Tactics vs. Strategy - And The Power Of Modeling! - Miles Beckler

Tactics vs. Strategy - And The Power Of Modeling!

This quick story will make your understanding of tactics vs. strategy crystal clear for you...

So you can move forward confidently that you are on the right path to achieving your goals in 2019 and beyond!

The first concept that is required for you to understand is Modeling.

This may very well be the only 'real' shortcut I've ever found ...

I’ve been a fan of modeling since my mid 20s.

I think I got the idea from Tony Robbins originally!

Several years ago, I was flipping houses as a real estate investor with other people’s monies while living in the dorms at college.

Although I was new, I was making deals happen fast.

One of the other investors I knew from the local groups came up to me and asked:

"Miles I’ve been coming to these investing meet ups for years and have never done a deal, you been here for three months and have done two deals… How do you keep landing deals?"

In that specific situation I simply asked her a question:

"How many offers have you written in the last week?"

It didn’t take long for her to realize that she hadn’t actually written an offer on a property in months and had only attempted three offers in a couple of years.

My goal at the time was to write an offer on a property every day...

Because I was able to see through modeling the actions of the very successful real estate investors in that area:

Those who wrote the most offers seemed to get the most (and best) deals.

Getting the deal was the domino I wanted to see fall… The successful strategy I was after.

So I simply studied those producing that result and looked at all of the other dominoes that were in a row that led up to that domino.

This row of dominoes is what I consider the strategy…

This is what I seek to model.

A proven and successful strategy.

With me so far?  Simple stuff, right?

Stick with me, it gets better!  😉

'Modeling' in this situation included studying their marketing, their direct mail pieces, their research, their due diligence, how they analyze deals, how they run the numbers, how they make offers…

Each of those are tactics that lead to knocking over the final domino.

But that was another life…

I don’t do real estate investing full time, anymore.

Yet... The same domino approach to modeling worked for me then is working for me now, too…

Today, I’m modeling many great marketers like Seth Godin because he is operating from integrity and has created the types of results I seek to create in my life.

The big strategy that I’m following from Seth is his 7000 blog posts and never winning the Internet approach.

Seth has published a blog post every day for nearly 20 years...

So much for a 'shortcut' eh?

Seth is proud to say that he has "never won the internet for the day" and he has never had a single post go viral.

Yet he continues to put out best selling books, fill courses, land HUGE keynote speeches and is EXTREMELY successful.

You probably know that my wife started blogging in 2009...

And, as of today, with about a thousand posts she generates a little over 8 million visits per year to her niche site...

Okay, so I have two people created massive success writing lots of content…

This is the type of strategy I seek to model.

Tactically, I tried to force myself to blog for years.

I actually started my blog in 2010… And to be perfectly honest I struggled immensely for six years.

You see, some point in middle school or high school I decided I hated writing...

Yet, I know for a fact the strategy works to publish epic amounts of great content free through a blog…

It was the tactic of writing content every day did not work for me.

Trying to force myself to write for 6 years was a big error…

Not trying something different but attempting to force my round peg into a square hole for 6 years was a mistake.

Said another way... I was using the wrong tactic (for me) with the right strategy.

Then, in August 2016 I made the decision to go all in on YouTube sharing what I know through videos instead of the written word.

Little trial going on here with my string of errors…

My big question was: Can I try a different tactic in with the big overarching strategy?

Today, about two and half years later I’ve created approximately 465 videos… (still just getting started!)

I’m still using the keyword research tactic, the search engine optimization tactic, the guest podcast spot tactic, mixed with my new tweak on the model of video marketing tactic.

Now, to date… 80,380 subscribers; 3,694,854 views; 25,581,077 minutes watched.

Plus, now I have a team of people who transcribe and copy-edit my content to get on my blog…

So my blog is growing faster than ever, too!

This is how the whole world of strategies and tactics has manifest through modeling in my life.

And now that you've heard my story about modeling, strategy and tactics…

I want you to take time to reflect.

Are you modeling a proven strategy?

Are you testing different tactics that have proven to create success for others?

Are you working with the tactics that are most in alignment with your DNA, your personality, your unique gifts?

If not, right now is the perfect time to get a piece of paper and a pen and write out some thoughts…

Just free write for 10 minutes, no structure, no goal, just write out whatever comes your mind about your strategy, your approach, your tactics

You'll be amazed at what types of knowledge bombs come out if you force yourself to write for 10 minutes straight!


Miles "Master Modeler" Beckler

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