Alpha Focus Meditation and The Pomodoro Technique

Working distracted... With people coming into your office, checking your email, glancing at social media is not only killing your productivity but it is also killing the quality of your work-product and draining unnecessary time from your life.

This post holds the key to breaking that pattern and getting more done in less time... So you can have more time with your family or hobbies AND grow your business online.

focus meditation


First, here is the focus meditation to help you get more done!

Save it to your computer or device so you have it on you when you need it!

This meditation is designed in several ways to help you get more work done on your internet business with less time... Especially when used as or in conjunction with the Pomodoro Technique.

Now, the Pomodoro Technique is a productivity hack that generally uses a 25-minute timer to help you get things done.

In short, you 'chunk' you work into 25-minute blocks and turn off all distractions for that 25 minute period. You set a single focus for that 25-minute period and then you get to it with zero distractions.

It is super important that if you have a spouse, kids, a phone or facebook etc... That you excuse yourself for 25 minutes (or simply turn it on airplane mode and close all other windows) to go work on something that has to get done.

This sets the boundaries to assure you can achieve hyper-productivity for a short burst or a 'sprint'.

After 25 minutes, you take a 5 minute break. Go say hi too your kids, kiss your wife... But don't go onto social media or your email... That is a TRAP! 😀

After your 5 minute break, back to it for another Pomodoro.

After 4 pomodoros (2 hours) you then take a longer 15 - 30 minute break.

Now, enter my meditation upgrade for this technique...

The meditation I created for you above is exactly 25 minutes, and it is designed to get your brain into an 'alpha' state.

Alpha is a relaxed brainwave state that helps with creativity and focus.

This will help you #1 - act as your 25 min Pomodoro technique timer.

#2 - Get your brain into the brainwave state that is most conducive for getting things done fast!

#3 - Help you block out distractions and teach your subconscious mind that when you have this audio playing you are getting things done. (Think Pavlov's Classical Conditioning -

#4 - Create blog posts, info product, ebooks, reports, video outlines that will turn into marketing content and will eventually be the building blocks of your online business.

Your goal is to eventually know that 'It takes me on average 3 pomodoros to write a great blog post or create a killer video and so you know to schedule 3 Pomodoro sessions in your calendar each evening.

Maybe it takes you two Pomodoros to write a great chapter in your book.... GREAT! Schedule two per night, 5 nights per week and BOOM... You will write 20 great chapters in a month!

This is just another way to find leverage on yourself to force yourself to put out consistent work-product... Whether it is written, videos, audio, whatever.

You must create more than you consume and this is a great productivity hack to get you in the zone fast so the process of creating doesn't take any longer than it needs to.