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The Best Travel Friendly Video Marketing Setup

In this blog post you will learn about the compact and light weight audio and lighting gear I use to create my YouTube videos while traveling.

Personally, I only roll with my cell phone when on the road, no DSLR for me... Too much bulk, too much weight... Not worth it for me.

I've spent years testing the different equipment options from lighting to microphones and this is the top travel video marketing setup that I still use today!

Also, keep in mind that I've got an associates degree in radio and television broadcasting... Not just some hack who decided to start YouTube marketing because I was sick of a day-job... lol.

So I've studied lighting and audio at an academic level, plus I've created hundreds of videos an combined between my wife's YouTube account (that I run the lighting and audio for) we have about 100,000 subscribers and nearly 7,000,000 views.

Also as full time digital nomads for over 4 years with no home base, no storage unit with 'stuff' in it and no rooms or closets full of things at family members' house... Literally traveling with everything we own in our bags at all times... We 'get' the challenges faced by digital nomad marketers, for sure!

This setup is the lightest, smallest and most efficient video marketing lighting and audio rig that can empower you to start vlogging or to create talking-head style 'How To' or educational videos to use in your YouTube marketing campaigns.

In this video below, I show you all of the components and how they fit together to create a true 'video marketing rig' that is light, easy to use and produces GREAT results!

Enjoy this rig!

Here are the links to find each of the items. These are affiliate links and if you click through and purchase within 24 hours I will receive a small commission for referring you to Amazon.

Smartphone Grip Handle Rig

Smartphone Grip Handle Rig


Flexible TriPod
Flexible Tripod


Full Size Tripod

(optional, not shown see bottom video below)
Full size tripod

Wired lavalier mic


Wired lavalier mic

iPhone stereo mic

iPhone stereo mic
LED light (no batteries)

Batteries for light

Batteries for light


International power adaptor


international power adapter

Today, the technology you have in your pocket on your smart phone is enough to create a massive audience on YouTube with high-quality marketing videos. This is exactly how I've grown my YouTube following from ZERO to over 40,000 subscribers in less than a year and a half.

It is not about the video equipment you use, really... It is about your willingness to show up and create content, day in and day out!

Putting in consistent action and effort over long periods of time is the 'trick' to becoming successful as a YouTube marketer!

So many people fall into the trap of spending THOUSANDS on a DSLR setup and 'pro' level gear when a couple hundred dollars can get you going.

The number of unused DSLRs that cost the owner's thousands but are just sitting and collecting dust are rediculous... You don't need all that noise.

You need to create content and you need to make it look good (not perfect) and you need to publish every day!

A light, adaptable setup like this that you can carry anywhere is what you need. With the light, it will fit in a tiny daypack or dry-bag. Without the light, you can fit everything in your pocket or purse!

And when I say 'carry anywhere' I do mean anywhere... Like this video below that I shot with this exact rig at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone Park (left the light off for this one):

Be sure you listen to the message in that video above, too... Because you will 'get' the real secret to successful marketing on YouTube from that one!

One more video shot on this rig... One small change in this one below, I used an Amazon Basics tripod to get the shot even more stable, but same grip, light, and microphone.

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

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