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But first, you need to know the 3 reasons why most students don't make it, online.

  • Distractions from shiny objects and constantly shifting strategies & techniques.
  • No clear plan of action leads to doing too many of the wrong things.
  • Trying to work the wrong business model that doesn't fit your lifestyle & personality.

That said...

I've helped countless students go on to make 6-figure incomes (some earning millions!) when they dial in the right plan and strategy.

Like this guy who followed my advice and built a site he sold for $25 million!


Now, it's worth stating that his results and my results making millions through affiliate marketing aren't the norm.

Because the truth is that most people get frustrated and give up.

But I have helped thousands of people build profitable lifestyle businesses you can run from your laptop from anywhere in the world.

So this begs the question...

What are the 3 common factors in the students who succeed?

  • They have a personalized plan for their online business.
  • They're following a proven strategy that leads to success.
  • They're executing on that plan, day-in and day-out... Week after week!

Said another way...

They have CLARITY on what needs to get done & they're FOCUSED on executing!


Building a business online isn't rocket surgery.

Inherently, it's simple.


The real challenge is finding the right business plan and the right strategy that's a fit for YOU.

You see...

If you're trying to work a business model or execute a marketing strategy that's not in alignment with your personality, your skills, your experiences...?

You're destined to fail from the start.

And most new marketers don't realize that there are 3 distinct affiliate marketing business models you can choose from.

Not to mention that there are 5 different marketing strategies you can use for each one of those different business models.

With 15 affiliate marketing business models & strategies, it's easy to choose the wrong option.

What's worse is the number of greedy gurus out there pushing high-ticket affiliate courses who are simply trying to FORCE you into their "one size fits all" solution.

But there isn't a 1-size fits all solution that works.

Because they don't take into consideration the most important factor... YOU!

Your personality.

Your lifestyle.

Your goals.

Your expertise and experience (or your lack thereof)

All the greedy gurus care about is pushing you into their high-ticket B.S. that's marketed with hype and lies.

To be honest...

That approach repulses me.

And it's fired me up to flip the script on the greedy gurus.

To pull the rug out from under their B.S.



I've taken the time to create 3 video trainings that will solve the 3 biggest challenges new marketers face

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Course #1 - The Affiliate Marketing Business Plan
Get Crystal Clear On Your Strategic Plan For Success!

In the The Affiliate Marketing Business Plan, you'll learn:

  • The Triple Model Matrix: Discover three unique affiliate marketing models and find the one that aligns flawlessly with your personality and lifestyle.
  • Five Tailored Marketing Strategies: Explore five dynamic marketing strategies and pick the one that resonates with your goals and skills.
  • Real World Success Stories: Learn from real examples of successful niche affiliate sites and brands.
  • The Clarity Compass: Gain crystal clear insight into developing your strategic plan for success, eliminating confusion and providing a focused roadmap.

Course #2 - The Niche Navigator
Find Your Profitable Niche in 1 Hour, Guaranteed!

Even If You've Struggled To Make Money Online For Years!

In the Niche Navigator video training, you'll learn:

  • The Profit Avalanche: How Finding the Right Niche Can Unleash the Pent-up Buying Demand from an Audience of Ready Buyers.
  • Money Niche Mastery: How Choosing the Right "Big 5" Money Niche Can Fast Track Your Site to Profits.
  • The Story Hook Secret: The Hidden Key to Unstoppable Affiliate Success.
  • The Sub-Niche Goldmine: The 50 Most Profitable Sub-Niches Under the "Big 5" Money Niches So You Can Niche Down and Stand Out.
  • The Commission Shortcut: How to Quickly Find Underserved Audiences of Hungry Buyers Looking for More Niche Products to Buy.
  • The Profit Flywheel: How the Right Niche Can Get the Power of Compounding Working for You.
  • Tax Deductible Lifestyle: How the Right Niche Can Be Your Golden Ticket to a Fun, Tax-Deductible Lifestyle You Love.
  • The Big Money Trail Map: Finding Niches with Irresistible, High-Converting Offers You Can Promote as an Affiliate.

Course #3 - The Offer Recon Video Training
Find High-Converting Affiliate Offers With The Highest Payouts In Any Niche

In the Offer Recon video training, you'll learn:

  • The High-Converting Offer Hunt: Learn how to find the highest converting offers in your niche with the biggest payouts.
  • The Beginner's Gateway to Top Offers: Master the art of applying and getting accepted to promote the hottest affiliate offers, even as a total beginner.
  • Reverse Engineering Success: Learn how to effortlessly reverse engineer the highest-performing offers in your niche.
  • Insider Marketing Mastery: Discover insider marketing, sales, and persuasion tactics from industry leaders to achieve extraordinary results at no cost..
  • Strategic Intelligence Secrets: Gain strategic insights to uncover your niche’s hottest offers with the biggest commissions.
  • Hidden Offer Goldmines: Unearth the affiliate gold mines with the best offers that your competitors have never heard of.
  • Offer Vault Strategy: Discover the secret of the "offer vault" strategy that generated an extra $26,937.81 in affiliate commissions in one week.
  • Algorithmic Offer Discovery: Discover the secret of the "offer vault" strategy that generated an extra $26,937.81 in affiliate commissions in one week..

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