3 Reasons Why Market Saturation Is a Myth

3 Reasons Why Market Saturation Is a Myth

So you want to begin niche marketing, but hundreds and maybe even thousands of people are already in the space and have been publishing content for years...

Honestly, market saturation is a myth.

Let's get one thing straight...

You can win in any market because you can bring something MUCH needed - a genuine approach.

The Market Saturation Myth Revealed - Learn Why There Is Plenty Of Room For You At The Top!

First - You are uniquely YOU

Market saturation in the online space doesn't exist because you will put your own unique spin on your products and services.

Every entrepreneur must blindly believe in theme selves in order to achieve success with their business. Customers are going to tell you, "no" regardless of what industry you're in.

That's just how business works...

If your online course or eBook isn't selling it's not because of market saturation. It's because you haven't allowed yourself to express those parts of your being that are truly unique.

Tell Your Story

Because of market saturation, customers are dying for real connection. Beyond traditional supply and demand there is a massively emerging demand for authenticity in the market.

There are 1000's of people selling yoga out there, but you are the only one who can offer your products and services in your own unique way.

Be genuine and personal...

If you can build a personal conection with an audince then the money will follow.

Second - Market Saturation Means People Want To Relate To Someone Genuine

The market demands authenticity not more completion

An over saturated market can be a good thing. This means the industry is profitable! But just because company after company is saturating the market doesn't mean you should worry.

People still want a product tied to a story, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Show them you're human...

On a human level, we all want someone to teach us how to overcome our biggest challenges. This means the need for unique teachers and mentors.

Often times a saturated market can be filled with customers who have been burned or perhaps lost faith in the the products and services being offered. It's your job to find these people and offer them a genuine solution with a genuine person behind it.

The term "personal brand" might be overused today, but the more you build up your own branded name and story, the less market saturation will matter.

Third - Create A Product With A Story

There’s also always room at the top because everybody is at different phases in their business

This is a ground up marketing strategy you rarely find in today's landscape.

Let's think about the product of shoes for a moment - that's right plain old shoes.

It's Never Too Saturated

We would think that with all the thousands of shoe companies out there with millions of unit sold each year that the would would have reached market saturation a long time ago. But there is one business that has been doing well for a LONG time in the space.

TOM's shoes is a business that has a story behind it's product. You may even already be familiar with this product. When you buy one pair, TOM's will donate another pair to someone in need!

The business owner of TOM's shoes tells his story of traveling to countries where the poverty was so bad that something as simple as shoes were a luxury item.

This of course sparked the story for the product and the rest is history.

Do A Service In Your Business

You don't have to be the worlds biggest philanthropist, but you should consider HOW and WHY you are providing the service you do.

Wait what do you mean...?

Think of "service" in broad terms. Ultimately your product provides a service to the end user. You need to move beyond the all mighty dollar-sign and truly consider how your product will be of service in someones life.

Your customers want to feel special - almost like they are part of bigger cause. This means you need to tie your product to a story. The more emotion you can relay in your message, the LESS a saturated market will ultimately matter.

Saturated Market VS Completion

If you are worried about competition as well then we still have a problem. Worrying about competition is just as bad. All of these are excuses for NOT taking action when you should be.

Take responsibility...

Too often we want to blame the market or blame the stiff competition, but in reality you are the master of your own company and all you need are the tactical business skills and determination to see your product or service through to profitability.

Best of luck and I hope you saturate the market with YOUR new personalized and uniquely you service.

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  1. Found your youtube channel and website about a week ago and I have been devouring the content. It is so valuable...Thank you!

    It has come just at the right time. I've been blogging for 18 months and I have been told I'm a great writer by countless people yet my traffic is still super low. I realize now that my SEO game has been pathetic and is in serious need of a revamp. So has my output frequency...

    Thanks Miles!

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