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...Here's the truth.

And few people making honest life-changing income online are willing to share the real truth about success like this...

But this is real-talk.


Business and the game of cashflow gets WAY easier when you're looked at as an authority on a subject.

It's a spin on the 'people buy from folks they know, like and trust' idea.

Although authority is not required... It works wonders.

This is the key to how my wife and I both can spend a couple hours per day working and generate 7-figures per year.

Because we are both perceived to be authorities on our subject matter...

How did we become authorities?

We created useful content that ranks well, attracts traffic from the search engines.

I focused on YouTube at first, added blogging on later.

My wife focused on blogging at first, she added YT on later.

In both cases, we created our authority status and our traffic through publishing TONS of useful content.

This traffic ultimately leads people into simple sales funnels and when they find you through search they already trust you more...

Because you have the perceived 'Google stamp of approval' since you showed up on page 1.

This is 'Authority' in action.

Authority is created whether consciously or unconsciously.

Are you the trusted authority in the eyes of Google and your visitors, yet?

Because this is the place to be.

And, to get there more quickly...

I chose to follow some specific trainings and blueprints to learn how to position myself and my wife as authorities as fast as possible.

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Miles "Authority Hacker" Beckler