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Top 5 Content Frameworks to Grow Your Blog & YouTube Channel Fast

These five content frameworks will grow your blog or your YouTube channel faster than ever before.

Not only that …

These five frameworks will also help you unlock an unlimited number of new content ideas …

So you’ll never run out of ideas.

You’ll never get stuck asking yourself, “What am I going to create for my audience today?”

So, have your pen and notebook ready because we’re jumping right in and you’re going to want to take notes.

1: The “How To” Framework

Although it is simple, this is the biggest framework I’ve leveraged on my YouTube channel.

It has helped me grow beyond 200,000 subscribers.

This channel has now made millions of dollars in revenue for me and my business …

And the How To Framework has been a huge part of that.

The Basic How To Framework

Most people are searching on Google and YouTube for how to do something.

So once you figure out what they’re searching for using keyword research, then you know exactly what you need to create content for.

How To Framework videos can be titled very simply: How to [Get the Desired Result]

  • How To Do Keyword Research
  • How To Build a Shield from Scratch
  • How To Make a Perfect Thai Dinner

That’s the first step.

The “Number of Steps” Variation

There is also a variation on the “How To” Framework …

This is called the “Number of Steps” approach.

You can do …

The Seven Steps to [Getting the Desired Results] …

Or the five steps …

It’s the same basic content, just packaged up a little bit differently.

The “How to Get Started” Approach

Another approach tells them how to get started.

Most people, if they want to launch a new hobby, a new endeavor, something they’ve never done before, they’re probably going to search for “how to get started as a beginner.”

  • How to Start Quilting as a Beginner
  • How to Knit My First Beanie

These are the types of phrases that you’re going to find in keyword research. These are beginners trying to go from step zero to step one.

So, create the content that will help them get started.

The “Amount of Time” Approach

Another way you can remix the “How To” Framework is how to create that thing you want in a specific amount of time.

One of the ways I’ve leveraged this on my YouTube channel is by publishing dozens of videos with titles like, “How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Funnel in 30 minutes or Less.”

I’m specifically telling them what exactly what they want to get, focused on the keyword phrase, but I’m also letting them know it can be done very quickly.

And as you can see …

You can take the same basic concepts—keyword research or e-mail marketing—or any topic relevant to your audience and make several separate videos based on this single framework:

  • A Basic “How To”
  • The Five Steps To …
  • How to Get Started …
  • How I Accomplished X in 30 Days

By using the same basic ideas, you can generate more and more unique pieces of content your audience is going to enjoy.

This brings us to framework number two …

The Different Strokes for Different Folks Framework

This framework acknowledges that there are different ways to get the outcome you want.

This differs from the “How To” Framework because there are many different paths that will get our audience to their desired destination.

For me and my brand this can be …

The Ten Top Ways to Make Money Online.

Sure, I have my favorite and I think that one of these is a more successful approach than the others, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still create content around the seven ways to get that result my audience wants.

And it goes beyond making money for my audience …

There’s how to drive traffic …

There’s how to grow your e-mail list …

There are many different components I can repeat with this one same framework over and over.

The “5 Habits” Approach

A sub idea under this framework is the seven skills or the five habits approach.

You can choose the numbers as you see fit. Just come up with a bulleted list outlining the different skills or habits needed to accomplish the goal.

It’s one thing to know how to, step by step …

But it’s another thing to get your head on straight and get your mindset right.

I can teach you how to grow your YouTube channel …

But then teaching you the habits of the most successful YouTubers or the habits you need to achieve your YouTube goals, that’s a whole new piece of content even though it’s talking about the same sort of ideas.

Again, we’re leveraging the one core thing you know your audience wants.

I’ve done the keyword research and I know what they’re looking for and now I’m able to create a half a dozen pieces of content from that one idea.

Side note: You don’t want to redo these ideas over and over. I wouldn’t put up 12 consecutive videos about how to grow your YouTube channel. Mix it up.

But it’s good to use these ideas for some niches:

  • The best degrees for a specific outcome
  • The best trainings to get that specific outcome

I could teach the five best affiliate marketing trainings to help you go from a $0 to $100,000 affiliate site.

If you worked on Wall Street and you wanted to help college students get on Wall Street …

The five top degrees you should get in order to get the right job on Wall Street.

The Top Tools Approach

Then there’s the variation of the top tools to accomplish the job …

I could talk about the top sales funnels tools, the top keyword research tools, and on and on.

There are a lot of tools required in my industry, so that leverages well for me.

But even in crocheting, you’ve got the crochet needles and you’ve got the different yarns and I’m sure there are a number of little tools required.

That’s yet another way for you to help people get their desired outcome.

3: The Roundup Framework

Roundups are powerful because they can help you build relationships with the other creators in your space, which can ultimately be very valuable over the long-term.

If you’re a financial independence blogger, You can write about …

  • The seven people to follow in the personal finance space
  • The five must-read blogs on financial independence
  • The eight greatest YouTube channels on financial freedom
  • The seven finance podcasts you need to subscribe to

If you tag me in a post, “Here the Five Top Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channels,” and you make that video, I appreciate the shoutout …

But more importantly, doing this kind of thing puts yourself in that circle, in conversation with those experts.

Obviously, you can reach out on Twitter and be like, “Miles, you made it into my Top Five Round Up post, take a look at that video” …

And then everyone who follows me has a chance to see it. I have a chance to retweet it …

And now you’re on my radar as somebody who’s publishing content.

Of course, you don’t do that expecting something in return, but you never know how that might come back to you.

