How To Achieve Lifestyle Design An Exercise To Help You Create The Reality You Deserve

You have 100% control over where your life goes.

Even though it may feel like life is something that is happening to you, your life is built on the beliefs you hold and the choices you make.

The actions you take are a small pebble, thrown into a pond, that ripples out to be the lifestyle you are living.

You are all living the lifestyle of our creation, right now, and you have the ability to create a new life.

You have the ability to create and live out your own lifestyle design.

You, can live the lifestyle that you design.

So, how do you change your lifestyle?  How do you design the life you want?

This blog post below explains how, but if you would prefer the podcast episode where I share it, listen here:

What I’m giving you here is an exercise to tune into and leverage the power of Lifestyle Design.

On my blog and on my YouTube channel  I’ve given you all the nuts and bolts you need to be successful.

How to build a funnel.

How to communicate with email.

How to do affiliate marketing.

How to pinterest, etc.

But if you spend all your time learning only the logic work side of it, you’ll be missing a big part.

You’ve got to get your subconscious mind working on your lifestyle design.

According to Maxwell Maltz, the mind is like a thermostat on a wall.  You set your thermostat to a certain temperature and when the room goes beyond that temperature it turns on to bring the room back to your preset design.

This is what your subconscious mind does. You need to implant the idea and vision of your perfect dream life, your perfect dream day, in your subconscious mind so that it goes to work for you.

This really works. It’s not something new agey or spiritual. It’s not some kind of hypothesis, it’s proven. It is the way our minds work.

Okay, now it’s time to implant this perfect life in your subconscious mind!

Lifestyle Design begins with this exercise…

Go get a pen and a piece of paper. A REAL pen and REAL paper. No typing this one. Don’t use a pencil either, it’s better to not be able to erase what you are going to write.

Next, write out in extreme detail what your perfect day looks like. I mean EXTREME detail.

Write out every detail from when you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night.

Keep your designed lifestyle within the parameters of your life.

If you have kids, integrate them into your perfect day. If you have a partner, integrate your partner into your perfect day.

This is your opportunity to truly design your life the way you want it! Write it out. Every detail. How do your surroundings look, feel, smell, sound? Be specific.

This video explains the process if you would rather watch… But you can read it below!

Here’s the exercise:

Starting with the beginning of your day…

What does the bed feel like that you’re waking up in?

How is the lighting? Natural light or blackout curtains?

What does your house look like as you walk out in the morning? Open floor plan?

What does the kitchen look like? Granite, quartz, or another kind of countertop?

What is your morning routine? Do you workout? Do you meditate? Read or journal? Are you up an hour before your family?

Do you drink coffee? Bulletproof? Aeropress? Tea? What kind?

Are you at the dining room table? Or on the deck? Or the patio?

What does it look like? What’s the view? Are you overlooking a beautiful valley with peace and quiet? Or are you walking to yoga from your condo downtown?

Do you finish your morning ritual then get an hour of work done and then spend time with your kids?

What does your work day look like? Are you working from your home office? Or from a coffee shop?

What do you eat for lunch? Are you meeting friends or a new client?  Are you eating at home?

What does your afternoon look like? Do you go for a long walk? Take a nap? Do you live a block from the beach and walk there during the day?

What do you have for dinner? Where? Who cooked it? Who are you with? What are you drinking with it?

What does your evening look like? Do you sit and watch TV? Read a book by a fire? Meet friends for a drink?

Close it up with going to bed that night.

Nothing is off the table.  This is your opportunity to truly design your life the way you want it!

If you don’t know exactly how to write it out that’s fine, just keep the pen moving. Write. Write. Write. You don’t have to ever let anyone read it. I recommend you don’t have anyone read it because it’s really just for you.

It’s your perfect day.

It’s your choice to make your day what you truly want. Then, imprint it into your own subconscious by going through this exercise…

You can destroy the pages as soon as you’re finished, if you want. You can keep a separate journal and continue to do this practice daily, or monthly to see how it grows and evolves.

This isn’t something you should do just once. And if you mess your day up, don’t give up! It’s not set in stone.

The goal of the exercise is to tune into the intangible potential of your subconscious mind, which has the power to create your reality.

You have to focus yourself on a target, but that target can always change. If you do it once and nail it, great!

If you revisit it every week, great! Just like everything; it is important to get it going.

Writing out your perfect day will subconsciously implant in you a guide to evaluate all decisions by, an extreme follow through that does not get deterred or knocked off track, and the initiative to start what it is that you truly want.

It becomes your guiding light, your north star.

It brings energy towards where you’re going.

Write it all the way out. Spend some time. Take as much time as you need to dream. It’s important to dream!

In fact, if you would like this process explained another way in more detail with examples, watch this video I did on the topic:

Make it as long as you want. Make it as long as it needs to be to get in all the details of your perfect day.

Here’s the thing, you are downloading this perfect dream life into your subconscious mind. It is absolutely a goal achieving mechanism! It’s always running in the background.

Every night while you’re sleeping and every day, all day.

Always crunching ideas and possibilities to align you with the goals of your life.

Impressing on your subconscious mind the vision you want to create is how you actually create your new reality.

This is how you design the life you want.  This is how you design your lifestyle.

Know this, your perfect day will change throughout the stages of your life.

You’ll also find that your perfect day gets tweaked as your business and income grows.

It will change as your family, relationships, and life circumstances change.

It’s important to mention, this exercise is not to make you feel that you’re in a position of lack. Showing gratitude for what you have is really, really powerful.

Establishing a practice of gratefulness, such as a gratitude journal, can be very helpful. This perfect day exercise is designed not to bring discontentment for where you are, but to bring excitement and passion for where you’re going.

Of course, you have to do the work. But you also have to have the vision.  You have to create your lifestyle design otherwise someone else will create it for you.

When your subconscious does the work of aligning your life with possibilities, then you will see the lifestyle you’ve designed become reality.

This will give you a strong “why.”  Your “why” is what gives you the strength and motivation when everything in you does not want to persevere.

Watch Frank Kern’s core influence talk on Youtube.[INSERT YOUTUBE VIDEO] It’s a really cool talk.  I’ve watched it time and time again. I hope you’ll take time to watch it for yourself.

I want you to live the life of your dreams. I know, in order for you to get there, you have to get specific about what it looks and feels like for you.

At first, it takes a lot of work for little reward.

But then, there comes a tipping point. After that it becomes less work for greater reward. I’m living it. I’m sharing it. I’m doing everything I can to help you experience it too.

Now get to work on your perfect day and your very own lifestyle design.

About the Author Miles

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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Hello Miles. I was starting to make a Shopify Store, but watched you and Frank last night and I am not sure that’s a good Idea now, especially since I don’t have the Kind of Money that is now needed to advertise.
Your Arbitrage sounds perfect, but I am 75 and I think I would have a hard Time convincing Prospects that I know how to build Websites (which I don’t but I can learn). I need to find some way of making Income to pay my Bills and my Mortgage. Do you have any Suggestions? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you
Ann Gray

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