How to Create a Facebook Page and Scale It for Free in 4-Steps - Miles Beckler

How to Create a Facebook Page and Scale It for Free in 4-Steps

I know what you’re thinking - it’s tough to increase organic traffic from Facebook.

You bend over backwards, do all sorts of tricks, pay someone who claims to know how to increase traffic… Heck, it’s expensive and time consuming!

And if you have zero budget…. Getting organic traffic is your only option at this point.

Time consuming, yes.

Expensive, no, if you do it yourself.

And this is what I’ll teach you today - how to get organic traffic from Facebook.

No budget for ad spend? No problem. I’ll be showing you all about earned instead of paid traffic through Facebook.

I’ll share with you the secret of how to increase Facebook traffic the same way my wife and I have been doing it successfully for years.

So let’s get started and increase your traffic into tens and thousands per month and keep it growing!

Why Increase Organic Traffic Through Facebook?!

How To Get Organic Traffic From Facebook

We want to use every platform possible to drive traffic to our funnels, blogs, optin pages in order to turn followers and fans into lifelong customers.

For a long time, Facebook has been touted as the hottest, the newest traffic source on the planet.

They have their paid traffic platform, which is quickly requiring an alternative to Facebook ads, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I’m here to make sure your budget goes a long way… So we’re not even going to do any of that paid traffic stuff.

I know you want “free” stuff, or to put it in a more appropriate term, “earned” organic traffic.

So let’s talk about organic Facebook traffic and why you should dip your toes into it.

Like I’ve said, Facebook is still worth it if you’re looking for traffic, considering billions of people on the planet have a Facebook account and many of them go into zombie mode just to consume the content they see in their news feed.

And based on my experience after using Facebook to increase traffic, I can guarantee you that there is a potential to drive tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website organically through Facebook.

You can increase organic traffic to your website through Facebook by simply posting and publishing content on this platform in a very specific way.

This isn’t a new method at all.

In fact, we have been using this successfully for a very long time.

What is Facebook Reach?

Facebook reach is how many people your posts reached on Facebook's platform. There is paid and organic reach. Your organic reach is the number of people you connected your content with for free from your memes, lives, videos and other content you publish on Facebook.

What is Facebook reach

Using this method we’ve grown our Facebook page to over 900,000 likes and 870,000+ followers at this point and it continues to grow steadily and constantly every month…

The result of this is nearly a hundred thousand visits to our website per month from Facebook users and a very very high tendency for these users to opt-in to our email list.

So for us, it’s worth it.

This is pretty much a full-time job though and I wrote this earn money online without a big investment guide which is a more simple, more long term successful route.

Facebook likes to keep people on their toes…


They change up their algorithm so often and so fast that you definitely have to be on top of things if you don’t want to get the short end of the stick.

Facebook is notorious for updating its algorithm and updating what ranks and what shows up in people’s timeline and always kind of playing with the dials and screws. And it’s often moving at a very rapid pace.

So if you’re still doing something that worked in 2017 or just about a couple of months ago, you’re most likely to notice not much progress from it today...

You’ll always have to adapt to the changes and change up your approach and see what works for you.

They keep you on your toes and you need to be up-to-date with how Facebook rewards traffic

Let's get you set up and implement the 3 steps I use to increase organic traffic from Facebook.

First Steps To Get Organic Facebook Traffic


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

“Miles, I want to get traffic from Facebook for FREE. What do I need to do?!”

If you’re down with Facebook’s super fickle algorithm and you want to do it 100%, you got to know what Facebook wants and really play according to the rules of the game...

Facebook wants one thing - they want to give their users an excellent experience. They want their users to login, scroll through their timeline, click on the like button, click share, post comments, post content.

Simple, right?

All of these actions allow Facebook to have their users stay on the platform and keep their friends and network engaged.

And this is how Facebook makes money.

The longer people stay on Facebook, the more ads Facebook can show in between people’s posts and on the sidebar of people’s newsfeed, and the messenger feed, and the video feed, ha!.