Roundup Variations

You can get more specific here.

You can take the five most watched videos for new affiliate marketers …

And it can be one video from me, one from someone else, and another video from some other expert in the industry.

You can do this at the channel level, at the playlist level, at the video level …

You can talk about individual podcast episodes or the overall number of podcasts.

In other words, there are a number of approaches to the roundup framework.

And once you get into the affiliate side …

This is where you can leverage roundup posts to create resources for all those people trying to learn in their space.

And at the same time, you can connect with other creators by doing a shout out and mentioning them.

You can leverage it as an affiliate, stating, “Here are the things you might want to buy” …

  • Here are the four best courses to help you get that desired result
  • Here are the best products to help you launch that business

And you can also get back links from this approach. You might be invited to a podcast or collaborate.

It’s an opportunity to make new friends in the industry …

And it’s really powerful to build friendships and relationships with the other doers in the industry.

4: Learn from My Mistakes Framework

So on your journey to accomplishing your goal, if you’re in the knitting niche and you’ve made a bunch of mistakes, teaching other people through those mistakes is a powerful approach.

No one has accomplished anything worthy in this world without making a lot of mistakes …

Without going through trial and error …

With this approach, you give people the opportunity to speed up on the path of success they desire by helping them avoid the mistakes you made.

“The Five Personal Finance Mistakes I Made that Kept Me from Retiring Early”

That video title or blog post title is going to get a lot of clicks.

I’ve been making money online as an affiliate marketer for 20 years, so I can make a video or post:

“After 20 Years Making Money Online As An Affiliate, Here Are Three Keys You Need To Know.”

Essentially, it’s also doing a little humble flex …

By stating how long I’ve been at this game, it helps me position myself as further along than the new greedy gurus who are just trying to do a quick scam.

And it allows me to really share the truth of what it takes.

I can break this up and share different sub-stories within my story:

  • After 20 Years Making Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer …
  • After 10 Years of Full-Time Online Marketing Here Are The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned
  • After Five Years of E-Mail Marketing and Sending Out 1,375 Emails, Here are The Top Ten Lessons
  • After Making $5 Million Online, Here Are the Seven Keys To Success

And on and on.

I can look at the different sub stories within my story …

My evolution of keyword research, my path to growing my YouTube channel to 200,000 subscribers, publishing 700 videos on YouTube, and share these lessons.

I can take this Learning From My Mistakes Framework and find a dozen different ways …

And then I can find multiple time frames for each of these ways, again creating a plethora of different content ideas to create content on over and over.

That is the name of the game if you want to succeed online as a creator.

5: The Expert & Industry Secrets Framework

There’s stuff going on behind the scenes …

Stuff that all the experts know that the newcomers don’t know.

People want to learn secrets.

If they think there’s a secret out there, they’re going to pay attention …

They’re going to click on that blog post; they’re going to click on that video.

So …

“Here Are the Seven Things the Gurus Don’t Want You to Know”

That video is going to get clicked on a lot in my niche. It works in the financial world. It works in the weight loss world …

“Here are the Top Three Things Weight Loss Gurus Don’t Want You to Know”

The Expert Review Approach

You can do a variety on this by publishing videos or blog posts of reviews …

For example, I reviewed 13 affiliate marketing websites and posted a video on that.

I reviewed ten 7-figure blogs that started out humbly and grew to making over a million dollars per year.

There are a lot of different ways you can look at examples from individuals.

In other words, you’re not just talking about the individuals themselves. You could talk about:

  • The top traits
  • The top skills
  • The top routines

… of the most successful people.

These people are out there on podcasts and interviews; they’re talking about their routines.

So, go listen, pay attention, and then you can create your little cheat sheet once you’ve figured out what Tony Robbins’ morning routine is.

Then you could post a blog or video:

“Here are the top three things the best human potential experts do in their morning routines.”

You are able to help people understand and optimize their routine by researching different routines from the experts in that space; it becomes kind of a roundup at that point.

The Industry Expert Frameworks/Systems

You can also look into the number of frameworks or systems behind the top gurus …

“The One System Every Internet Marketing Guru Has” 

(Which is an e-mail marketing system)

Or …

“The Three Systems Every Successful Solopreneur Has”

(Which is a traffic system, an e-mail system, and a monetization system.)

I wrote my ATM based on this very thing.

Summary: How to Start

And there you have it …

The five content frameworks that will help you grow your blog and grow your YouTube faster.

Now I recommend that you start by brainstorming as many new ideas as you can.

Personally, I like doing this with an actual pen and paper, freewriting a bunch of ideas.

That way, you have it all listed.

At that point you may be like …

“Miles what do I make content on first? Now that I have this big list, I don’t know where to start.”


Start with the one that feels easiest.

If there’s one where you’re thinking, “Oh I could do that,” start with that!

Then get on to the next, and the next, and the next.

The other way you can start is to quickly analyze which of these ideas your audience is going to respond to.

You can figure this out by posting them on social media over the course of a few days.

If you have an active Twitter account, an active Instagram account, a Facebook page …

Start posting little snippets:

“Here are the three ways to …”

And take note of which posts get the best engagement at a social level.

So, over the course of six or seven days on Twitter, you can post five, six, seven of these different things on your Twitter page.

You’re filling up your social media with valuable content at the same time.

And then go back and see which ones got the best engagement. See which ones got the most reach and the most comments …

And those are the ones that you want to create longer form content with.

Ultimately, this is the long game …

And the way to win this game is by producing lots of content over time.

You can do it now that you know the trick of the top content frameworks.