What is Market Saturation? A Myth! Here are 3 Reasons the Top is Yours

What is Market Saturation? A Myth! Here's 3 Reasons Why

So you want to begin niche marketing, but hundreds and maybe even thousands of people are already in the space and have been publishing content for years...

Is entering this niche a bad idea?  Or is it worth a try?

Honestly, it’s a great idea, and this post will show you why market saturation is a myth and how to breakthrough!

You may be asking... “Wait, What?  You want me to keep going even if it’s a highly saturated market? A market that seems as though there’s no space for you to fit in anymore?”

Let me tell you one thing.

There’s ALWAYS room for YOU at the top!

If you are more of a visual learner or you like to listen to the ideas in audio format, here is a video and audio podcast episode that explains why there is room at the top for you!


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Ok, back to it...

That market you’re hoping to get into may seem so jam-packed, with established folks doing it for who knows how long, and then you’re this noob trying to squeeze yourself into this super tight space and wanting to deliver something of value to people because you know there are things you can offer to them.

But you see, having a lot of people getting into that market shouldn’t deter you at all.

It should actually encourage you because that means, there is MONEY in that space!

Are you passionate about the subject?

Then it doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of people in that market.

Because you know what, there is NO competition at all.

Competition only exists when you do the EXACT same thing that others are doing and then hoping to beat that other person’s records.

Like you’re doing track, others are running around the same oval hoping to get to the finish line first without dropping dead.

But it’s nothing similar to being in a saturated market.

You’re beating your own drum, doing your own thing, giving something uniquely you that is special to your audience.

It’s your walk, your stride, your steps and there nothing like what the other guy is doing.

It’s all about what you can give to others, how you can help them, and make their lives a little better each day because of that thing you can do for them.

Flip The Saturated Market Conversation Upside Down - No One Can Compete With You!

Attention is the key to successful marketing online and it happens when you educate more than you sell when YOU give more from the core of you than anybody else.

Because no one can give, educate, laugh, smile, or care like you when your 100% you.

The cannot compete with YOU!

And yes, market saturation is nothing but a myth.

In fact, anyone can tap into a new market no matter how saturated or overpopulated it is.

I have 3 MAJOR truths for you that will debunk this whole market saturation myth right to the core.

1. You are uniquely YOU. The Market Saturation Myth Revealed - Learn Why There Is Plenty Of Room For You At The Top!

Say you’ve entered into the whole online marketing game.

Well, guess what?

There are already hundreds of people already there before you even step onto the scene.

These folks are like institutions and pillars in the market. Rounding up tens and thousands of subscribers and followers on their YouTube channel, website, social media and anywhere on the internet, they may be.

But tell you what. There’s only one YOU. No one can ever be like you no matter how hard others try.

And in the same way, you can never be like other people because they’re also super unique in themselves.

There are hundreds of other people out there in the same niche and basically in this same game that I am, but here I am, sharing what I’ve been doing about internet marketing for the past 6 or 7 years.

Here’s the deal, though. We may be in a similar market, but we have our own different styles and ways of doing things.

Some people love the way I explain things while other people don’t like me. Maybe they watch my videos, and they’re like, “who’s this douchebag telling me what to do?” They troll me in the comments, and that’s completely fine. Because there’s a teacher for every student, and I’m not the teacher for all students.

There's a teacher for every student.Click To Tweet


The ones who like me stay with me and keep checking out my stuff while those who don't love my content find someone else because that’s what they dig...

It’s a paradigm shift that you have to make.

You have to realize that you’re uniquely you.

You are unique.

You're bringing something that's unique to the world, and this is your mission, your calling.

Who cares if there are other people doing it.

They'll do it their way and you'll do it your way.

Kind of like that lighthouse mentality where you, just you, keep that light going whether people care or not.  You keep lighting that fire until the right people show up because you attract them through being authentically you.

There’s only one YOU, and only you can do it that way. And yep, there’s absolutely a market for that.Click To Tweet


You Connect and Resonate, and They Respond

It’s what they need at that moment. You solve their problems, they search for answers and you give it to them.

A great example of this would be my wife’s story. She entered this market where there are hundreds of people who have been there years before she got in it. There’s this one well-established woman who by the time my wife was two years old, had already written and published tons of books, so she has a pretty stable footing in the market saturation already.

But because we know by being ourselves we have something different to offer. People like the already established "competitor" wasn’t something we needed to focus on.

Our focus has been on what WE uniquely have to offer.

My wife writes her blog, records her mp3's, makes her videos, and she published content pretty much every single day.

People who dug her voice and resonated with her content also made purchases from her because they found something in her that others were not offering.

They found their teacher, and my wife didn’t have to act or be like someone she’s not. She let her value shine through her content and the things she does.

