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Feeling Like A Failure

How Feeling Like A Failure Can Actually Lead You To Great Success

Here’s a question for ya - how many items in your to-do list have you accomplished?

If you’ve got everything (or nearly everything) all checked off, congrats! I bet you’re wafting in seventh heaven right now!

But if you’re nowhere close to getting all your boxes ticked, it’s kind of easy to start feeling like a failure.

But that defeatist attitude won’t get you anywhere!

You have to adopt a new way of thinking about failure and success, a different outlook than what you’ve been TAUGHT and TRAINED and CONDITIONED to believe for years and years and years.

Today, we’ll break down that false thinking and all that misconception that’s hiding in your subconscious mind.

It’s really what’s been holding you back and keeping you stuck in that neverending cycle of criticizing yourself and not taking action because of that fear of failure.

I was there too and you will breakthrough to success!

After reading this post, you’ll realize that failure is not an enemy at all.

In fact, it’s an ally that takes you to success!

So hang tight, get dialed in on this powerful philosophy that changed my way of thinking, changed my situation, and ultimately my whole life.

The B.S. Concept That Leaves You Feeling Like a Failure

You and I have been conditioned to believe that we stand in the middle of success and failure.

Like this:

feeling like a failure myth

Society tells us to do more of those success things to be successful and avoid at all costs those nasty, failure things.

The false belief is to only do successful things.

The fake marketing gurus try to sell you that shiny new object, the latest Facebook pixel trick, the newest tool, and all that other B.S. that these folks claim that if you do not have it, you can not achieve success.

So what do you do?

You kinda get stuck in a loop where you’re confused just looking for the right thing to do.

Trying to figure it out for years and years. Looking for the right niche, hoping to make the right choice at all times and to use only the right tool.

And this way of thinking is what keeps you from accomplishing anything!

You try to do “everything right” and that holds you back from actually doing anything! From even getting started!

You avoid failure like a plague and become so cautious that you just stay on one side of the fence and hesitate to take risks because of that fear of failure… it’s the very same thing that cripples you! Fear of failure prevents you from taking the first step towards your goal.

The notion that you’re in the middle and success and failure are on either side of you is nothing but bull crap.

It’s a false belief. It’s not reality. And it’s definitely not what actually works.

So what’s the truth? What’s the real formula to success that can stop you from constantly feeling like a failure?

The Success Formula is Plain and Simple… Go Through it to Get Through

Instead of thinking of yourself as always at the crossroad with success and failure lurking behind, here’s what you need to think instead:

Success is on the other side of failure.

It’s like jumping through 10,000 experiments before you get to the finish line.

Unless you take the first step and actually pass through those hoops, you’ll never be able to reach success.

So you’re not in the middle straddling two islands where success is on one side and failure on the other.

You’re right where you need to be to GO THROUGH failure in order to GET TO success.

Let me tell you a little story…

When I was first getting going, trying to make my first few businesses and hoping to get them off the ground, I was convinced that I needed to find the right things to do at all times.

Well, guess what? I couldn’t find the perfect things, and anytime I tried something and it didn’t work, I stopped completely and went back into the thinking and researching phase.
It wasn’t until I really reframed my mindset to where success stands in my life compared to where failure stands, that I understood that forward progress is the missing link.

Why Failure and Success Go Together

Failure and Success

Feeling like a failure because of your plans, business, goals that bombed on you?

Shut the negative voices in your head that are telling you you’re a failure, there is no such thing as failure.

Your new aim is to keep making forward progress and to keep taking action to get to where you want to be.

Failure and success go together.

You shouldn’t care if “it works”. You should care if it causes you to go back to the drawing board. Going back to the drawing board is what it is all about!

The more you keep trying these things that don’t work, the more of these little failures you get, the more you learn something new and create your effective path that takes you to success.

Even the behind the great Neil Patel’s success is a bunch of failures.

Maybe your first marketing funnels were crap. Or your first headlines for the ads you wrote were horrible.

You probably had zero ROI from your first Facebook ad campaigns. Or you screwed up your very first WordPress install.

The laundry list of your mishaps, of my mishaps goes on and on and on.

But it’s these failures, these experiences that make you stronger, wiser, and more capable of achieving success!

You can’t jump to success, you go through failure to achieve success.

How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure


This is the secret ingredient that ultimately leads to success.

Know deep down in your heart that to get to success, you’re going to go through a lot of failures.

There will be plenty of trial and error you need to make, but hey, it’s your BEST teacher!

So start implementing and take imperfect actions.

Move forward and get through failure to the other side.

Once you get past the challenges, success is waiting for you on the other side.

That’s really the fact of the matter and what it takes to succeed.

Hesitate to take action and keep postponing your plans and you’ll never get anywhere.

Get your feet wet and TAKE ACTION to discover the REAL “right way” to do things as you go along.

Keep making forward progress, keep getting new knowledge and acquiring new skills.

Implement that laundry list of goals one after another to help you cross to the other side.

I hope this has inspired you to take a leap and take action because you’re made for bigger things. You just gotta start now.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help and chat me in the comments to share your thoughts, feelings, and insights on this topic. Look forward to connecting with you soon!

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    Hey Miles,

    I have been a long time viewer of your youtube channel and have decided to start my own local service business. I am going to be a mortgage broker in a couple of days but am having a hard time creating a facebook ad.

    In my niche, I would need my potential customers call me about getting a mortgage or any other loan that they needed and would need to convert them over the phone. Most of the guides I see online are strictly based around generating online customers. How can I create a successful fb ad + landing page that will allow me to call / have the potential client call me? I am thinking about creating a free “7-step First time homebuyers 2019 guide” gathering their name and email and then having my number and contact information at the end of the guide. Do you think that is a good idea?

  2. Hey Miles - I remember you saying in one of your previous videos that you're a location independent entrepreneur working from different parts of the world. I am as well! I was wondering how you manage to run your FB ad account without FB flagging it for "unusual activity" when logging on from different geographic locations. I recently had my account disabled due to "unusual activity" since all my payment stuff is based back home in the US but I'm trying to run my ads while logging on from overseas. Using a VPN is the only solution I can think of but that slows down my internet speed significantly. Any tips?

    1. VPN plus patience is the 'trick' for sure... I use PIA and they seem faster than IPVanish or the other ones. But in Mexico with .3mbps upload speed it was BRUTAL! Hence me LOVING having a home base, now 😉

  3. Thank you so much for this post Miles, I run 2 businesses and feel like a total failure. Going back to a work is not an option for me as I no longer drive and live in an area of poor transit. I beat myself up a lot over trying to grow my online businesses. This post is just what I needed, thank you!!!

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