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The Most Important Piece Of The SEO Puzzle

SEO often gets a bad rap as being confusing...

Ultimately it's quite simple to learn seo… Find out what users are searching for and give it to them!

Make sure you get the right keyword phrases in the right places and create such great content that people want to share it.

But there's one piece of the SEO puzzle that most people overlook.

They do the keyword research, they find the high search volume and low difficulty phrases...

They write a post and get the keyword in the title, description, headings, etc.

But there's still something missing.

And this missing component is exactly why those people aren't getting any traffic!

They completely miss when it comes to keyword search intent.

Search intent is Google's number one focus today and as it continues to grow into an AI run system.

Google's goal is to eliminate back links from the algorithm and search intent is what will replace that metric...

In fact were already on that path, today!

People who miss out on the search intent get less traffic than those who nail it.

You see... Google is trying to understand at all times "why did the user search for that phrase"

Because, if Google gives the user a great result in a great experience… That user will come back and use Google more in the future.

This means Google can display more advertising and earn more money.

So, search intent is actually the key fundamental pillar Google is built on!

So you need to be honest with yourself... Are you taking time to ask this question too?

Do you know the four types of search intent that every keyword search (out of the billions per month) falls into?

If not, your competitors have an advantage over you.

Because the best of the best in the world are focused on this!

To help you become a master of keyword search intent, fast...

I created a free mini course based off of a presentation that you can access here:

Optimizing your search engine marketing approach at the beginning of 2019 is the smartest thing you can do to drive even more traffic this year...

Miles "Optimize Everything" Beckler

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