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The "Fast" Way To Get Free Traffic... My 90 Day Challenge Hack

Once you get your funnel setup and running... Getting relevant, targeted traffic is the 'trick' to getting data, collecting leads and generating sales.

The fastest way to drive traffic is to pay for the traffic... Facebook PPC, Instagram Shout Out's, etc.

But what do you do if you don't have any money to invest in ads?

Well, you roll up your sleeves and get to work! 🙂

It is important to note that this is the EXACT method my wife and I have used multiple times when launching new platforms/brands and I'm currently doing this myself, right now... More about that in a minute.

So what is the 90 day challenge?


First, you choose your medium... Blog, Video or Podcast.

And this is important to 'match' your personality here. Do you like to write? Great, then do a new, relevant and AWESOME blog post every day for 90 days straight.

Not much of a writer? Feel more comfortable speaking it out?

Great! You can create a YouTube video on a specific topic relevant to your niche every day for 90 days and publish it.

Not a fan of seeing yourself on camera... But are comfortable talking? Talk out the ideas and turn it into a Podcast, then add slides and upload to YouTube.

The 'trick' here is the consistency of your actions... Creating a new, engaging, relevant and awesome post every day for 90 days will create a large blog fast. Or a large YouTube channel, fast.

Not sure what to write about? Use Google's Keyword Planner tool to research topics... Or browse through the forums relevant to your niche and look at all of the top threads.

After you create and publish your awesome posts, share your content on all of your relevant social media accounts and in relevant groups (be sure you do this within the terms and etiquette of the group or you will get banned for spamming).

This is how my wife and I kicked off our first WordPress site... We still publish to the site a TON and get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month from organic traffic, to this very day!

I have personally started doing this with video, teaching how to make money online and am almost 30 days in right now.... The momentum I am seeing in the number of subscribers and views is increasing every day!

Check out this video to see the results I'm getting after just 30 days...

My wife has now done a 30 day YouTube marketing challenge... Check out her results here:

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Now that I completed the 90 day marketing challenge... Check out this video to see the full results!


When you want to kick this plan up to the next level... Syndicate or re-puropse your content!

So if you make a YouTube video every day... Extract the .mp3 and have it transcribed, then post it to a blog in text format. Then upload the .mp3 to a podcast directory like podbean or soundcloud.

If you start with a written post... After you publish it, read it out as an audio and publish as a podcast to podbean/soundcloud with a unique description. Then take that audio track, add slides and make it a Youtube video with another unique description.

Then embed the podcast and video on your blog post, and be sure to link the description of the podbean post and youtube video back to your blog.

That is it! It is simple, really...

And I can tell you from experience that it works! It is 'easy' to do... But it is even easier not to do, which is exactly why most people won't follow through and why those who do are rewarded with traffic.

Once you complete your first challenge... You can move right on to your second 90 day challenge, focused on the same media or the next you choose to master!

7 thoughts on “The "Fast" Way To Get Free Traffic... My 90 Day Challenge Hack”

  1. Hi Miles,

    I have been watching your 90 videos in 90 days and took your challenge. It has been exhilarating! As an ACT therapist, (acceptance and commitment therapist) it has been making me walk my talk. I have also enjoyed many of your other videos as well as pointed you out to others trying to get started. I am at day 73 and just now saw your script indicating that I should have been sharing each day via my social media links, but... I missed that memo. Ugh. I did plan on once I was done starting to roll this out via sound cloud and my network, I have also promoted some of my videos trying to break the 500 views mark (doing so for five of them) and just yesterday I released the new youtube welcome page to my social network. Even so, I am seeing so really great numbers. Thanks for the idea! Any suggestions? I have been able to get 30 subscribers even with this mistake.... And the video quality continue to improve drastically. I can't thank you enough. Thought you should know of another success story even if it is not stellar. What I have learned thus far I would call a success.

    1. Right on, way to take action!

      So sharing things socially isn't a requirement... Putting the video out every day IS the only requirement! So you are right where you should be. One thing I have done is gone to to answer questions people have that allow me to use 'This is a complex topic, so I made a video for you' and link to my video there.

      Then, the next place to focus is getting your content onto a wordpress blog in written form and embedding your videos there... But everything can come in due time... Habituating the process of publishing more than you consume is KEY!

  2. Hi Miles,

    I have just started off with this 90 day challenge. I had few doubts. Im uploading videos to youtube right now but when I just extract the audio for an audio podcast, its not a great quality podcast - since in audio podcast your focus would be more on voice modulations and how you sound as opposed to when you shoot infront of the camera.
    Does that mean, I redo it for audio separately? Or skip this step . How important is this step of uploading it on audio /written blog format and youtube?

  3. Hello!

    I've been doing the 90 day content challenge and supplementing my organic traffic with PPC. I have gotten sales within my first two months. I got 10,000 pageviews in my first month (mostly from social media and PPC), but none yet from organic search engines. I'm getting amazing results from social media but crickets from search engines. The site started on 1 Feb. I'm wondering when the search engines will pick up the organic traffic. I've submitted my sitemaps. I pick great keywords for each post. I diversify my content types (money posts, informational, and potentially viral but mostly SEO). I have 64 posts and 22 pages of content. Most of my posts are more than 1500 words and very thorough. I hear everyone saying 3 months or 6 months is the search engine sandbox period, so I was considering getting indexed in the old school search engines like Ask, DuckDuckgogo, and those that have a small market share, but still is better than 0. What are your thoughts? Do you think the traffic will just pick up after a certain month mark? Do I just need to be patient or what?

    1. Great to hear you are getting some traction on the social side! Patience is definitely key with the organic SEO side of things... Getting other relevant sites to link back to you via guest posts or podcast interviews (you being a guest on their show) can be a great way to 'alert' the search engines that you publish quality content...

      If you are in a competitive niche it can take more than 6 months to 'outwork' the competition with great content, for sure...

      My organic YouTube content was getting next to no results after posting 120 videos in 120 days... But now, 20 months later I'm getting TONS of traffic... It is the same thing with written content through WordPress.

      I look at building organic traffic as a 2 - 3 year game that once you 'win' you get traffic for life... To me it is worth it. To others it is frustrating to hear that.

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