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How To Find Your Niche In 5 Minutes Or Less

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This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2024

Let’s get real for a minute…

You and I both know that you NEED to choose a niche so you can get started building your online business.

And this process of finding your niche can be daunting with too many choices and emotions.

It can feel overwhelming.

Until you learn the 5-minute niche trick, that is 😉

I’ve got students who have drug their feet on this ‘what niche should I choose?’ question for years…

YEARS wasted.

I've got other students who found their niche in 5 minutes and got to building...

Guess which ones are making money?

Those who made a decision and moved on to the next steps!

Today you are about to breakthrough this niche barrier once-and-for-all…

Specifically, you’re going to learn 3 ways to finding a niche…

  1. The 5 Minute Niche Finder Method
  2. The Supply & Demand Method
  3. The Authority Method

Before we jump in, we need to have a little chat about fear...

Because most people stuck at this phase of building a business are paralyzed with fear.

You may be there, too...

And we MUST clear the fear before getting into the niche.

The Paralyzing FEAR Of Choosing The Wrong Niche.

Allowing yourself to be ‘stuck’ on the niche selection step is a manifestation of fear.

Not choosing IS A CHOICE!

Designed to 'keep you safe from failure'

Here’s how:

If you don’t start… By allowing yourself to wallow in the niche selection process forever…

Technically you can’t fail.

But I’m here to tell you that allowing yourself to be paralyzed by fear is optional.

Allowing yourself to stay stuck in this ‘I can’t choose a niche’ place IS A CHOICE!


The Truth About Fear, Failure & Entrepreneurship

The there are 2 POWERFUL truth’s about fear, failure and success that the top 1% of entrepreneurs know...

First is that success is on the other side of failure.

Meaning you MUST go THROUGH failure to achieve success.  I explain with diagrams in this video here.

Stated another way.

There is no successful entrepreneur ever who did not fail.

We get used to failing and we even focus on 'failing forward'!

Some seek out new opportunities to fail.

This is all covered in that video above...  and If you've been feeling anxious or emotional about choosing the 'right niche' because 'what if I get it wrong?' you need to watch that video, now.

Second is based on a quote by Thomas Watson, a previous president of IBM…

He stated:

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”

I break this concept down deeper in this video here.

Once you realize that failure truly leads to success, you can give your self permission to make a choice.

If that choice leads you down a path that ends up with the niche you don’t love…

It doesn't matter because you'll be on the path to success!

Maybe you realize down the road that you don’t love the niche and you end up selling that site…

Maybe you decide to go with another niche and simply start over…


This IS the path to success!

Because here’s what REALLY happened when you jumped in:

  • You just learned major life and entrepreneurial skills by starting.
  • You just learned how to start a blog by actually putting the pieces together for the first time.
  • You found one way that didn’t work which gets you closer to what will work.
  • It took me 13 failed business attempts to find the one that made millions (explained in this video)

It is imperative that you realize your number one goal right now should be to make a decision and move forward.

There is no perfect niche for you.

There is no niche without competition.

There is your best guess for where to start…

And it’s only those who start who actually make progress eventually fail their way to success.

Commit right now to yourself to follow through on one of these three niche selection methods.

This can be your breakthrough moment.

Ok, enough mindset stuff.

Let’s dive into the niche selection stuff!

#1 – The 5-Minute Niche Finder Method

Did you know there is a complete industry built around selling pre-made affiliate sites and dropshipping sites?

These teams are so good at the research and the initial build, that’s where they specialize…

Now I'm not recommending that you buy a pre-made niche site...

Stick with me here:

Because I personally used this method for my affiliate marketing case study site that is making $9000 per month right now

  • I wanted to build another site.
  • I did not want to waste time "choosing the right niche."
  • I simply visited one of the 2 trustworthy vendors of niche affiliate sites and chose from their list of available sites.

I put 100% of my faith in their niche research.

And guess what happened?

In less than 5 minutes...

From the back of an Uber on my way to a speaking gig in Santa Monica.

I overcame the monumental question of “what niche are we going to choose?”

To be clear:

You do not have to purchase the site from either of these vendors.

You are simply leveraging their niche research that is publicly available 😉

Clever, right?

Ok... Here's the 5 minute choose your niche method laid out in 3 steps:

  1. You visit their websites where they list their available niche sites…
  2. You scroll through the list…
  3. You choose one.

Swipe their best idea in five minutes and move on 😉

Then you can go to my free step-by-step “how to start a blog” tutorial, here to build everything out yourself on a budget.

