitable launch!

But the list size isn't the key... It is how you write the emails, which is exactly what you'll learn in the Autoresponder Madness course​ for free!

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​Free Copywriting Course: ​Simple Writing System

What is it?: This is a free course offered by John Carlton that ​teaches you how to stop struggling with copywriting and get started writing awesome copy that will crush it by focusing on STORIES!

Whether you are working on a new Facebook ad, your sales letter or a VSL script, storytelling is going to make or break your copy. And when you learn how to tell a story based on this framework, you’ll ​get more sales, fast

Why do I recommend it?: John Carlton is ​one of the greatest copywriters of all time. ​He has taught thousands of copywriters how to boost conversions and sales ​through the written word...  And this is how you ​learn for free.

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​Free Niche Affiliate Marketing Course: Tiny Asset Engines

What is it?: Full disclosure: Tiny Asset Engine is a ​pre-sell site that leads into Andre Chaperon’s Sphere of Influence paid training (which I own and love). But ​with that said, this is a must-read​ because Andre delivers a TON of value with a BIG new-idea in a few short pages, here.​

​Why do I recommend it?: ​​This is one of the best, most concise dialogues on niche affiliate marketing (and how to do it correctly) that I have ever read. It is a must-read if you’re interested in building online cash asset engines using affiliate marketing. 

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​Free Funnel Training Course: The 1-Page Funnel

What is it?: This is a free webinar given by the co-founder of SamCart, Brian Moran. It’s a video training where he lays out his simple ‘1-page’ funnel methodology​ that destroys the often regurgitated myths that you need ‘complex funnels’ to sell things online. 

​Honestly, this training is part​ copywriting training ​& part sales funnel training that teaches the absolute easiest way to sell products online.

Why do I recommend it?: ​Most people drown in funnel tech because it is just too complicated. ​This video teaches a simple ​approach that breaks through the noise for struggling course creators.

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