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Free SEO Video Checklist

Are you confident that every single post you publish is perfectly optimized for your keyword?

Inside of my inner circle I've been helping members gain first page rankings, left and right…

There really is a specific process to follow in order to dominate the first page of Google.

Although it seems like magic at first, once you understand the system…

SEO gets easy!

Now, I've got a bunch of videos and blog posts that teach SEO, but they're all extremely in-depth.

And sometimes you need that full deep SEO class to understand the big picture of how it all works.

But, once you're done with class…

All you really need is a cheat sheet… Or checklist!

Which is exactly what I've created for you today!

But this isn't some lame PDF... Because I don't really do that! LOL.

It's a video checklist that not only covers everything you need to do to optimize each post perfectly for Google...

But it will link you to the other resources to help you go deeper on the aspects that you're missing.

First things first, click here and check out the SEO checklist, now.

After your first watch through, you will notice that many of the steps in the checklist have more information available...

Most of the relevant links will be in the description, but a few pop up in the video...

This helps you go deeper on the specific topics or SEO tactics that you're not familiar with to build those skills.

But if you've already "got it" and you totally understand all of the bits and pieces around SEO...

This video is a very fast way for you to check your work when publishing content and make sure you've got your SEO dialed.

Because, as you will see in the video...

SEO has resulted in nearly 10 million people finding my wife's website over the years…

She had ignored SEO that number would be 90% to 95% lower and honestly we wouldn't have a successful business today.

This is the power of search engine optimization.

And this seo checklist video helps you harness that power, immediately.

Miles "SEO Made Simple!" Beckler

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Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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