Employee or Entrepreneur... Which Path Is Harder? - Miles Beckler
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Employee or Entrepreneur... Which Path Is Harder?

Many people think that becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to 'escape the rat race'

And on many levels it is...

But I wonder if those same people realize how much harder it is to exit the rat race as an entrepreneur.

I often talk about the requirement to put in the work for YEARS without guarantee of success...

Publishing hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts or videos before seeing any sort of exciting data...

But with a job, you show up, punch your clock, keep that seat warm for 40 hours per week and you get a check.

Honestly, that IS the easy option.

100% of the risk has been taken on by the founders.

You may even get health benefits, paid vacations, sick time, etc.

None of that for entrepreneurs.

For an entrepreneur, 40 hours per week is like part time... Especially in the beginning.

60 to 80 hour weeks are normal.

I still work 7 days per week and often find myself hitting my computer before 5am and putting it all away around 7pm.

Clearly being an entrepreneur is harder...

There is more risk...

No guarantee of a paycheck...

In fact, Melanie and I both had to work full time jobs so support our entrepreneur habit/dream for many years.


Why would anyone put themselves through all that extra work?

Is it the money?

Well, once you hit a point where your audience is growing consistently...

And you've put out enough good will to build up a ton of trust...

Yes, the money can be incredible... No doubt.

But it is not about the money.

The truth is, it's about FREEDOM.

The freedom to hop a flight to the tropics because you are TIRED of being COLD from a brutal winter.

The freedom to only set alarm clocks when you have FUN things to do like catch early morning flights.

The freedom to have a 'commute' that consists of walking to your home office.

And sure...

If you are smart with the income you earn, you can create true freedom with your finances, too...

As long as you don't get hooked on buying liabilities like Italian sports cars 😉

But really, it is important to have your expectations in the right place.

Growing a business out of nothing with your time and energy is incredibly difficult.

You need to have a BIG motivation... A huge reason WHY you are going to persevere through all of the challenges.

Because honestly, working a desk job and making 'enough' is the 'comfortable' option.

So you need to ask yourself....

"Why am I willing to give up the secure/comfortable option to take unnecessary risk and double my workload?"

If you don't have a GREAT answer to that question that motivates you on an emotional level...

You may not find the energy you need to persevere when you need it most.

None of the fake gurus will be this honest with you because they need to make it sound 'easy' to sell you their course/method.

But I want you to be ready for the reality...

Because having your expectations in the right place is the only way to be ready to overcome the challenges...

And if your reason why is big enough...

You will find a way!

Miles "Bringing The Truth" Beckler


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