To get organic traffic from Facebook you follow this simple rule closely,

Get onto Facebook’s good side

They make money, you get the elusive Facebook page traffic and get traffic from Facebook to your website.

Okay, steps. So what are the steps you can take to start getting your organic Facebook traffic and start making money yourself?

Here’s are the steps to increase organic traffic through Facebook:

1. Start a Facebook Page

Start a Facebook Page

First, you need a page that you can use to engage with your audience and eventually get traffic from Facebook for FREE to your funnel, blog, optin page…

So you create your Facebook page.

Initially, it has one fan straight away and that is you.

Your goal is to get over the hump of getting your first 100 fans by inviting people through your personal profile.

2. Drive organic traffic to Your Facebook Page

Drive organic traffic to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is all about engagement, connecting, that kind of stuff.

It’s a social platform after all, not a yellow pages or a digital billboard.

You need actual users interacting and engaging on your page.

This is why your next step after creating a Facebook page is to build an audience that will consume your content and eagerly like, comment, share it.

And ultimately, these are the people whom you want to visit your website and check out your funnel and actually buy your stuff..

You do this by engaging constantly and regularly with the groups you have joined and also with your fans by posting quality content, liking, commenting, and participating in discussions instead of just posting your ad or your offers.

I recommend that you join 3 to 5 groups, posting, liking, and commenting everyday and on top of that, you want to be adding a few friends a day and commenting on friends’ stuff everyday.

This is how you show that you’re engaging with the Facebook ecosystem and it shows that you’re a real Facebook user, which is obviously what Facebook wants to see.

3. Beef up your Facebook page.

Beef up your Facebook page

Why do you visit your favorite Facebook page often?

You like the videos? You like those funny or maybe inspirational memes?

So don’t turn your Facebook page into a ghost town!

Fill it up with cool, engaging, interesting stuff that your fans will like.

You need to make your Facebook page interesting and engaging for your fans and other users who will become your fans in the future.

Post content regularly, things that will make your fans want to like and comment and share your stuff.

It must be something that can make them go, hell yeah, I totally agree with that.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what you should do but I can give you some recommendations based on what my wife and I have been doing successfully for several years now.

As we get deeper and deeper into this whole Facebook traffic thing, I want to share with you exactly how we turn our Facebook page into an organic traffic generating machine!

And you can do that, too!!

How to Increase Facebook Page Traffic - Step 1

How to Increase Facebook Page Traffic

To get more traffic from Facebook you have to first get more traffic on Facebook.

Let’s say you’re in the juicing and smoothie realm and you’ve got a 10-page smoothie recipe book in your optin page.

And you have a few other products and basically a funnel built around your niche.

So first thing you do is you create a Facebook page with a name that’s not taken yet, like I love smoothies or I love green smoothies.

Make it unique, catchy, and something that really speaks to what your audience wants, and matches your business concept.

Your ultimate goal for your Facebook page is to connect with people who are also into smoothies or juicing and post content that they will want to like and share.

What do they get excited about?

Smoothie memes? Health quotes? How to make smoothie videos?

You have to dial in what gets your audience to like and comment.

Master what gets them to share your posts and videos on their personal Facebook accounts.

When you get this going, you are becoming a positive contributor to the Facebook platform.

What my wife and I have been doing to drive tens and thousands of traffic to our Facebook page is we create these image memes or image quotes.

We publish these images with quotes or texts inside of a picture about 3 times a day.

Step 2 - Analyze and Adapt Your Results

Analyze and Adapt Your Results

Facebook is now giving more reach to videos than to images so we have had to adapt.

So we adapt our Facebook strategy and have been creating videos and posting these short videos on Facebook.

So whatever works, whatever Facebook likes to give us more reach, that’s what we do.

If you have a juicing Facebook page post videos of you making a smoothie, pouring your glorious smoothies into a frosted glass, talking about how great your smoothie is..

