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5 niche sites I'd build to big businesses (and how I'd do it)

Once you've gone through the process of building out one really-successful brand online...

You know that true success is simply a combination of massive effort (publishing hundreds of useful posts) mixed with patience...

Because it takes time to publish that much.

Most people who 'fail' simply give up or allow themselves to get distracted and they 'start over' with that new guru method or in some other new niche.

Focus is everything.

With that said, it is important to remember:

Some niche sites and genres are going to have more long-term reward potential than others.

So, in this email, I'll share 5 sites/niches I'd happily build out today.

You'll also learn why I'd choose those niches and how I'd grow them into lovely little assets that generate automated cashflow.

This will give you a crystal clear picture of what it takes to build a real business online.


Cool... Let's jump in.

#1 - Beach gear

Beach gear

This is the simple approach... Lots of 'beach games' and 'beach activities' posts to drive traffic.

Then a bunch of review content looking at everything from fins, frisbees & snorkels to beach games like Kubb.

This is either a 'write 1 post per day for 2 years' strategy if you don't have a budget or I'd outsource all the content creation to this team

Now... I live on a lake with a private beach for my neighbors and I... And I LOVE swimming in tropical water.

So this 'fits' my lifestyle and it'd be easy for me to get beach pictures.

#2 - Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

Another pure affiliate play... This one is based on a big problem that millions of Americans have been dealing with in recent years...

Smoke from wildfires...

I'd go after every angle... Pollen/allergies, smoke, pet dander...

Then I'd probably move on to small space heaters that purifiy and purify and humidifiers and diffusers.

This could dovetail into an essential oils network marketing company if I was so inclined.

Simple... It'd be a race to 500 of the most helpful posts possible.

If I didn't want to write every word and couldn't afford the team (link above in #1) to build the content, I'd use this AI copywriting assistant.

Just like my YouTube channel grew HUGE because I posted 700 useful videos...

And my wife's site has reached over 25 million people because she posted 1000+ helpful blog posts.

It's a race to hundreds of posts.

#3 - Yoga Gear, Online Classes & A Membership

Yoga Gear, Online Classes & A Membership

Now, this site above is mainly focused on yoga gear reviews... Yoga mats, blocks, belts, clothes, etc.

That's a great starting point with the same strategy as the above 2.

But this site has more potential!

Because I could build a list with a 'Free 20 minute yoga class' and eventually I'd start selling individual Yoga classes.

I could promote an online yoga video course as an affiliate which would pay much higher commissions than the gear...

And once I had a dozen or so classes of my own available, I'd bundle it up for a 'Monthly Yoga Membership' and replace that affiliate program for even better margins!


I'm not a Yoga Instructor...

I'd simply find a few yoga instructors locally who would be willing to record a class for me and I'd pay them a few hundred bucks to let me come film it.


Elon Musk isn't in the factory building the Tesla's, lol.

You don't have to do everything and you definitely don't have to be the STAR of the site.

You do have to make sure your site is the most helpful site in the space, tho.

That's the real job.

#4 - Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

I'd go more ecommerce focused here than reviews...

Not saying I'd ignore the review side... I'd have the builders working on content to grow the site to hundreds of helpful posts.

But I'd be working to find a local piano instructor who doesn't have enough business and would like to start recording video lessons that I could sell.

One option is to do a 'Joint Venture' where we split profits and I don't pay anything upfront... This takes a lot of trust and work.

Another option is to execute the Page 5 Business Plan as explained here.

I'd be sure I had TRAFFIC going to that site before I started pitching folks, tho.

And a note here... You can replicate this for all kinds of instruments.

Here's a Ukulele example.

So you can find an instrument you play or love and execute this one.

#5 - Skin Care

Skin Care

This is the biggest idea here on the list.

I already know one guy who sells over 10mil/year in skincare.

It's a HUGE market and growing, especially with the boomer generation, and if you haven't noticed...

They've hoarded all the money!

Pro tip: Selling to folks with money is usually a good idea.

Now the first phase of growth starts off the exact same... review site and helpful content to grow traffic and see what sells.

Then, I'd work with a private label company to create my own branded skincare products and sell my stuff instead of affiliate stuff.

This would boost my margins a TON... and it'd grow a customer list.

Now I could start offering 'get a tub-o-wrinkle-cream each month' subscriptions.

Copywriting, sales letters & ads would scale this FAST once I find product + market + message match.

I could also test out free plus shipping funnels to really scale the customer list...

Once I have a sales letter that converts I'd have my VA hire a ton of influencers to promote it on their TikTok or IG, too.

And the best part?

The entire biz is automatable!

From the production to the fulfillment and even the customer support... A virtual assistant could run the entire biz.

I mean...

If Kylie Jenner can sell hundreds of millions in lip kits...

And a marketing dude can sell ten million per year in makeup sticks...

I could figure out a way to sell 300k - 3 million per year in skincare.

Simple stuff.

Just takes FOCUSED time and effort to build out the systems.

And that's it.

Just wanted to share a few ideas with you here, today.

Because so many people are 'confused' or hesitating to take action.

Somehow thinking it's difficult to find a niche.


There's a ton of potential all around.

You just gotta pick something and stick with it long enough to publish the most helpful and useful content in the niche.

That's the real key to everything.

It usually comes down to 'how bad do you want it'?

You gotta want to succeed more than anything in order to maintain the energy to keep at it.

You can build your dream business and let that fund your dream lifestyle.

It's possible for you.

Now get to it and do the work.

Miles "Working On A Saturday Morning" Beckler