Google Traffic vs. YouTube Traffic vs. Email Traffic - Which Is Better? - Miles Beckler
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Google Traffic vs. YouTube Traffic vs. Email Traffic - Which Is Better?

Recently, I revealed all my numbers, including how Google traffic is up over 186% right now...

This post will go deeper and analyze my different traffic sources so you can understand the reasons WHY behind my marketing efforts.

All in all, this will help you dial in your personal content marketing strategy you can count on to help you hit that $10k/mo mark fast.

Before we get too deep, you may want to start by checking out the full overview of my analytics as of April 20th 2019 in the below video...  This is our 'baseline' as of this writing.

Now, in the comments section, one savvy commenter asked about my YouTube traffic...

Specifically about what percentage of traffic to my blog is from YouTube.  Great question and he was shocked by the answer.

Less than 10%... Closer to 8% to be honest.

But here's the thing...

Most of that traffic from YouTube is mainly going straight for my opt in page...

And the key component with Google traffic is that almost every visit from Google sees my popup...

Both approaches are 100% focused on growing my email list...

So how much traffic was I able to drive from my email list?  Well, it is even less, but here is the KEY metric.

Which traffic source accounts for 90%+ of my income?


Not even a competition, to be honest... There is a DIRECT correlation to mailing offers and earning income... It is that simple.

When I promote a product with a YouTube video, maybe a few sales.

When I promote a product with a blog post (google traffic) usually, nothing happens for 3 months if at all, then a few sales.

With email?  Well I've experienced generating over $30,000 in commissions from just 3 emails in 4 days before.

This is the key to the whole game of making money online.

Because your list is your asset.

So, I want to ask you a very serious question...

Are you doing everything in your control to grow your list (and your asset) each and every day?

Ok, two questions...

Are you emailing your list often enough to give value, build the relationship and to generate income through making offers?

If not, you aren't making anywhere near the money you should be!

And there is a hack to speeding this all up that I'll share in a second.

Because when you boil down all the marketing activity...

When you simmer down all those hours I've been putting into this brand and business...

It all comes back to growing and nurturing the email list!

Campaign Monitor's 2019 "New Rules Of Email Marketing" post reveals that:

"For ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI"

So, do you have an email marketing strategy that maximizes this most-profitable channel?

And more importantly

...What if you don't know what to email?

And what if you are struggling to grow your list to 10,000 subscribers and you need help with your funnels and traffic?

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But it isn't just me...

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Email Marketing Course testimonial

So that begs the question...

Are you maximizing your email returns? If not, you're leaving money on the table.

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Miles "Email More" Beckler

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