Where can you go to find these pre-researched niche ideas?

Although there are many places that sell sites, I only recommend two.

This is the exact site/company I purchased my pre-built affiliate site from.

They estimated it could make $3,000/mo and today, after 17 months of AGRESSIVE work, it is making $9,000/mo!

I mention this because I want you to know that there estimates are conservative.

If you aren't familiar with my case study site I built, I documented a lot of the process on YouTube, here.

I have not purchased the site from this team, but I know the owner personally and they are brilliant when it comes to niche selection and site build out.

If I was to purchase another pre-made site it would be from them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not recommend going to the big time website brokers or website flipping platforms.

There is way too much garbage being sold on those at extremely exorbitant prices.

And they aren't doing niche research TODAY.

All of the numbers on these two sites above are extremely up-to-date. This is real time inventory about what niches you should consider choosing today.

The owners of the sites are very intelligent, they know how to research great niches and if you do want to invest in a site, they are trustworthy and reliable.

But again, you don’t have to buy the site from them.

Here's the key to long-term success with this method:

Choose a niche you have affinity for.

What's affinity?

Affinity is something that you have a slight interest in but isn’t necessarily your passion or purpose in life.

For example…

If you have carried a pocket knife for years and you see a website about everyday carry knives…

That is enough affinity.

If you love archery and being outdoors and you see a website about hunting boots…

That is potentially enough affinity.

Affinity doesn’t define you as a person.

But affinity will help you continue to show up, to do the research and to help you put out better content than your competitors because you have at least a basic understanding of the audience and the products.

And a final note here.

Affinity is irrelevant in the grand scheme.

You can build a website and an entire online business focusing on any niche whether you care about it or not.

The game gets more fun when you care about the niche or have affinity.

But it’s not a prerequisite.

This is building a business, it takes work and it’s difficult.

I ask you to ponder this:

  • Do you have affinity for your day job?
  • Do you love what you’re currently doing for money?
  • Is it your passion?

If not…

Building an online business can also make you money in an area that is not something you love that is not a passion that is not something you have affinity for.

Just like a day job.

But if you look through all of the options listed above and don’t find a niche you’re ready to pull the trigger on…

Because you want a niche that has to do with a 'passion' or 'hobby' of yours...

You can do the research yourself and find a niche that you have affinity with that has good supply and demand numbers.

It takes longer than 5 minutes, but long term it can make the entire process of building out your site more fun.

That's what we'll cover, next...

#2 – The Supply And Demand Niche Selection Method

Okay, you are committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

You want to find a niche that you love and you’re willing to invest time and money to figure it all out.


Quick reminder though…

You can just choose a niche from the lists above in 5 minutes, make this process fast and easy and move on.

But I get you.

You want a passion project that will be fun and enjoyable to work on for years in addition to being lucrative.

This means you need a helpful guide to walk you through the process…

And my friend Ken Evoy and his team at SBI have helped more people choose their niches and build real online businesses than anyone I’ve ever met…

First off...

His program is the most affordable training of its kind, anywhere.

Keep in mind that I’ve been making money online since 2003, so I’ve seen a ton of these types of ‘build an online business’ trainings come and go.

Ken and his team are the only ones who have passed the test of time...

For over 20 years, they have been teaching their prove 6-step process to building a real business online…

And step 2 is choosing the right niche.

Day 2 - Niche Research

Their will help you find a profitable niche you have passion for or affinity for AND they continue to guide you to success beyond just choosing the niche.

In addition to the training you also get access to their proprietary niche research software and their community of members coaches and their staff who are available in the forums to help you make the right decision.

Now there is one big challenge with this approach:

Their system can feel clunky and outdated.

For many this is not a problem and personally I don’t mind when the best info and the most helpful processes come in a simple package.

I call it “form follows function”

Other people think flashy and shiny tools that cost significantly more are somehow "better"…

To each their own.

Just something you need to keep in mind, moving forward.


In addition to the software tools, the community and the trainings… You also have the option to get your web-hosting and domain through them.

If you plan to use WordPress and host the website yourself, they have a WordPress friendly option here

Personally I lean towards the WordPress option.

This website you are reading right now is built on WordPress.

But if you have zero tech skills and the thought of installing WordPress and managing your own site without tech help scares you…

Go with their standard account that runs on their hosting (not the wordpress option)…

Because they are also your tech support in addition to your coach and trainer!