2. There’s ZERO competition.

There’s ZERO competition

This whole concept of having a lot of competition might potentially scare you or at least make you feel uncomfortable and unsure if you can break away and set yourself apart from the rest.

But here’s my take on the competition.

There is no such thing.

If there’s “competition,” then you’re dealing in a commodity.  You are doing a 'me too' style business where you are reselling the same stuff, or promoting the same company or software.

When you tap into your unique calling... Your unique voice and your unique take on this niche...

There is no one else out there like you...

You are 100% unique and there is no competition when you are 100% unique!

When you just let your light shine, and you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and you give it your all, I can assure you 100% that there’s room for you at the top. No doubt about it.Click To Tweet

There’s no competition there because there’s absolutely no other person like you.

3. There’s also always room at the top because everybody is at different phases in their business.

There’s also always room at the top because everybody is at different phases in their business

So in August 2016, I started the 90-day challenge and jumped on the internet marketing scene.

There are more internet marketers teaching online marketing than anything else in the world.

It is the MOST saturated market, and the initial thought of most people is, it’s tough to get into and get a solid footing.

But I have defiantly carved out space here and one of the reasons why is because I’ve outworked everyone.

Most of the people who established themselves in the market pretty much move on to other phases in the business. They build courses, run high-end sales funnels, do webinars and live events. That kind of stuff.

They are not doing daily videos, podcasts, or publishing blog posts regularly.

They already have their email list, affiliate network because they have already been on the grind and hustle.

Maybe they’re already kicking back and relaxing because they have already made it pretty far and this is where they’re at in their growth phase.

So as part of their growth phase, they’re building up their customer service team, working on the next course to offer their list, working on an upgraded membership platform, and those kinds of things.

They’re doing something other than creating content each day.

Now, where does that leave you?

Now, where does that leave you?

Content publishing, that’s what!

Here's the big trick for you to create the success you desire online: Become a content creator.

When you dominate YouTube, Google, social media, or a podcast, and own your niche like a boss... your audience will grow, no doubt!

Publish fresh content each day, add value to what you’re giving your audience, provide them with something they need, something that makes sense to them, something that answers their problems that has been keeping them awake at night.

They want something, so give it to them through your fantastic content!

Your uniqueness is what will set you apart from the rest. It’s not the length of time you’ve been in the market or your long list of credentials. Once they realize your daily content is something that can help them, the more they will start to trust you and keep coming back.Click To Tweet


At first, you gotta break that thick wall and prove to yourself and to the search engines that you mean business. It takes time to trigger the algorithms, but with constant valuable content, search engines will start to see you as a player.

Your videos will appear as suggested videos in your saturated market. You may even find your videos right underneath or maybe on top of the gurus.

Slow and steady progress, that’s what we’re after.

Heart First is the Cure

Heart First, Market Saturation Myth Debunked!

So in this saturated market, you gotta keep in mind that it’s more of the heart and less of competition.

It’s educating more than you sell, giving more than your asking.

You being authentic, legit, 100% YOU.

You’re not standing in someone else's shadow or trying to be that other guy who’s been topping the charts.

You’re unique, you’re special, and you’ve got a TON to share with your audience.

So make that happen.  Get off the fence and start publishing content now!

You’re not blowing their mind away with some crappy marketing B.S speech. No one gives a damn about that kind of thing.

They want someone who can help them with whatever they’re going through, someone who feels for them, and not just someone who wants to collect email addresses.

Market Saturation is Gone When You Give them your heart. Share. Teach. and Inspire.

Give them your heart. Give. Share. Teach. Inspire.

Let your audience hear your own voice, see your own style, and discover your own fabulous gifts. That is just what they need.

Wear your heart on your sleeve when no one else is doing the same thing.

You talk about yoga because you love it, you teach folks dog tricks because you care about pups, teach gardening in small spaces because it is what you have to do to have a garden.

Be entirely YOU.

And believe me, if you keep giving them something valuable and you continue being authentic, you’re just playing your own game.

Not always looking the other way feeling the need to keep up with your competition. That’s when people will start to notice you’re someone special.

Your heart, your mind is uniquely yours. No one else has what you have within you. So let others see and feel that.

Let others see that passion through your videos, blog, or podcasts.

And the other stuff you want - success, getting to the top, money - those things will follow naturally.

That’s the real deal.

More of the heart, no competition.

That’s how it goes, and that’s how it works.

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  1. Found your youtube channel and website about a week ago and I have been devouring the content. It is so valuable...Thank you!

    It has come just at the right time. I've been blogging for 18 months and I have been told I'm a great writer by countless people yet my traffic is still super low. I realize now that my SEO game has been pathetic and is in serious need of a revamp. So has my output frequency...

    Thanks Miles!

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