Do whatever is in your niche and adapt this approach based on your niche and your audience.

Make their day and be social!

Step 3 - Analyze Competitors Pages Hack to Increase Facebook Reach

Analyze Competitors Pages Hack to Increase Facebook Reach

Facebook is constantly adjusting and messing with their algorithm a lot.

Now, videos are rewarded with more reach than images, and who knows what it will be like three or four months from now.

Essentially, you take a look at your reach and use it as your metrics in determining how well your content has done on Facebook.

Did you reach 5 people, 500, 5,000, 500,000…?

And for every Facebook page, depending on the size, it’s very different.

When things aren’t working for you, the best thing to do is to learn from your competitors that are really successful in what they’re doing.

So I use this simple and super effective tool that’s kind of like my organic Facebook traffic hack.

This tool is called Post Planner, and it costs $7 a month to get their basic level.

What you want to do with this tool is you want to set it up where you’re following your competitors’ pages. There’s also a way to set it up that it can automatically track and scrape all of the most recent posts that your competitors have been posting whether it’s an article, a video, or an image-based post.

You use the data you have gathered by studying what’s been working for other people. You look at what type of post that got the highest reach, and you go create your own version of that post and publish it to your Facebook page.

Make it unique. Don’t plagiarize, don’t copy. Make a unique variation with a twist that reinforces your very own selling proposition or reinforces what’s unique about you and your platform and you publish this on your Facebook page.

The Secret to Get Organic Traffic From Facebook

The Secret to Get Organic Traffic From Facebook

You don’t just want to keep posting anything on your Facebook page…

You need to know how to stagger or set them up in a way that will be more effective in giving you the results you want.

Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a book called “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”.

The essence of that book is basically give, give, give, ask for a sale.

In this game you asking Facebook to show your posts that you are wanting to drive traffic from Facebook to your website.

Give, Give, Give, ask for a click.

We post on Facebook an image, image, Facebook video, post with a link to a blogpost, image, video, post with link to a YouTube video, image etc etc.

Give them what they want more than you ask them to give you what you want.

This model or something similar will increase your reach on Facebook and your reach from Facebook to your website.

Give more and ask less.

This is make or break when you’re doing organic Facebook marketing.

Keep in mind and apply the jab, jab, jab, right hook philosophy.

You want to give, give, give, and then ask for a click to your website.

Facebook Traffic is a Long, Winding Road… But It May Still Be Worth It

Facebook Traffic is a Long, Winding Road… But It May Still Be Worth It

Is It Really Worth It Trying to Get Organic Traffic from Facebook?

Yes and No.

Let me explain.

It’s a long-term game to engage in the organic Facebook traffic realm. If you haven’t already started, I don’t know if I can 100% recommend that you go all-in on Facebook right now because they’ve reached the level of their maturity and are continuously tightening down the algorithm on the organic side of things.

They want to force you to boost your post, to run Facebook ads to increase your reach instead of rewarding you for your organic Facebook marketing efforts.

And it is always best to own the racecourse instead of play on someone else's.

But It can be worth it when you abide by Facebook’s original goal of keeping your friends and families and fans engaged within the platform. You want them to be liking, commenting, and sharing your content.

Make them feel better, feel smarter, and feel like they’re helping people by sharing your content with their family and friends.

Once you get your content at that level, Facebook will reward you with more reach.

And the more reach you’ve got, the better off you’ll be in terms of getting organic traffic from Facebook.

If you’ve got questions or you want to share some insights, personal experiences with your own organic traffic from Facebook I’m excited to read your comments and chat with you guys soon!

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    ok, to post or not to post you tube videos on facebook page when you are still learning. I was posting them to get more people to subscribe to my channel but now I want to test my titles and thumbnails so I feel like I should not post so that I can see how many views I get organically. Thoughts?

    1. when you post a YouTube video on Facebook it pulls in the title and the thumbnail so it seems like it would just add more data to your test

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