Okay, let’s dig in to Ken’s trainings and the software a bit more:

The Trainings and Guides

Everything here runs on their “action guide” that walks you through the full process of going from idea, through the research all the way to building out your site in one week.

The important difference here is that they teach you how to build a business… Not just a website.

Each day has video content and text content you can follow as seen here…

Action Guide

And there is a corresponding section in the forums for each day:

The forums allow you to discuss your ideas, ask questions and to get help from their coaches and staff if you get stuck along the way...

Compared to a 'private Facebook group' forums are 100x more valuable for YOU as a learning tool once you get comfortable with the layout and navigation.

I self-taught myself most of what I know through forums like this...

Training forums

The big question…  Does their niche selection process work?

In short, absolutely.

Ken’s processes, their tools and the support of their community has created more successful Internet business owners than anything I’ve encountered…

And the independent data backs this up

Results with their niches

Finding Your Niche With The Niche Choose It! Tool

For our specific purposes today, this is where Ken’s system really shines.

They have a dedicated tool designed to help you come up with a site concept using data that pulls from different topics you have affinity for…

For example…

Let’s say you enjoy knitting, gardening, horseback riding, fishing and photography…

You’d love to grow an online business that has some affinity for one of these topics, but you have no idea where to focus.

This is perfect if you are someone who has too many ideas.

NOTE: If you have NO IDEA what you are passionate about…

Or if you are confident you are not passionate about anything...

You should scroll up and use #1 - The 5 Minute Niche Finder Method!

But for people with lots of interests or passions, this is where their Niche Choose It! Tool comes in…

Take a look:

Screenshot of the Niche Choose It Tool

The tool goes through a series of questions to help you pick which one you should focus on…

At the end of the process you get a clear, data-driven output that is 100% unique to YOU!

Like this:

Screenshot of the Niche Choose It tool output

This gets you CLARITY on where to focus.

From here, it’s time to dig into the numbers and understand the supply and demand better.

Next, you'll launch their Brainstorm It keyword tool.

This tool will help you find profitable sub-niches based on the output from your Niche Choose It tool above!

First, it brainstorms ideas and then it calculates the supply, demand and profitability of each idea so you can see clearly what niche is best for you based on DATA!

This is the kind of deep dive niche research that is done for you in the 5 minute niche finder method above.

But here, you're in control and you get to focus in on niche ideas you love.

Ok, let's keep going...

Remember that the 'winner' from the Niche Choose It tool (above) was "Knitting"

We'll run with that by entering it into the brainstorm tool...

Now, this tool can do keyword research, too... But that's beyond the scope of this guide.

Let's keep it focused on niche research for now.

For the niche selection process, you want to use the ‘Seed Generator Brainstorm’ with ‘Narrow’ resource selected as seen here:

Niche Brainstorm Tool


Once you launch the brainstorm, the tool goes out and searches hundreds of websites for potential site concept ideas.

It will look through blogs, news sites, ecommerce sites and amazon listings to find the hottest topics under this niche…

Then it runs an analysis of all the ideas it finds based on the supply and demand…

You can sort the entire list by profitability and BINGO!

3 brilliant ideas show up:

  1. Knitting For Beginners
  2. Beginners Knitting Kit
  3. Knitting Supplies For Beginners

Screenshot Of Brainstorm Tool's Niche Ideas Sorted By Profitability

Whether you are interested in selling courses, building an affiliate marketing site or even dropshipping… These niches are brilliant!

You’ve just leveraged a couple of powerful tools to give you DATA on which niche is best for you.


You’ve got a great list of keyword ideas here!

And access to the ‘next steps’ from their action plan…

But what if the tool doesn’t bring you back a brilliant idea first try?

First off, remember that you have access to the whole community, their staff and coaches in the forums.

You are able to read through the past conversations where others have had similar questions to you…

Get help choosing your niche from the forums

There are dozens of helpful conversations right here…

Plus zoom call recordings, additional trainings and Q&A videos you can go through to gain clarity.

From questions like:

  • "Is my niche too broad or too narrow?"
  • "Do I have to be an expert?"
  • "How much is too much competition?"
  • "How to leverage my strengths or passions?"

All of this is covered.

And if it's not, you can start a thread to ask!

Their most successful users have shared insights from their journeys that are truly invaluable in this process.

Like this:

forum discussion from member who can't find a niche

Getting one-on-one help choosing your niche

Now, I just used a hypothetical niche idea and found a great niche in minutes with this system…

I’m confident that joining SBI and following the Action Plan, you will too…


What if.

