Do you have a strategy? Or are you making this mistake... - Miles Beckler

Do you have a strategy? Or are you making this mistake...

The opposite of executing on a strategy is chasing opportunities...

As a recovering opportunity seeker, I get this more than most people!

You may understand the frustrations and let downs that come from chasing opportunities, too.

This post will help you make a 'shift' that can break the cycle and free you to achieve new levels of success in your business...

Do you have a strategy? Or are you making this mistake...So keep reading!

You see, it wasn't until my wife and I both made the conscious decision to go all in on one niche, one business model, one strategy…

That things began to change for us.

So I encourage you to ask yourself: "Do I have a strategy?"

Because if you don't have a strategy that your focused on… Anyone who is able to "convince you" that you could make money with their opportunity or method will be able to sell you something you actually don't need.

Even worse... They will sell you something that will distract you and put you FARTHER from the success you desire!?!

Back in my opportunity seeker days, I would jump on anything that appeared like I could make a buck with it.

Most of the time I made nothing…

I just spent more money on an idea, course, software, method, business-in-a-box, MLM, or some opportunity that was based on a hype filled promise of quick money.

When I realize that the only people making money off of my approach to Internet business were the people selling me these products, courses, methods, businesses… I reached a very powerful emotional state.

I got disgusted, to be honest.

It was right around when I had sold both my wife's and my cars for money to live on because I was pumping money into this business opportunity.

Since there was no strategy, and the only people making money were the ones who 'enrolled me' I ran out of money…  #FlatBroke

My wife and I had to move back into my parents tiny 1100 sq ft house in my 30's and that is when disgust really set in.

We had to borrow $1200 from my dad to get a beat up old Jeep...

We had to go get 'real jobs' after thinking we had it figured out...

It was a tough time, mentally and emotionally, for sure!

But out of that came a new found power!

Because disgust can be very powerful!

For me, going flat broke and completely failing was actually a motivating turning point in my life!

(It felt like horrible in the moment, but hindsight is 20/20)

I share this because I want you to know, you don't have to go there…

You can make the choice to become strategic now without the extremely challenging situation that I went through.

It was in that time at my parents' house that my wife and I decided to go all in on our little angel meditation business… To go all in on building a list… To go all in on giving value to that audience!

This is the moment when everything changed.

Now we were as super clear on the strategy in the moment… It was all about execution and implementation.

Within a few years, all student loan debt was paid off (I had over $50,000 worth), we were debt free, living in a beach mansion in Mexico, about to spend 7 weeks touring New Zealand, exploring Asia and Europe and more...

From this point on, we have been able to afford a lifestyle we had previously only dreamed of!

The cool part is, now that I've started the process over again for the Miles Beckler brand, I was able to achieve similar levels of success in just 18 months.

It took about four years the first time, 18 months the second time...

And now you know the strategy too!

To be super clear, here is the strategy again:

1) Be of service at scale to an audience by publishing regular helpful content that assists them in achieving their goals or solving their biggest problems.

2) Grow an email list with a free giveaway from an opt-in page.

3) Email that list extremely regularly… I'm talking every single day!

4) Give more value and mix in an occasional offer for your services, membership, info products, books, courses, affiliate products, that truly will help them solve their problems and get closer to their goals.

That's it!

Super simple, but not all that easy...

The best part of committing to a strategy like this?

The best part of committing to a strategy like this

When you have a clear strategy you can look at every email, pitch, tool, software, sales page that you receive and you can ask yourself a simple question:

"Will this distract me from my strategy?"

Running everything through this filter will help you see that you can unsubscribe for just about any list your on… Who hasn't been delivering you absolute value they get you closer to your goals.

Because all the fake gurus know that selling software, services, coaching, information to opportunity seeking wantrepreneurs is the easiest sale on Earth!

And on a final note… It's Monday morning!

My strategy is to publish a new video every Monday, so that's what I'll work on next!

In with my daily email done, I'm just one video away from being done for the day… And it's not even 7am. 😉

This is the power of a strategy built around your strengths...

And I really haven't talked about how to identify your strengths yet...

Maybe that's what I'll make my video on today!

Make it a great week!!!

2 thoughts on “Do you have a strategy? Or are you making this mistake...”

  1. Hey Miles, I have been consuming tons of your content. Thank you for everything you do! What do you do when you have scatter brain problems? I have tons of ideas on what I want to do, but still feel lost when it comes to putting it all together. I also have anxiety about where and how to spend the money to get this started because I hate wasting money.

    1. Hey Ryan... Honestly, the whole 'know thyself' idea comes up here. For me, staying focused on taking action gets me out of scatter brain... Things start to move, line up, pieces start to fall into place and the path appears. But others NEED a clear blueprint to follow and sometimes investing in ONE course that is proven to work and then committing to daily action on that path for two years... ZERO distractions, zero other new courses, just putting in the work following the plan is key. This is the course I recommend (yes I'm an affiliate) in this situation: I own and use their trainings still to this day...

      The first approach is kind of like the good ol' boy who can build a cabin with a few tools and the blueprint in his head. I do well in that situation, lol. But other people want the blueprint schematics from a pro and then just follow the steps... That works too and probably will have less 'oops, I rifed that up, gotta re-do that part' moments than my good ol' boy approach

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