Who (or WHAT) are you creating for? & Where you NEED to focus ...

Who (or WHAT) are you creating for? & Where you NEED to focus

In the world of digital marketing there are two camps…

The "do everything for the algorithms to get exposure and reach" camp.

And then the "your content is your art, create amazing art for your best people and ignore the algorithms" camp.

So… Which camp do you fall in?

Well… Hopefully you aren't overly extreme on any one side of the equation.

Because, as I explained in this new video you must find the balance between the two.

Now in the video I went deep into a couple of examples that make this idea clear as day… So it is very worthwhile to watch!

But, real quick...

Let me try to give you the short and sweet version here.

First off, if you are only creating content for the algorithms… Buying 500 word articles from outsourcers, and hoping that works.

You are in for a day of reckoning!

You see, if you get picked up by the algorithms and you actually get traffic, the humans that read the content are going to think:

"This content sucks, I don't trust them... I'm out of here!"

On the other hand, if you put all of your effort into crafting excellent content and completely ignore the algorithms…

Meaning, you completely ignore the basics of SEO and keyword research…

You are going to miss out on an opportunity to have the search engines connect your content with people searching!

This is a big mistake!

And there is one thing you want to become in order to truly achieve success...

I reveal this one thing and I shared specific examples on how to avoid this problem so you can get the best of both worlds, in this new video:<center>

This is one of those super-powerful videos that every content marketer who is COMMITTED to success must watch.

So, I'm gonna let you do that right now...



Miles "Real Human" Beckler

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