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​Top Copywritting Courses

​#1 - Best Copywriting Training - Simple Writing System 2.0

What is it?: ​​​​​​​This is John Carlton's flagship copywriting course that will take you from total beginner to having the knowledge and guidance you need to ​make your business wildly successful!

Why do I recommend it?: ​​Not only is Carlton one of the best copywriters ever, his students are many of the best working copywriters ​alive, today.  He not only teaches you what you need to write a great sales letter, now... But you will learn a SYSTEM so you can use it to create high-converting sales messages over and over again... Any time you need!

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​​Best Budget Copywriting Course: 7-Figure Marketing Copy

What is it?: A true skill-building course designed to help entrepreneurs and marketers master the art of copywriting to improve all aspects of your business.  Sure, you'll write better sales copy, but you will write better emails, titles, descriptions & headlines which will skyrocket your success.

Why do I recommend it?: ​​Currently this course is being offered at 75% off which is a ​crazy-good deal... ​And the course is easy to ​use ​because it teaches 12 simple yet powerful copywriting methods that take​ the mystery out of great ​sales copy​.  It is simple, effective and a 'must have' for marketers! 

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​Best Sales Copy & Shopping Cart Combo: 1 Page Funnel

What is it?: ​​Brian Moran ​has been able to simplify the process of crafting sales funnels down to ​their simplest (and most effective) form.  Just 1 page that has made millions.  In this free webinar he teaches the 7 step copywriting process and the software needed (the shopping cart) to create these simple yet EXTREMELY effective ​sales tools called the 1 page funnel. ​​​

Why do I recommend it?: ​​If you are selling services, coaching, consulting or high-ticket info products, this 1-page funnel system is the SIMPLEST and most effective way to start selling online. I personally use SamCart for my wife's site and we've run over $1 million through their systems! #ItWorks

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​Best Sales Letter Templates: ​60 ​Minute ​Copy ​Cure​

What is it?: 20 high-converting sales letter templates that you can ​use to ​quickly ​launch a sales letter that will ​make your offer irresistible... Plus you get 5 ​video trainings and 10 bonus reports to hone your copywriting skills​.

Why do I recommend it?: ​​This i​​s ​what i used to create versions 1.0 and 2.0 of my sales letter for my inner circle membership program that has brought in over $2​65,000​.​  Starting a sales letter from a blank page is a NIGHTMARE. These templates allow you to begin with a successful template you can mold to your specific needs to create a full sales letter fast!

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​​Best Storytelling Course: Story-Powered Marketing

What is it?:  This course reveals Hollywood's ​formula for telling engaging stories that hook your audience and draw them deeper into your marketing. Many of the best internet marketers pay Michael, the script consultant from this course thousands of dollars per month to learn this story framework!

Why do I recommend it?: ​​​When you leverage the power of stories in your sales letters, your ads, your emails, videos & blog posts, your audience will be more receptive to your offers than ever before.  This course has helped me refine my personal messaging and positioning that 

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​​The Best Webinar Sales Training - The Perfect Webinar

What is it?: Get the exact webinar script and sales formula that has resulted in millions upon millions of dollars in revenue for ​​under $5.  There is a formula that marketers who CRUSH IT with webinars use... And this is it!

Why do I recommend it?: ​​​​​​ This script works wonders in any niche. If you are selling via webinars or plan to, this simple script is a must-have! I have friends in a wide variety of niches from Architects to Personal Development who are all using this script to consistently land high dollar customers.

Where can you find it?: ​m​​​​​​​​​

​The Best Copywriting Software Ever - ​Funnel Scripts

​What is it?: Imagine if you could hire a professional copywriter to simply ask you questions about your audience, your product and your story and they handed you ad copy, landing page copy and sales page copy?  The Funnel Scripts does just that.

Why do I recommend it?: ​​​​Great ads and sales letters are all based on ​proven formulas that were tested and perfected decades ago.  This software eliminates the challenges of staring at a blank screen and it forces you to get the right copy-blocks in the right place.  Each ​answer you ​plug into the software a​dds another building block to your copy for you.  Although you won't get 100% polished copy from this tool, you will get a better-than-good first draft that you can create, refine and publish in hours, not weeks!

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