What if you still can’t find a niche.

What if you are unable to get help in the forums (this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY by the way)

Ken’s team has yet another option for you…  The SiteSell Pros!

Sitesell pros - consulting and coaching options

They’ve recruited some of their most successful students who have followed the system and have often created multiple successful niche websites.

Starting at just $39 for ½ hour and $69 for one hour you can get a one-on-one consulting session with one of their pros to help you gain extreme clarity.

And if you are extremely stuck or if you have no time to dedicate and you simply want to hire one of their trained pros to find a site concept for you, they have an option for this as well.

The sitesell pros can do the research for you

For a full site concept research it is four hours of their work or $380…

Notice that they will also bundle a site blueprint or website outline in addition to the site bundle for a total of $570.

Now, I’m not sure where you fall on the budget spectrum.

  • To some people this is a lot of money.
  • To other people this is a couple of hours of their professional work.

I can tell you honestly that this is an incredible value for the amount of time and energy you are able to purchase from an expert.

Personally I will not even sell one hour of my time for less than $1000 when those hours are available.

Now, final note…

I do not think you need to purchase help from one of their pros.

But it's good to know you have the option for 1-on-1 help choosing your niche.

You need to know that there is support at every level within the system.

That said.

The action plan plus the Brainstorm It software are all you need to get you where you need to be.

If the action plan and the tools are not enough, you have access to the forums which is included in the membership…

The conversations in the forums that you will read from past students stuck in the same predicament you’re in…

And the ability to ask your own questions in your own thread within the forums… That will get you unstuck.

But just in case.

They even have professionals you can hire to do the work for you.

You can get started with their program here for less than $20 for a full month.

Whether you decide to join for one month, get all your research done and then go build the blog yourself…

Or whether you decide to commit long-term to building on their platform…

It’s ultimately irrelevant to me.

I just want you to know how easy it can be to choose a niche using Ken’s proven method.

#3 – The Authority Method To Choosing Your Niche

Now, if you require beautiful and modern videos that are constantly updated and a learning management system with a modern user interface…

You’re gonna pay hundreds of dollars for it.

As I mentioned above, the SBI option in number two is extremely functional but it’s not beautiful.

SBI (Above, option #2) is also VERY inexpensive at less than $20/mo.

If SBI was to hire video production teams, new developers and designers to update everything, their price would skyrocket.

Therefore, the question at this step is:

Are you interested in paying more for a clean interface and modern videos?

Because, you could purchase 1 year of SBI and hire their consultants for several hours to help you dial this all in for the price of these modern trainings.

Maybe you value video quality that much...

If so...

This next option is the only modern training I recommend for new marketers committed to building niche businesses online.

In fact, their entire training platform is what my team and I have followed to build out my niche affiliate site.

  • The modules and lessons are deep-dive trainings.
  • The videos are easy to follow and guide you step-by-step through the niche selection process and beyond.
  • They teach you how to build the site, research keywords, create content and more.

If you want to build a portfolio of successful websites, this is the option I recommend.

The best way to know if these guys should be your coaches to success is to watch this free training.

They don’t offer any specific tools, just information.

And they are re-recording all of these videos YET AGAIN (this is the 3rd complete makover) which is going to add more and more value.

NOTE: All past customers get free lifetime upgrades to these new versions.

So it's more expensive and for some it's totally worth it!

But know, you will need to be ready to invest in additional tools in order to do the appropriate research.

Here’s the kicker with these guys.

They are some of the smartest and most genuine people in the affiliate marketing world right now.

Your Next Steps...

Remember that the entire “how to choose a niche?” question is a form of fear that’s keeping you from doing what’s required.

And what is required?

Jumping in and choosing a niche and then start building.

  • Whether you use option number one above where you simply swipe a niche from someone who is already done the research… Which is a 100% free option.
  • Or whether you choose number two above and you get the tools and support needed to choose a niche you will love…
  • Or whether you choose option number three, the fancy modern option that’s the most expensive…

It is 100% irrelevant as long as you make a decision.

Because the moment you make a decision you can begin building your blog which is when the real learning begins.

You will learn more from the process of putting this altogether than you ever will from a video training series.

The real goal of your first site is to help you build the skills to become a professional digital marketer.

It’s time to make the shift from consumer to creator.

You’ve already watched enough videos, read enough blogs, joined too many email lists, and done enough researching and thinking for a lifetime!

It’s time to kick it into gear.

Use one of these three methods above to pick your niche and then it’s time to start your blog.