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Escape The Rat Race! The Simple Math Behind Lifestyle Freedom

Without a target to aim for, there's no way you're going to hit your mark.

Most people don't have clarity on what they actually want out of life.

Let alone how much that life would cost...

Which is sad because a little bit of thinking and some basic math with this simple equation you're learning today…

Everyone has the potential to create and live the life of their dreams.

The first step is clarity...

To help you gain clarity on what you want to experience, I have what I call the "perfect day exercise."

I share the process in this video here.

This is simply step one of two, tho.So yes, absolutely go through that video above because it's the most important step…

But don't stop there!

Next Step

Because the next step is to figure out how much this dream life costs.

When people get really specific about what they want, using that process above you can map out how much that life costs in a few minutes.

This "how much your dream life costs" number is one of the keys to the magic equation.

Because that's our target.

That's what were aiming for.

That's why you are continuing to show up and build your business day after day… To get to that specific goal.

And, leveraging an online business allows you to build residual income so you're not simply trading hours for the lifestyle that you desire.

You build it once, then you simply have to maintain it…

And it can pay for the life you want to live with a couple hours per week maintenance.

So just write out the cost of living the life you want…

Make estimates where necessary, use Zillow find the real estate expenses.... CarGurus can help you figure out the cost of the dream car.

Then you're ready to do the math!

So here's the magical equation.

Residual Income > Expenses = Freedom

Residual income

When your residual income is greater than your expenses you have achieved true freedom in life.

You have time freedom… You have location independence…

And if you want more out of life you can simply build another asset that generates residual income!

An example of this in action is my recent affiliate marketing case study website...

I cover all of the details in this new video here

I show the income, the expenses, the traffic, etc.But the gist is this…

Over the course of two years I built an asset that is generating enough money to pay for my mortgage on my dream home...

And it pays for my dream car!

Plus there is still some left over for covering insurance expenses, groceries and gas!

Sure, it was front loaded and took a lot of work to build.

But now I spend maybe a couple hours per week maintaining and improving the site…

And this site pays for my dream life.

This is what I want for you.

My entire goal of this email list, my YouTube channel, all of my content...

To help you understand that there is an escape route from the rat race.

There is a way to create the life of your dreams that includes ample time for family, friends, travel, volunteering, whatever.

And yes, it takes work...

But I show you how to everything to build an asset on a blog in my deep dive free trainings like this one on affiliate marketing.

Or this video that teaches how to grow a successful YouTube channel if you don't want to blog.

I hope this is making sense.I'm not trying to oversimplify it here...

The goal is to break it down to its minimum components so you can see how the big picture works.

I'm living proof that this stuff works.

And I have thousands of successful students.

Now it's your turn.

It's time to jump in, and get this show on the road!

Miles "Lifestyle Designer" Beckler

PS. If you have not yet started, remember that nothing happens until you start.

Step one is to choose your niche and I show how to do this in five minutes through this blog post here.

The second step is to start your blog because that is your home online that you own.

yes, even if you plan to do YouTube or social media as the corporate strategy you still need a blog where you can send people to.

You can follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog from this post here

Once you have your blog started based on that tutorial, you can search my YouTube channel for videos on keyword research and how to write blog posts fast.The "how-to" information is readily available at zero cost.

Your willingness to start, commit and execute relentlessly is all that's missing.

That and possibly a little bit of clarity on what your dream life truly looks like.

And today you've learned the secret to tie it all together.

To make your ultimate success mathematically inevitable.