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Copywriting Hack – My #1 Headline Template

Just wrapped up a livestream with my inner circle members and one thing kept popping up...The importance of studying copywriting!

It really is the make or break of your opt in page and your sales page...

But it is also the difference between a blog post or YouTube video with a high click-through rate or low CTR.

And higher click-through rates get higher rankings... So copywriting is even important for your organic rankings...

And your Facebook ads... Your Pinterest pins... Your IG posts, etc.

So, in addition to reviewing 10 opt in pages and sales pages offering specific ideas to help them improve their conversions...

We kept coming back to one headline template and it worked in EVERY niche!

Because your headline is EVERYTHING....

Your YouTube title is a headline... Your blog post title is a headline!

And the headline on your opt in page or sales page will either HOOK your reader in and make them think either...

"I need to read this, there's value here for me!"


"Where's that back button? There's nothing here for me..."

It's clear which response you want your audience members to have...

So I figured I'd share the headline hack with you that my inner circle members just learned...

Ready?  ...Good!

Ok, it is:

"How To ___(1)____  So You Can ___(2)____ Without __(3)___."

Where #1 = Their desired result

#2 = The #1 Benefit (the why behind the result)

#3 = The biggest challenge or fear.

All you need to do is replace the different sections with what you know about your audiences desires, goals, fears and challenges and you have a GREAT headline to test.

And when you want to create a new split test, you can come back to this headline template and mix in a new desired result, benefit and challenge...

Easy, right?

Well... There you go.

The headline template you can use over and over to hook your audience in to reading more of your key conversion pages!

Now, go put this into action!

Because publishing new split tests and driving traffic is the KEY to your success!

Miles "Student Of Copywriting" Beckler