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consultingHave you ever wanted someone who has 'been there and done that' to take you by the hand and help your business past your current sticking points?

Ever felt like you needed someone who 'understands internet marketing' to review your sales funnel, your lead generation system and not only make suggestions but also make the changes to increase conversions?

With over 10 years of internet marketing experience, 5 years full time and over 7 years of helping clients with everything from hosting and design to sales funnel design, affiliate program creation or management, conversion optimization and Pay Per Click marketing, Miles has the skills and knowledge to help you through your current sticking points, whether you know what those are or not.

Miles is a natural problem solver who focuses on elegant solutions that leverage the power of technology and the internet to increase ROI while increasing your time freedom simultaneously.

Coaching and consulting can be done via email or over the phone and starts at $500 per hour, when available.

Miles is extremely busy building his businesses and has stopped offering consulting at this time.

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  1. Hi Miles! I don't know your personal email so I thought I'd contact you here. I'd love some help, I think I need a business coach! I've joined Beachbody, they're an MLM and I really love it. Most people rely on FB to build their business with Beachbody, enlisting their customers to join challenge groups where the coaches (me) provide support and accountability while the challengers complete the workout dvd's that they have bought and take the daily nutrient shake that comes with the challenge pack. I love the coaching aspect and helping people move forward with their life by getting fit and healthy. I have so much more to add as a health coach, and I feel like I can't come across with that on FB. I'd like to move my business more to my website and blog, and have some sort of private forum where I connect with my "challengers", and do minimum work on FB. I know this can be done! It feels more authentic to me than using FB. Plus, FB is changing and I may not always be able to count on it to help me build my business.

    So, that brings me to you. I have built my website on squarespace, all by myself, and I've actually received a lot of compliments on it! However, it's time consuming, I don't understand the ins and outs of it, and everyone is talking about SEO and building your email list and that's all just a foreign language to me! I have contacted quite a few who could potentially help me, but none of them have totally vibed with me and caught my vision. I know you know your stuff, and I know you have had experience and success with MLM's, so I figured I'd contact you and see where this goes!

    Can't wait to hear from you, and please tell Melanie I said hi! Thanks and looking forward to talking soon 🙂


    1. How are you doing, Adrienne? Sounds like you are intuitively seeing the next steps/phases of your business and really it sounds like you have some good direction even though you still don't 100% see how it all works.

      Totally normal!!! 🙂 One step at a time, the path continues to appear!

      First off, your idea of getting off Facebook as your main publishing platform and onto something you own is very important. Technically Facebook owns your content when you publish there and they have way too much control to be depended on. You get that, but I wanted to re-emphasize how correct you are in this. Facebook is a good marketing channel, but not a good (long term) publishing platform.

      All in all, the biggest thing you can start to do is building your email list. An email list is a HUGE asset because it represents hundreds/thousands+ of RELATIONSHIPS you can build on autopilot. And as you know, MLM (and all business, really) is all about relationships. See this post for more detail:

      Here is the email list management system I use and recommend... Really the only option worth using... I've tested many.

      The 'trick' to list building is in creating a valuable and compelling free offer to give away in exchange for their email address (and the legal right to email/market to them). This compelling give-away must be AWESOME and works best when it is positioned as a SOLUTION to their burning/urgent PROBLEM. I go over this process in the '3 steps to making money' series of posts that start here:

      Your compelling give-away can be a video training series, a .pdf report... But it needs to be actionable and relatively simple to digest. You want people to start taking action on your tips/ideas/recommendations (even the free ones, from the give-away) because this positions you as a teacher/trusted adviser, so when you recommend BeachBody in the future, they already know/like/trust you.

      If you 'lead' with your opportunity or products before getting them to know/like/trust you, your message will flop... But after they have a positive experience with your ideas/content/training, they are WAY more likely to take action when you recommend the challenge/dvds/shakes.

      What I'm explaining here is called a lead generation funnel or sales funnel and is the key step in successful internet marketing. So integral that I'm literally writing a book on this topic... lol. I'll send you a copy when it is finished.

      Then, once you get your sales funnel going, SEO does come into play, but all SEO is, really just a 'content marketing strategy' that you will need to plan and execute.

      Such as... One blog post per day. Or one 3 minute YouTube video each day.... Either would work and really it is all about consistently publishing new content day-in and day-out for months on end... Even years.

      This furthers your positioning as the leader/trusted adviser, gives the search engines more content and will get exposure to your free offer.

      Personally I recommend using WordPress as a content management system because it is more highly optimized for the search engines and again, you own it/control it. I could help you migrate your site to WordPress in the future, but really getting your free report/funnel going is a higher priority... And would 'plug in' to SquareSpace or WordPress.

      I'm going to email this all to you to start a conversation, too... But felt like replying here in the comments in case anyone else read this and was curious about my reply.

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