The Ultimate Mental Model For Success - Miles Beckler
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The Ultimate Mental Model For Success

Truthfully, success is simple.

The entire "game" of internet marketing can be taught and understood by someone without any skills in a matter of minutes.

Hence all the fake gurus selling courses! Lol.

But, just because it's simple… Doesn't mean it's easy!

Because you are bound to get knocked down repeatedly.

Whether your tech blows up like this, your distributors disappear, or an algorithm changes and you lose traffic...

It will all happen at some point!

I've had entire traffic sources drop by 95% from hundreds of thousands of visits per month to a few thousand...

I've had affiliate programs decide not to pay when I have over $8,000 in commissions.

Products that once sold wonderfully, vendors begin to ignore because they want to do something new...

Like the theme company that's now trying to sell a "how to make a course" course?!?!  WTF?

Servers have blown up, my sites have been hacked, money stolen by hackers in China, updates have wiped out my content, etc...

This is all normal.

And this is why there is no such thing as "passive income"

Because, to be perfectly honest...  Shit happens.

And to us entrepreneurs, it happens more often and more intensely than it does to traditional 9-to-5 employees.

The big question is, what are you gonna do about it?

Are you going to make the choice to give up?

I want you to notice the wording there… Giving up is a choice.

Quitting is a choice!

Because, getting knocked down is inevitable.

Getting back up is optional...

And staying down is a choice... that is called quitting.

But, once you realize that success is actually on the other side of repeatedly getting knocked down.

That success is actually on the other side of failure...

You can forge an empowering mindset where you get excited to get back up each and every time.

A mindset that looks at all of these "getting knocked down" moments as steps on a greater path towards your ultimate goal!

This is why success is difficult even though it's simple.

Because it takes an incredible amount of mental strength and emotional perseverance to keep getting back up...

In the face of failure...

To suck it up and make more great content when vendors hold out on thousands of dollars you earned...

To work through the night to fix a server problem that you didn't even cause and you don't how to fix...

To wake up at 4 AM and feel like you do nothing but hit roadblock after roadblock until 8 PM grinding...

Because you're committed to a better life for your family.

Today I want to offer you an empowering framework...

A mental model, if you will!

A way to look at the world that will support you on this challenging path we entrepreneurs have chosen.

No doubt, this is the most helpful mental model I've ever found to support my growth as an entrepreneur.

I found in a tiny book and I pulled out the most important part in a quick five minute video for you here.

Once you truly "get it", you are able to tap in to a superhuman source of strength most people don't know about.

Because most people are busy "being safe" with their commuter lifestyle, their desk jobs, Netflix and addictions to mood altering.

But you, you've chosen the lonely path of risk…

The entrepreneurial path that has no ceiling to how much money you can earn.

That same path that has no guarantee of a paycheck either...

But you can do it...

As long as you forge a strong enough mindset.

And you keep getting back up.

So click the link above and watch the video now to forge that mindset for success.

Miles "Battle Scars" Beckler


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