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Get To Your Industry Events!

For the last few days, Melanie and I have been in Vegas at the Affiliate Summit West conference...

We saw Neil Patel speak, checked out Ryan Deiss' keynote, and learned a ton about Influencer Marketing.

On the drive back from Vegas, Melanie and I had a bunch of time to talk...

Plus, we listened to a new audiobook, "The Go Giver" that was awesome.

We came to a conclusion on this drive home.

Even though this event was poorly run, the sessions were below average, there was still a lot of value in the experience.

I would never recommend you attend this particular event, but I do think it is vitally important for you to get out to your industry events.

This needs to be super clear here:

You DON'T need to get to Internet marketing events...

But you do need to get to YOUR industry events!

So if you're into quilting and that's your niche, your audience is all about quilting…

Find the big quilting conferences and make sure you're there!

If you are into drone racing, you need to get to the biggest drone races of the year!

If your niche is fitness, get to the fitness events!

Veganism? Get to the vegan events!

You see, at events like these… Partnership opportunities pop up that never would manifest if you simply remain behind your computer.

Melanie and I found a couple of people in her niche that were super excited to learn from her experiences...

We did a collab on another content creators' podcast... And he may end up mailing his list promoting one of Melanie's products.

These types of "growth hacks" are insanely difficult to pull together via cold email outreach.

But in person, when you're able to sit down over a meal… Talk about life, business, goals, etc.

It is like months of business development can happen in a very short time.

I've got a podcast guest spot coming up from someone I met at the event...

Plus I found a potential partner in the agency world that I'm going to be able to create some really cool stuff for you with, too.

So the real point here is that it's super important to get to your industry events.

Getting yourself around the movers and shakers is key.

I always upgrade for the VIP pass to get access to those who are also upgrading and investing in their experience.

And I always focus on giving value first...

You can tell who was at these conferences trying to "get" from the audience...

But us weirdos who are focused on giving value to our audiences first seem to bump into each other, all the time.

And sometimes you can find a small group that you end up turning into a mastermind.

Having a regular mastermind with people in your niche can be the #1 most powerful way to LEVEL-UP fast in your business!

This video explains more about masterminds:


Miles "Master Of The Mind" Beckler

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