The 80/20 Of My Profits... Where The Money Truly Comes From! - Miles Beckler
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The 80/20 Of My Profits... Where The Money Truly Comes From!

After the social media conference this past week, I've been thinking a lot about the "Big Picture" of my business.

Specifically, I've been pondering the question:

'How important is social media marketing, really?'

So I wanted to do a comparison to pin it up against the other traffic channels.

Because this would help me identify a clear winner in the "Which traffic source is most profitable" contest.

In order to compare social media with the other traffic sources in my business, I had to choose a single data-point to compare...

You know, an "apples to apples" comparison.

For me, profit is the metric that ultimately matters most, since it is the true "Freedom" metric...

So I've started there.

Looking back through our shopping cart numbers for the last year, an extremely clear pattern appeared.

Visually, it looks like a heartbeat with these big spikes in income happening over and over throughout the year.

These spikes account for over 80% of our profits!

I dug deeper...

On days we saw these profit-spikes happen... One other thing happened, too.

Every. Single. Time.

What's that, you ask?

Well, we sent an email out to our list that day, too.

I say 'we' because I dug back through my wife's data and my data both.

Exact same pattern appears in both.

Over 80% of our profits come in on days we send out broadcast emails.

Now, it is important to reiterate clearly... Not every email contains an offer!

We send MANY more free valuable emails without offers in them...

But on days we see our highest profit, we ALWAYS sent an email with an offer!

The ironic part of all this...

Right now, there are gurus out there preaching that 'email is dead' and selling the $2997 'solution' to this 'problem'

Yet all my data proves clearly that email is alive and well.

In fact, email is still the heartbeat of profits in our online business.

But I want you to take a moment and truly analyze if you are maximizing your email marketing potential, too.

So, real quick... Ask yourself these two questions...

  1. Do you have the right systems in place to GROW your email list?
  2. Are you consistently generating a positive ROI from your email list?

If not, these two areas are the most important places for you to focus your energy within your business...

Growing your email list and monetizing it.

So, if you want help getting your first 10,000 subscribers...

If you need help dialing in a proper funnel that can grow true wealth...

And if you want help with profit-pulling templates you can send your list...

All while training your subconscious to become a GREAT email marketer and email writer...

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Terry is more of a 'build it in months not years' kinda guy.

Then the "Email Wealth Funnels" bonus is all about how to monetize that traffic so you don't go broke driving traffic as you create true lifestyle income.

Plus the templates that make sending a money-grabbing email as simple as copy -> tweak -> paste.

I've personally bought this course and love it.

Hundreds of subscribers just like you have bought it and are growing bigger, more profitable email lists as a result.

Today is your day to commit to growing the #1 asset in your business, too.

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Miles "Email Is Alive!" Beckler

P.S. For 100% transparency, I am absolutely an affiliate for Terry's email course...

I am proud to share courses I've purchased and LOVE.

Also, I did purchase this course with my own money almost a year ago and I have easily received 20x the value of the course already...

Which is the only reason why I'm sharing it with you, today.

Well, that and because I think Terry is crazy for offering it at such a low price...

It really is a no-brainer being offered this cheap.


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