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7 Blogging Infographics To Help You Reach The Next Level of Content Marketing (#2 Is SO Important)

After starting your blog, the next step is to earn traffic and backlinks; and one of the best ways to get more traffic and links is with infographics on your blog.

What if you could look at some fun, easy to read blogging infographics that would make you a better content marketer?

That dream is here!

If you're reading this, chances are that you've been blogging for a while now. You know the basics (publishing consistently, doing your on page SEO, creating valuable content for your audience, dialed in all the ways to monetize a blog, etc.) but despite your efforts, you can't seem to reach that "next level".

Just know this: you're on the right track to success.

Think about it this way - you're spending your valuable free time to read a post about being a better blogger.

That shows that you care about your craft and you want to be successful in the long run - so pat yourself on the back friend!

In this post, we're going to show you how to make your blogging more effective through some amazing infographics.

Think of this as a crash course in blogging mastery, combined with some great examples of graphic design!

Infographic #1: Solve Problems and Learn From Your Mistakes

this infographic gives 5 tips you can use to start a successful blog

Source: Web Hosting Secrets Revealed

I love this infographic because it's clean, only uses a few colors, and has lots of space (themes you'll see throughout this post).

The hilarious example title is great too: "swag scenester low fi health goth"... LOL. What?

On a serious note, I like that:

  1. They say to start with a need for your blog. Good blogs solve problems!
  2. They tell you you're gonna have to learn from your mistakes. Trust me... you're going to make a lot of them, so might as well laugh at yourself and learn to enjoy learning from mistakes!

I have a short video about why failing forward is literally the path to success right here:

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Infographic #2: Skyrocket Your Blog's Success With Compelling Headlines

this infographic shows you how to stand out in the blogging world

Source: Digital Information World

This infographic is my favorite of all 7 and you would be well served to study this one in detail.

It hits a lot of the "80/20s" or big rocks of content marketing, including writing amazing headlines and using multimedia in your posts.

Also, in case you don't know what the "Barnum Effect" is, here's an example of it in use.  Let's say you read the following two sentences:

"You have a need for other people to like and admire you, and yet you tend to be critical of yourself. While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them."

Would you say these sentences describe you? You probably would... because they are so vague (yet seemingly specific) that they could be describing almost anyone!

That's the Barnum Effect (a powerful blogger outreach hack) in a nutshell - you make statements that pretty much apply to a TON of people, but cause readers feel like you really know them.

Infographic #3: Pictures Are Powerful

this infographic shows 6 parts of an amazing blog post

Source: Quicksprout

There are two themes you may have noticed in the infographics so far:

  1. They state that a bit of controversy on your blog can be a good thing
  2. They tell you to use more images on your damn blog posts already!

Look, we're living in the multimedia age, and Google loves it when you have lots of relevant images in your posts.

People love them too!

Infographic #4: Listicles and "How-Tos" Are Great Blog Post Templates

this infographic breaks down the perfect blog post

Source: Blogpros

To be honest, I'm not sure that you should use the average of 100 high ranking posts to make decisions on your blog choices.

For example, only 5% of these posts had embedded videos, which shows that people aren't using video correctly if you ask me.

Since Google (the #1 search engine in the world) owns YouTube, they're giving a lot of "SEO juice" to YouTube videos, and embedding them in your posts is a great idea in my book.

However, this infographic illustrates that great blog posts are usually either a listicle (people LOVE listicles, you're reading one right now!) or a "how to".

That shows you the basic reasons people read blog posts: to be entertained and to learn how to DO things.

Infographic #5: Video Is Blowing Up The Internet (In A Good Way)

this infographic shows how powerful video is becoming in content marketing SEO

Source: Brainshark

Lol - I don't know that "one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words"... that seems ludicrous.

But the overall point of the infographic - that video is only becoming more and more powerful from a content marketing standpoint - is very important.

How can you use video to promote your online efforts? Even if you think "hey I'm not a video guy/gal"... I would challenge you to rethink that.

I used to think the same thing... and then I did a 90 day YouTube challenge and absolutely crushed it. You can see my results in this video:

Infographic #6: If You Don't Promote Your Content, It'll Never Get Read!

this infographic shows you how to get your blog posts shared way more often

Sources: Canva and Razorsocial

One theme you may have seen in the earlier infographics is just how many blog posts are being created every day.

There's a lot of noise out there. I don't care how good your blog posts are... if you're not promoting the hell out of them, you're going nowhere fast with your blogging efforts.

Luckily, this infographic gives you a TON of actionable steps to take!

Infographic #7: Make Your Blog Posts The Gifts That Keep On Giving By Recycling Them

this infographic shows you how to recycle epic blog posts to get more value from them

Source: Web Hosting Secret Revealed

When you put a ton of effort into making kick-ass blog posts, it's a smart ROI move to recycle those posts as much as you can.

One tip Tim Ferriss uses that I like is to remove the time/date stamp from your posts, so that people don't know how old they are.

A lot of times people won't bother to read an article that is a few years old - even if the content is still incredibly useful!

Time To Get To Work...

Alright, we had a fun session of looking at pretty pictures - but hopefully you got some actionable tips you can use to make your blog better as well!

If you have any questions about these infographics, let me know in the comments - and share this post if you found it helpful.  🙂