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It takes courage to leap out into the unknown and do something you've never done before.

No one ever truly understands how to build a business when they make the commitment that they're going to build one.

It's a leap of faith.

And that is probably a complete understatement. lol

To make that shift from "consumer of content" to "publisher" is challenging.

To share your creations with the world is scary.

Jumping into the deep end of the pool when you don't know how to swim takes courage.

It's a vulnerable state where people can judge you and I had no clue if it was going to work.

It took courage to sit there on that red leather couch in a Hollywood Air B&B and make my first video.

I was so nervous.

You can hear it in my voice.

And a fun side note, that video has nothing to do with the topics I've covered since or the brand I've built since…

From a YouTube SEO/Content and brand perspective, that first video is totally irrelevant.

But the act of clicking publish and launching that vid to the world?

That was a courageous first step that allowed me to take a courageous second step.

And it fired me up to reorganize my life in order to make 90 videos in 90 consecutive days with The 90-Day Challenge as taught here.

These were the seeds I had the plant in order to grow the audience and the trust that would eventually become a business.

And you never know when you plant a seed if it's actually going to work.

There's a lot of trust in the process required...

Sure, I've seen plants grow before…

I've watched others follow the proven process of building a 10k/mo biz so I logically knew it "works"

Still, it's normal to have doubts, fears and hesitations.

But, for some of us…

Not building a business feels like the most dangerous option.

Leaving my livelihood in the hands of a corporation felt risky af for me.


It feels even riskier today to leave your livelihood in the hands of a faceless corporation.

Because let's be real...

I've always assumed every corporation would fire me and replace me with AI or a robot or someone in another country if they had the chance…

So I didn't feel like I had a choice.

I had to do the courageous thing

Which was published helpful content for other people with the belief that I could build a business off of that body of work.

And here's the part that needs to sink in...

It is a crap ton of work to build a real business online.

It isn't supposed to be easy.

It isn't a "fast" or "passive" process.

It's difficult af.

And it takes courage to jump into the deep end committing to do the difficult thing that's focused on creating value for others.

Especially when you feel like you need to "get cash flow coming in fast"

Everyone feels that way.

It takes courage to create value for others in your time of need.

Doesn't matter if that means firing a set of mugs in a kiln that you'll give away or try to sell...

Or documenting your process of knitting a beanie to teach others 'how to'

It doesn't matter if you're just buying some private label bath bombs and soaps to resell on Etsy or at your local farmer's market...

Or If you commit to creating helpful content for others on your own blog.

Here's the key:

There is no way to see where the path will end up before you start.

There's only that first step.

And it takes courage to take that first step.

But once you take that first step, something interesting happens.

You see the second step.

What you take that second step another curious thing happens.

You see the third step.

Most people are wanting to see the entire path before they start.

That's just their ego-mind playing tricks on them.

The truth is:

Successful people do the difficult thing which is jumping into the unknown and creating things others may value.

And that takes courage.


The Universe wants to co-create positive experiences for others with you and through you.

You are being nudged to take that step...

And if you don't know where to start, start here.

Miles "Be Courageous" Beckler