Why most people fail online... And the solution. - Miles Beckler

Why most people fail online... And the solution.

So many people trying to build a business online are going about it all wrong...

And the fake gurus are selling tactics and tools that perpetuate this false approach....

They make massive amounts of money and you don't get any closer to a successful business...

So what is the problem?

Most people choose a product first.

Whether it's a full on "business opportunity", MLM, affiliate product, software product, or something they created... They start with the product.

Why most people fail online... And the solution.This creates a massive challenge because now you need to find the traffic that will work for the product…

And you're going to have to figure out the persuasion tactics, copywriting, funnel, email marketing, split testing, and more...

This is the backwards approach and it rarely leads to success because there are too many challenges for you to overcome.

Most people get lost in a loop of buying more info products or 'tools' to solve all these problems, but it just creates more overwhelm because it is too much to take on for most people.

Simply flipping the model on its head you get the easy path...

Starting with the audience you can most help and be of service to, FIRST is the key!

Then, building trust with the audience through content positions you as the trusted advisor, so when you recommend a product the likelihood of them taking action goes up massively!

You see, it is all about putting their needs first… Not putting the product first!

When you have an audience of people who know, like and trust you… You simply need to find or create the solutions to their problems and mention it to them!

They will line up to buy when it is presented in this way!

Let's use an analogy of starting a restaurant to make sure this is super clear.

Approach #1 - Create the "most amazing meal ever" and try to find people who want to buy your meal to come to your restaurant.

Approach #1

Approach #2 - Find a starving audience, set up shop and offer them something to eat.

Approach #2

Given the two options, I'll take the starving audience any day of the week…

Why?  Because the food will literally sell itself...

Your "marketing" becomes nearly irrelevant simply based on your positioning in the marketplace.

A sign that says "Food here --->  $5"  next to a food truck will be enough to sell out every day.

Add on a smidgen of decent copy, an upsell for a drink, fries and a dessert and you will absolutely crush it!

Note: You don't have to be a great copywriter, a traffic ninja, a funnel expert, an email marketing expert, etc.

You just have to find the right audience and figure out what they want and offer it to them!!!

So, as you're moving forward… I urge you to ask yourself these two questions:

1- Am I focused on being of service to an audience?

Or, 2- am my just trying to find people to buy my stuff so I can "get money"?

Only one of those two approaches will survive in the long term...

2 thoughts on “Why most people fail online... And the solution.”

  1. This is a great post. I agree that it probably could be easier to start out with the audience in mind before the product. I think it can also lead to a lack of focus for some when you start with the audience rather than the product. If you find the audience, you could get distracted by all the problems you find and creating solutions for them rather than A SOLUTION. I think either CAN work because other entrepreneurs have done it. People like Ray Kroc started with the product, and found an audience for it. I think deeper than the starting point (product or audience), we (entrepreneurs) should start with the problem (beneath the product or audience) and create a solution. If we start with the product, we need to identify the problem it solves and find those who need that solution. If we start with the audience, we need to find their problems and create a solution. Either can work.

    1. Totally agree! The 'better mousetrap' was definitely invented by someone with mouse problems! 😉

      For digital entrepreneurs, it can take years to get real sustaining traffic... Staying focused on being of service to an audience can be key to surviving that timeframe.

      Many people find what is selling on ClickBank and just try to 'figure out how to sell it' but get distracted by FBA or dropshipping or ______ and never make it through the 2-3 years it takes...

      When the audience's needs are your top priority, being of service to them day in and day out is a game you can always win.

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